Brit/pol/ #2265: Sharp Stick Edition

Brexit News for Wednesday 30 May
May hits back at EU jibes | Brussels slammed as Italian political crisis deepens

Both church-attending and non-practicing Christians more likely than unaffiliated to link national identity with ancestry

Most British people are united around the view that immigration has harmed communities, a report from a Left-leaning think-tank said yesterday

Hopes high of unearthing lost monastery in Coldingham

Tories rake in three times more in major donations than Labour in the first quarter of the year banking £4.7m (while Ukip receive NO big cheques)

Billionaire brothers spark uproar with plan to flatten an entire Lancashire hillside and replace village houses with FIVE identical five-bedroom homes dubbed McMansions

CIA report says North Korea won't denuclearize, but might open a burger joint

Homophobic neo-Nazi terrorist who planned massacre at gay pride event detained indefinitely at psychiatric hospital

NHS 'must do more to tackle white privilege', trust chief says

Papua New Guinea bans Facebook

Caroline Lucas reveals plan to quit as co-leader of the Green Party

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Outlook, and I checked my bin folder and it wasn't there.

for khazar cows

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First for Emperor Selassie I

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keeeeeeeeek I get the reference, lad



thats what latin is for

katerina is a tall lass


ragazzo non così veloce

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here teeth are a little weird 0/10

>ywn be the target

your cock is a little weird 0/10

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how did she get an colt 6920 AR tbh? I though they were illegal in vikang lad?

go to deleted items then
in the top bar go to folder
click recover deleted items
click the deleted email/s and click recover
but really


You are allowed most rifles but you have to prove that you actively compete using them. Have you been in the military you are also allowed to own the standard military assault rifle.

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t. women priests

I've done all that lad and it's not showing
I've had it for work for years and I can't be arsed contacting every single fucking agency to change it


He's such a striking man


If legal experts were actually legal experts they'd have seen how gun bans are stupid.

I'm not CofE you bender

mummys are meant to be soft and cuddly not swole and rigid lad

tbh anglos and taigs then your people are the most handsome people on the planet IMO


big feel

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Good jokes mate.

well you'll have to go down the hdd restoring program. do you have a recent back up because it might be able to get the lost emails if you revert to an earlier back up. otherwise you'll need some kind of disk restoration program. or you'll just have to let them go.

just call up gchq and say you've got cp on your hdd. they'll recover it no problem.

I'll just call the agency instead.

Or I just give them a call and say I need it to maintain my character.

Thanks lad

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The Right needs handsome lads.

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Pack it in.

I don't know what it is about the Irish but they can be very cute when they are young but at about 24~26 the potato gene kicks in and they call off a fucking cliff. same for slav lasses as well

I hope at least some of you lads have baiting experience

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who /bighandsomeboy/ here?

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mummy says so

Not you

mummy is always right

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Westie and Kentlad should join forces to be a fantastical pedo-hunting crime-fighting duo tbh


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It's starting

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Fallout 76 promo material leaked

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I wish

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this is great. in fact this is just what we need. make it normal to out yourself as a pedo that way when we take power it will be easier to round the up.

No point trying to bring me down lad. My confidence is unshakeable

I always thought they would legitimise necrophilia first. Looks like we're on the express train to paedo town

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What resources do you lads recommend to someone who wants to learn Ancient Greek?

Just wanted to get my >(1) out of the way tbh, no bully lad

it's easier to rationalise paedophilia than necrophilia tbf

A time machine.

I want to share one of my special childhood series with you lads, I've never seen it mentioned here before or by anyone else irl, and in a weird selfish way I almost want to keep it all to myself. For me it's one of those ones that has a truly magical place in my memories, anyway, this is one I'd definitely get my kids to watch and I want to share it so you can too, and I think you'll all enjoy them yourselves nevermind the children.

Jim Henson's The Storyteller

Enjoy. And if you find a better stream let me know.

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What's funny is all these nonces have thought that it has been normalised when it's still in the same vein as trannies/draggies/poofs.
The association will let us tear it all up at once.

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Rosetta stone. not the website the actual stone.

a sign of the end times

Good lad.

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It's daft, but it feels like giving away something special.

it's a first for you :^)
Seems comfy, never seen it before tbh, I'll give it a go

What a nice lad

*that was just mine.

is ginnie in it?

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u wot

I'm always nice, moral and friendly you fucking cunt.

It's maximum overcomfy.

ta' for it lad, very comfy considering it has puppets in it which I've not liked since a child tbh, The Labyrinth looked uncomfy to me tbh

naah you're an antisocial cunt who doesn't share anything about you :^)


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Not sure whether to save this or delete it from the board.

whenever I wonder how these fucks mess things up so badly I just look back to their overconfidence in the past

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Tbh it's funny but it isn't going to annoy westie so I reckon it's superfluous.


I don't save pictures of twinks, lad.

The kike always overplays his hand. Has done ever since leaving his home planet

t. has pics of "me"

Fair point

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It's ridiculous that a group could be so fucking stupid, it's not human to be so retarded.

Come one lad well know it isn't you, you don't look enough like a poorly pealed potato in those photos.

vaguely remember that intro but don't think I ever really watched it

exactly, it's silly that people still post these pictures


Am I to read into this that some people think that immigration has been a good thing for communities because in divided them? Or are they just being fickle cattle again who flit from one opinion to the other, never holding a solid belief.

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tbh i feel some sympathy for these people but I know that this is a first stage to totally normalising child molestation.


Yeah, but apart from that.

kekked tbh

They are sick, but the 'net has allowed their sickness to grow.

naah others keep saying I am despite a broad chest

Remember what Bowden said about the masses actively opposing any attempt to right the problem while most likely secretly supporting it?

Woah don't want to be a collectivist there bucko