Jim Watkins Announces Upcoming Name Change For Zig Forums

Reports have surfaced that an unprecedented amount of news is about to begin happening, and much of it will be very real.

Readers of Zig Forums are unaware that this upcoming wave of legitimate news approaches on the horizon, primarily because there are no readers of Zig Forums.

As the rest of the world celebrates the upcoming influx of news events, Jim Watkins is considering renaming Zig Forums.

Watkins held an impromptu news conference, which was news in itself, so of course it wasn't covered in Zig Forums.

Watkins appeared in a thong to a throng of reporters and said, "I am considering changing the name of Zig Forums to something more descriptive, like maybe /mt/. get it? /mt/? Because it's so empty?"

When asked why he was wearing a thong, Watkins directed the question to Diana Printz, who was wearing a turn off the century man's outfit and holding an oversized dildo in her hand.

As Zig Forums transitions into /mt/, Watkins crack team of 'journalists' Philip Fairbanks and 'Major' Burdock appear to be transitioning themselves, each of them also wearing thongs and bikini tops featuring The Goldwater Logo.

(sac), an award winning ace reporter at /mt/ asked Watkins why they were wearing the thongs and bikini tops, and Watkins replied, "what can I say? It's summertime!"

(sac) explained, "No, I'm just wondering why YOU aren't wearing a bikini top, because your breasts are disgusting."


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I begin-a with-a the meata-ball. Once-a the meata-ball is-a cooked, I make-a the sauce.

This seems legit, even though I'm not sure how prognosticating an upcoming wave of news events is possible, but then again, they ARE reporters, and reporting news IS their business, so I'm guessing they are correct?

turn off the century man's outfit

I see what you did there

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My friend Adam and his girlfriend Charlie

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Don't-a-listen to this-a heretic-a. You cook-a-the sauce THEN you cook-a the meat-a-ball.

Yesterday, Wendy agreed to let me take Sarah out to lunch today.

I was simply honest about it, and Wendy said it was okay…………..

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(sac) a shit

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Say, Andy, you wanna know what triggered me?

I posted some scat band an occasional dead baby over on Zig Forums for 3 days and then i stopped and made a post here, truce, leave the threads alone like this one where we could chat.
Now me, being me, i had to fill the post with nya nya tongue out teasing like i dubble dog dare you deleete me bitches and the genuine idiot had to take the bait and delete the threas as i'm sure one of jimbo's bitchesill come in here and delete this thread

jimbo took Zig Forums off the front and refuses to clean the catalog so it takes forever too load and he still is a vindictive cunt who i bet personally comes in here to see what us 5th columnist socialist pinkos are up to

i will save this text as it will be deleted and i have typing and i will post it again

I may record my voice and attach it to a disgusting imagee everytime I post here instead of typing
BTW, i sound like elmer fudd

leave /killcen/ alone
he is my friend now

I am a pooka and like cranks, lushes dipsomaniacs and loonies and i even like you, andy

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dont forget to click on the gif to animate it you dummy


spherical object usually composed of animal flesh-a


I think-a-Andy McGlownig is-a-big-a fagito, but maybe you-a-bit-a too extreme, no? My eye-talian shit-a-posting has gone unmolested all-a-da week even when i link-a-to-a-da >>>Zig Forums

I give-a-you-a meat-a-ball you-a stupido fagito

It-a funny, every-since I-a-make-a dis post, MrAnderson-a-try to-a-ban-a-me from-a news-a-plus. It-a-like-a they afraid of real-a-news.

How afar iz 'too extremia?
mio stopa da horror show-a for-a ..bleeeeeech!!!! dead-a bambinos is am sicko i post-a faggetto incesto

ana i posto ona heer Zig Forumso poop-a ana no incesto faggetto ana Mr Anderson, she-a still deleto,

I wanna get bannito ona /newspusa/

why-a mio posta if no get bannito?

I putta som-sauce ona yor meat-aballs now

dis-a antser age old-a risposta:
1st iz da meat-a balls and den i putta ona da sauce

faggetto alice cooperio
he like-a dead bambinos

tu pensare mio posta dead bambinos?

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who or what has made 14 archived capture links of this thread in the last 3 days?
(2 are mine)


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tre for mio now-a


I raise you one archive and archive your archive…

I'm in
hey, can I archive an archive?
let's try:
Guess not…phewwwwwwwwwwwww!
Didn't wanna go down that rabbit hole!

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You got-a be-a-little more-a subtle-a ay? While they try to ban-a-my ip, they still not-a delete-a-my post. Maybe because I not-a copy-and-paste? I dream-a-of news-a-plus with-a comments only by-a-my fellow eye-talians no?

Ay we wops-a-not in-a-to the fagola shit ay? Take-a-dat to news-a-plus. And post-a your fav-o-rite sauce-a recipe.

u no likey sauce ona balls…a?

I no likey flied lice
I like-a fried risotto

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ching chong ching

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I really want to know what they are saying now!
haha, it the real translation