sad what happened to this board tbh
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its actually a very optimistic, cheery, feel good thing that happened to this board.

This board had become spoiled, and complacent, taking life for granted, and needed a dose of reality.

It's a vast fucking Improvement

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i thought i had to shit in one toilet

the writing was on the wall………….
…..and although it was misspelled
and written in feces……………………

the memo was clear:

…….the time was right to move on

this particular toilet had become a cesspool of paranoid CAPTAIN BRINGDOWN conspiracy nonsense, and the entire conspiracy thing stopped being interesting in 1996……………………………

its lame
its not cool
its not cutting edge
its a parody
of itself

flushing the toilet wasnt good enough anymore

it was the right time to shut it down

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change is good…………..

it doesnt need to be uncomfortable

Attached: 92161256-public-toilet-–-urinals-out-of-order-greece-.jpg (1300x866, 133.18K)

its like being in a dysfunctional marriage, where you realize it's not healthy for either of you to continue, but because you are so familiar with the other person and being alone feels so uncomfortable and unfamiliar, that you are reluctant to end it…..

sometimes, in a situation like that, the best thing that could possibly happen would be an uncontrollable event, like a car suddenly going out of control and smashing through the wall of your house, killing your wife, and setting the house on fire, and you get to escape before the entire house explodes….

Sometimes the universe has to step in and make the decisions for you…..

And that's exactly what happened

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I would petition Zig Forums to hand this board over to (sac), just-kiss-it, and myself, and allow us to reinvent the entire motherfucking board…..

We all knew the mod had stopped caring a long time ago….

but that's not really what any of us want……..

thats like having a pimp throw your ex girlfriend out of his moving car into your front yard, giving her back to you after she eloped with him last year, abandoning you in your sleep, willingly taking off with the nigger pimp, voluntarily going to turn tricks with every nigger in town, not even bothering to use condoms or even charge money…..


Ill pass


I dont want killcen's 'sloppy 10,000ths'

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/killcen/'s voice is drowned out in the din of Zig Forums
n this internet age of post ironic trollery, where kids knew the moonman was funny and copied him, then the real boomer bigots like this /killcen/ character discovered that they could inculcate the kids into real bigotry by using these memes like pepe and moonman

And the fun was over

The real nazis moved in

yep ¿? n hasnt been fun in a long time

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I remember when i first came to 8c8chan back in 1987, and it all seemed so innocent

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Then, during the Grunge days in the 90s Zig Forums started to change

Attached: PicsArt_07-23-11.37.02.jpg (1536x2048, 265.84K)

but in the mid 90s Zig Forums began to mature, and so did i

Attached: PicsArt_07-23-11.34.28.jpg (1536x2048, 284.45K)

then as Y2K approached, Zig Forums became much more serious

Attached: PicsArt_07-23-11.35.38.jpg (1536x2048, 262.09K)

I was here in Zig Forums during the 9/11 attacks

and thats when i noticed a real turn for the worst in here

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I remember the first time killcen ever came here, and i welcomed him to Zig Forums

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But lately, the Paranoid Conspiracy Bullshit got old….

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thats why im so happy that n finally died

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Things change….
They die……………

nothing to be sad about

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glad we see i 2 i andy
fuck you

funny and entertaining posts though…wasted here

BTW, is this how you really look today after chem?
Is that your hospital bed?
Great app that made you look younger
Will this app make my shrivelled cock look younger so I can sext Jet?

lsd 12 yr old andy
grunge gay andy
responsible adult andy
serious family man andy
white nat andy
midlife crisis andy
dementia onset andy
2nd childhood andy
andy today in hospital Kaposi Sarcoma]

we have to stop meeting like this Andy
2 dogs in a park getting walked at different times
You drop your scent and I sniff and growl and say"woof that cunt Andy shitting up my park again"
And then i cock my leg I leave a stream


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Zig Forums is where i learned that Jesus had facial-nipples parasitic-larvae-acne from never bathing

you wanna parmesan cheese ona da meata ball or da pasta or da sauce?

Instead of creating a thread, let me simply ask you

you familiar with the lawsuit by San Francisco, and the settlement by Google?

Google Street View Cars have also been sweeping and stealing everybody's unencrypted wifi, emails, passwords, etc

interesting shit

…and thats my contribution for the day…

taking care of some shit around the house

Your face and nipples are teeming with mites.

Demodex, as they are called, are tiny creates that live near hair follicles - including the fine, invisible facial and nipple hair on all of us.

They feed off the oils on your skin and mate while you sleep.

Attached: facemitebest.gif (555x401, 5.32M)

We pick up eyelash mites by direct facial contact with other people – and they seem to prefer older hosts because they tend to have more oily skin.

The face mite species, known as Demodex folliculorum, exist in human ears, eyebrows, and eyelashes as well as hairs that cover nipples and genitals.

A typical eyelash mite will live for between two and three weeks.

Dubbed 'face mites,' D. folliculorum are actually tiny arachnids that inhabit hairs throughout the human body and consume skin cells and oils.

Mites exist in human ears, eyebrows, and eyelashes as well as hairs that cover nipples and genitals.

For most people, mites are harmless.

For some, however, mites can be associated with various skin and eye disorders including rosacea and blepharitis.

Demodex have likely been living with us for a long time; as early humans walked out of Africa and found their way around the globe, the researchers say.

They found that mites from China are genetically distinct from mites from the Americas. East Asians and European populations diverged over 40,000 years ago and so far it looks like their mites did as well.

In that time, the female of the species lays about 15 to 20 eggs inside the hair follicle near the sebaceous glands.

These eggs develop into larvae, which grow into an eight-legged adult. Depending on their gender, the female stays in one location while the male will leave the hair follicle in search of a mate.

But even then, they don't go far. They can only walk about 10mm and tend to more lively at night time.

While nothing more than an unpleasant thought for most people, the mites can be associated with various skin and eye disorders including rosacea and blepharitis.

When it dies, the creature releases a bacteria, bacillus bacterium, which triggers inflammation in patients who have rosacea, leading to the most severe form of the condition, papulopustular rosacea.

Rosacea is a genetic condition suffered by around one in ten people and usually appears after the age of 30.

It causes blood vessels in the face to dilate, causing redness and uncontrollable flushing but can also lead to red, painful, pus-filled spots which look like severe acne.

Other patients who suffer from an infestation of mites may complain of eyelid and eyebrow itching, particularly when they first wake up.

But for most of us, not being able to see the tiny critters will be enough to let us blink away their existence.

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A neighbor's husband was going to kill a squirrel the other day

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So wendy and i did a trap and release rescue

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Another job well done

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i cant tell you the dynamics of HOW GOOD it makes us feel to help animals

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Sorry. I had to snap those pics by pointing my phones camera at wendys screen, because shes the one who shot the video

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A Macon man is arrested for two burglaries of the same Family Dollar, deputies say.

Deputies took 33-year-old Quinvarius Zentrell Wood into custody on Monday for two burglaries that happened at the Family Dollar located at 2123 Pio Nono Avenue in Macon.

Deputies say recognized Wood from the surveillance video of the burglary that happened on Sunday at 4:30 a.m.

They confirmed that Wood broke into the same store on Saturday at 11:46 p.m. Both times, Wood took large amounts of laundry detergent in a buggy.

Deputies located Wood outside of Pawn Max on Pio Nono Avenue. When deputies tried to take Wood into custody, he tried to run off. He was taken into custody after a short struggle.

Wood was taken to the Bibb County Jail and charged with two counts of Commercial Burglary, Obstruction of Peace Officer and Theft by Shoplifting (in an unrelated case). He is being held on a $3,150 bond.

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large amounts of laundry detergent in a buggy

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What's this god damn smell?
I fall asleep cause I'm an old Irish setter and I need my naps and here it is, 4am est and some fucking Georgian coon hound done pissed on my favorite tree again.
The tree is 3/4 dead from bein' pissed on,and some fat fucking park ranger who thinks he owns the park has planted a big shit growing tree next to it and he thinks his shit tree which over shadows the little scrawny pissed on tree will kill the little piss tree, but the park dogs piss seems to be fertilizing the lil piss tree, as piss trees naturally drink piss.
So the moral of this story is that I tried dumping turds on the big tree, but it got bigger, so I just left it alone
As for leaving your wifi open…jeeze, when I was a kid in the 70's,I use to talk on my cb radio and I knew anyone could hear me.
But I wonder if the dopes in 2010 knew this?
That info could be used for a lot of blackmail…dad jerks of to tranny porn, grandpa torrented some cp, etc.
In addition to passwords still in use.
I think everyone in 2019 knows enuff now to put a pw on their router
As for 13m..Google haha
That's like a drop of beer spilled to me.
As for them destroying the data…..600gb, there is a micro sd card that holds 1000gb(1terabyte) today
As for them collecting the data in the 1st place, Google always was a company with binoculars looking into your house window.
Facebook and others, ditto.
If the data was anonymised, I would'nt care about anyone knowing about that bbc website that i was looking at in 2009 when the Google car drove by.
What a minute..I have 50gb of BBC stored on my Google driv3
Now as for the body parts I was disposing of on a certain day when the Google car snapped me….taht's a different story

now this comment from the article you gave me says it all

Google isn’t evil. MS was evil in the 90's. Google isn’t evil like MS was evil.

Seriously, if the worst you can dig up is that they recorded a bit more wifi information than they should have (information that you were blasting out of your home for anyone to hear) while they were busy photo documenting the entire friggin world and providing that data to you for free, then you have a very weird and warped view of what evil is.

Meanwhile, Google is the number one contributor to open source software that we all benefit from every single day. They donate literally billions of dollars in public software development each year. What exactly do you do again?

I have a crazy aunt who out out a ib of peanuts everyday for the squirrels
I had a garden near by and I said go easy, the rodents are pissing on my tomatoes
She put out 2 lbs of peanuts
I stopped my garden

All ouur neigbors flower bulbs were dug up, the tree rats had built a nest in the telephone wires out back and fucked up ll the phones in the block. and rats and deermice had moved in to her garage

Now, I dont advocate killing a few squirrels especially as we have a lot of trees on the yard and I like to see an occasional hawk swoop down for a meal(my aunt would go out with a broom to shoo them from the tree, while a neighbor's cat ate one behind her back)but when the fuckers are every where..I counted 25 one morning, that's nuts
I forgot about the coyotes hanging around(cats went missng also)

I helped raise baby tree rats 30 yrs ago when their mom died, gfed them nut butter and bread and they grew up tame and would come 2 yrs later to sit on my lap and take a peanut, but i was an idiot and tried to pet it on the head like i did when it was 6 months old and //well, those fuckers have big teeth, finger turned purple

burgles a $ store


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Attached: 20190725_115409_3862.jpg (1920x1080, 98K)

Being a Gender fluid African Canadian, I feel most welcome.

Did I mention that several squirrels had taken up residence in the garage after my ditsy aunt attracted them?

I am very familiar with that live animal cage.
I have 3 sizes
Humane as long as you check it every day so the trapped animal doesn't go too long with out water

Attached: m.jpg (1920x1080, 103.34K)

Oddly enough, we also have 3 sizes.
the one pictured here is the only one with the trapdoor mechanism connected with the handle. The other ones have a manual trap door… They have come in very very handy for us… Everywhere we go we seem to cross paths with animals who need our help….

They're actually called Havahart Traps, manufactured by the Havahart Corporation

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I'd say it's sad what happened to Zig Forums, but I'd be lying…. it's actually AWESOME what happened to Zig Forums…..

I have been taking care of a lot more business lately, becoming much more productive, focusing on time with my wife and my cats and my girlfriend and my new apartment and I can honestly say that I am much much happier lately then I was before…..

Attached: 20190725_012050_8819.jpg (1920x1080, 110.82K)

Things are going GREAT !!!

Attached: 20190725_012109_4177.jpg (1920x1080, 111.97K)

before Zig Forums got drawn and quartered, i already knew it was time to abandon ship

Attached: Screenshot_2019-07-25-17-02-57.png (2160x1080, 1.9M)

there is much more important stuff to worry about, things that actually bring me joy

Attached: 20190725_170650.jpg (4160x2080, 2.1M)

Attached: PicsArt_07-25-05.53.44.jpg (1920x1080, 181.9K)

Attached: PicsArt_07-25-05.52.53.jpg (1254x2130, 352.88K)

Attached: PicsArt_07-25-05.56.55.jpg (2508x1254, 377.78K)

Whenever you pull the syringe out of a junkie's hand, the junkie is going to whine and moan……

Little does he realize that having the syringe taken out of his control is the best thing that could happen for him……

but with time, he will begin realizing that his life has become more complete…..

jim and ron did all 4 of us a big favor
(not to mention the 10,000 lurkers)

Attached: PicsArt_07-25-05.59.17.png (1080x698, 369.14K)

Life has been excellent lately

Attached: 20190723_143154_HDR.jpg (4160x2080, 2.82M)

at least as good as any reasonable person could ever expect it to be

Attached: 20190723_143239_HDR.jpg (4160x2080, 2.83M)

No complaints out of me……………….

Attached: 20190709_205339_HDR.jpg (4160x2080, 2.41M)

Tomorrow, Wendy and i are going to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino's new movie (he says it's going to be as last film)

We even considered the possibility of walking in to watch The Lion King afterwards, just to see the badass computer animation…..

it'll be a lot of fun….. Simple, wholesome, REAL FUN

Attached: 20190720_135701_HDR.jpg (4160x2080, 3.5M)


I'll take the simple, wholesome, real-life happiness

i like killcen a lot, and I have a lot of respect for his intelligence, but I would be lying if I said that his redundant, predictable, never-ending paranoid conspiracy banter pretty much killed the entire cool vibe here in Zig Forums….

of course I realize he wouldn't agree with me…
d u h h h

OF COURSE he wouldn't

Sitting inside of his paranoid fishbowl looking out at the rest of the world, he doesn't have the perspective required to realize how repetitive and boring that perspective becomes and how quickly it gets old…….

I got shot out on the conspiracy 'i told you so' routine in 1992………. and once it became uncool, it never became 'cool' again……..

I don't 'blame' him for anything, because it's not a matter of placing blame…

All I'm saying is that particular never ending river of repetitious hyperbolic exaggerated hypothetical 'doomsday' shit is exactly what drove everybody out of Zig Forums….

There were only three of us who were strong enough and audacious enough to stick around, not including killcen himself…..

….and as much as I love killcen, his CONTENT is what made me leave here, because I had started to form negative associations, and it was literally making me physically sick every time I saw one of his headlines….

It's not HIM that made me sick, it was THE BEHAVIOR……

It reached a point where simply looking at one of his headlines started to make my stomach twist in knots, and I got filled with a sense of despair, NOT because of any particular article he was copying and pasting, (because I had reached a point where I wouldn't even read the articles anymore) but because he seemed determined to take the FUN out of Zig Forums….

He was determined to be a party pooper…….

I used to be a lot like him, a hardcore conspiracy theorist, convinced that I had inside information, and thinking I was going to save people by informing them about this unknown hidden conspiracy bullshit….

but then i realized that I WAS A PARTY POOPER

and i stopped making people miserable, thinking I was somehow saving the world one person at a time….

there comes a point where you have to draw the line, to realize its time to BE COOL and BE FUN and BE SILLY and just LIGHTEN UP and stop shoving the paranoid conspiracy bullshit down people's throats….

Attached: 20190701_205055.jpg (4160x2080, 3.35M)

ooooopsie!!!!! a typo !!!

i like killcen a lot, and I have a lot of respect for his intelligence, but I would be lying if I said that his redundant, predictable, never-ending paranoid conspiracy banter DIDN'T* pretty much kill the entire cool vibe here in Zig Forums….

sniff sniff grrrrrrrr

my (previous)asshole neighbor trapped raccoons in them and drowned them..a lot since we lived a long a creek.
My beagle got loose and got her head caught in it. and I asked if the bait was poisoned and the creep said he would call the cops next time my dog came on his property.
HAHA..I called on him for killing raccoons.

Fucker kept calling on some rowdy teens a few yrs after this and kept breaking up their bonfires and loud music on the weekend, so they laid a trap for him.
They parked their car out front and asked him for help and when he came to see what was happening, 3 of them jumped out and beat the shit outta him.

They were charged, but I bet it was worth it

hahahahaha !!!
Nice 'three teen trap'


I occasionally (but not lately post some flip ladies eating dog shit on Zig Forums and post text about how they put an old guy like/killcen/, A senior citizen and viet war vet out on the street
They put a word filter up after only 1 week of it and maybe 7 posts a day
holy triggered fatman!!

I been busy myself..holy shit Catman…I let stuff pile up!
Lately this is my posting and maybe I copy some stuff from a few posts on /sudo/ to /freedomzine/
No more than 20 min a day

now get the fuck outta my park

killcen INTENTIONALLY destabilized Zig Forums with his reactionary exaggerations and hypothetical hyperbole

he was told repeatedly that he was ruining everything, but he refused to stop, because his destabilization and ruination was COMPLETELY deliberate !!!

Attached: PicsArt_07-25-09.48.00.jpg (355x355, 52.89K)

No, Jim killed this board by removing it from the front page! Now there is no reason to post here because it won't gain headline traction (aka viewers)! You are lucky I check in here once a week, soon I may not even do that much over here.

The only animals that I've killed were rats and mice
When I was younger, I went duck and bobwhite hunting and got some, but I preferred fishing(Ontario has the best fishing in the world)

When I was 14 yrs old, our house was over run with rats..literally

My wacked out autistic(for real) grandad had some guys dump a demolished house out our back yard for firewood and the rats moved in.

My cousin. brother and I slept in the basement and after haveing rats crawling over them, they moved upstairs
So it ewas just me and the rats

One big fucker chewed for hrs beside my bed and when it stuck its head out, I crushed it with my bat
I got lolipop sticks and needle and made darts for my pellet gun and waited for the mother to poke her head out of the nest above the laundry tub and got her in the throat and rat blood spwed all over my 14 yr old face
I killed 20 rats that winter and got up for school next day
(sac) circa 100 rats,300 mice,10 bobwhite, 2 mallard ducks and some 6 chickens, 3 pidgeoon that my granpop made me kill

Animals:2 sqiurrel ; 1 coon, 20 parrrot bites

You should be VERY HAPPY now, because you no longer have to deal with REAL NEWS anymore. You can wallow in your pathetic dead board uninformed about all the current realities taking place! Its been nice knowing ya while it lasted! You are blaming the only one keeping Zig Forums alive and now that Jim DE-incentivized me I'm out!

/killcen/, you posted (post)because it was(is) an addiction

And you are truthful when you say you did it for the attention
I don't give a fuck about the attention.
I have fun just trolling and being trolled by Andy and others.
Most of the come backs are so fucking lame that I just go somewhere else.
At least Andy is almost as wack as me, but not quite as smart, and that just-kiss-=it guy who thinks he's smart but seems to be a lower tire intellect tome, he had some good comeback attacks on me.
But you. /killcen/, you werre fucking humourless

Your idea of humour was posting about how 5g would turn us into zombies

Warning After Warning, no matter how many times we tried explaining it to him, killcen disregarded our pleas, and steadfastly refused to stop jeopardizing the future of Zig Forums

we told him that his Captain Bringdown routine was going to have Zig Forums pulled off the front page, but he REFUSED to tone it down.

he was so selfish, showing absolutely no respect for the other guests, that he DELIBERATELY DESTABILIZED this board, purposefully and intentionally having it shut down !!


Attached: PicsArt_07-25-09.59.14.jpg (355x355, 58.96K)

but that WASN'T real news………………….

……… was hand-me-down speculation

and you couldn't be 'one of the guys' and just be a goofball, abstract, cool dude, and just be funny and silly

Because /killcen/ is the most reddest pilled guy on the planet and CNN is FAKE news.
I actually liked some of your posts.I even went to your board /realnews/ and read some of them and posted there

The only problem was that some user get adding really out there links and shitting up your posts /killcen/!
Who could it have been?
Do you have moment wher you black put and you're in a differnet place?
Have you seen the film, 3 faces of EVE?

yea, like me and not that strange fellow,err um yea, him

No one told me anything at all. Jim pulled the plug out of the blue and the rest of the user base left, with no lurkers or viewers. I was posting a whole lot of news, every single day, with archives and links! Plenty of great sources! And when Zig Forums had the headlines, Zig Forums had visitors! They saw it all over the front page! Hard to resist coming around here and commenting. Thats over with because of JIM… he nuked Zig Forums from the front page and HE is to blame.

I am not like you and do not wish to be like you! I was one of the main reporters on Zig Forums! As long as Jim kept Zig Forums on the front page, the agreement was that I would contribute! He broke the agreement! I left. CASE CLOSED.

the whole top of the front page is mostle Zig Forums links now
Watkins is getting desperate.
His Goldwater site crashed and burned and this is last attempt for his 15 mins
I don't care what you say about me, just spell my name right
After getting his name in the news for all the wrong reasons with massacres, he wants more

I actually ENJOY news………………


not the 'biased agenda' opinion brainwashing
things like the commercial airliner that crash
landed in flames but everybody lived……………

things like the kidnapped girl who managed
to escape from her insane kidnapper………..

things like the guy who climbed a building
and saved the baby dangling from a balcony

not your personal agenda of fear and doom

your agenda is not news………………………….
it doesnt matter what happens, youll only
present it as an 'end of the world' agenda

and THAT is even worse than the MSM agenda


Jim pulled the plug because you had already driven away the small number of regular visitors

It was Jim all along, he was pressured by Big Tech (Amazon) to have my news removed (remember #1 Jim relies on Amazon to sell his books online to make money and #2 I was a huge critic of Big Tech companies like Amazon)! Since Jim relied on Big Tech (notice how he shills Tech ads all over Zig Forums) to make money to fund Zig Forums…. I was a sole threat to his special interests he was making money from. So Jim paid a lot of crazy shills to stalk me and post crazy stuff to discredit me…. and when that did not work he simply axed Zig Forums from the front page to flush me out! He broke the agreement to get rid of me.

I (sac)admit that you were the main contributer to Zig Forums in the last 4 months.
I was growing bored and mostly trolled you, or Andy's and just-kiss-its replies ..oh, tha pedo bigot guy, /newsjunky/, that fucker stole my relply rip off of the Joker's about all I want is to see the world burn
I went looking in some old arcjived Zig Forums pages and that pedo bigot stands out like a sore thumb now
That loser was the one who threatened to sic /cow/ on Andy.

He gave up after a while as his brain was no match for the wack Of Andy's, and he was like the kid going I got the last word in and then crawled away…but I ramble.

Fuck you Andy grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I do not care. I am not going to post anymore news here until he puts Zig Forums back on the front page. If he loses viewers so be it, he'll suffer. This is a BIG risk Jim just took…. he sided with Big Tech which he was making money off of and censored my news headlines. That is a BIG risk Jim took, and if he goes under then it is his own doing! I tried to warn him, he ignored me!

jim told me that he NEVER had an agreement with you, and he spent a lot of money having people dillute you and dissolve your presence into the ether of shitposting and trolling…..

The Goldwater was NEVER a success, so it couldn't possibly crash and burn…..

He pulled Zig Forums off the front page simply because YOUR REPETITIVE PARANIOA FEAR PORN made people leave, and you had whittled Zig Forums down to ONLY THREE PEOPLE (including you and the mod)

jim hinted his plans of pulling Zig Forums to the mod around the same time he told me and i left….

and even the mod stopped caring…….


you turned it into a ghostown

1: they are not VIEWERS

2: this isnt a television show

3: lmmfgdao @ 'big risk'


5: jim never responded to ANY of your communications