Brit/pol/ #2266: Baste Tax Money Edition

Brexit News for Wednesday 30 May
May hits back at EU jibes | Brussels slammed as Italian political crisis deepens

Police force hire hypnotherapist to help female staff hit by the menopause month after another force brought in 'have a cry' rooms

Both church-attending and non-practicing Christians more likely than unaffiliated to link national identity with ancestry

Most British people are united around the view that immigration has harmed communities, a report from a Left-leaning think-tank said yesterday

Hopes high of unearthing lost monastery in Coldingham

Tories rake in three times more in major donations than Labour in the first quarter of the year banking £4.7m (while Ukip receive NO big cheques)

Homophobic neo-Nazi terrorist who planned massacre at gay pride event detained indefinitely at psychiatric hospital

NHS 'must do more to tackle white privilege', trust chief says

Caroline Lucas reveals plan to quit as co-leader of the Green Party

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for her

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first for doggo and birb

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They not supposed to follow the times, they are supposed to be the times.


Fucking kikes

She once even posted a picture on her instagram of her with spunk over her chest

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Purge the monarchy, then purge the youth.

Next she'll be getting a nose ring and a bumblebee tattoo

Did you really expect any better of a whore?


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Smh forgot to untick spoiler


she's just like us :)))))) so down with the youth :)))))
remember in the past how monarchs would roll around in fecal matter to show they were one of the people? None of that leading by example, none of that being on the front line and fighting, it was all just rolling in shit.

First for chug metaphysics

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plebeian taste lads.

no need to get in a huff mr poopypants

Purge this poster next.

haha look how she does normie thing so cute

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I like her more each day

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so baste


I've never dabbed in my entire albeit short life. You?


wtf is even is a dab? isn't that when you smoke has oil from a crack pipe?

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She's unironically adorable tbh

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It's funny how uncomfortable she is doing it, but at the same time she could do this thing called not doing it

Na it's when a home boy cums on a bitches back and then sticks the sheets to the jizz.

Yeah it's smoking BHO off a superheated titanium nail. Was unironically worried the first time my nephews talked about dabbing

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*dabs on your post*

based Saudis:

Beatrice is cute lad, that's the end of it

yeah I know, these kids were talking about dabbing and I was thinking wow you are little young for getting that stoned

That's how you run a society.

After they shilled so hard for it and filled the press with it for days.

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memmies are so based

*dabs on NA in jail*

There is literally nothing wrong with dabbing

How short lad?

Bit gay tbh.


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smh lad I'm just tryna dab on some fools y'all


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I want /newbrit/ to leave they have their own board to compare fucking Drake songs.

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*dabs on you*

Germans have always been hilariously behind on 'hip' English lingo. The exchange students we had at my school said stuff was "Hypercool"

Good lad

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Strangles you to death with draft excluder.

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good lad

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She does look slightly inbred tbf.


First dibs lad ;)

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Are those Arabs at the junkyard dead yet?

that lass is horsefaced

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smh lad it's just a bit of tun

why is that cigar backwards


Beautifully done lad.

no they are based small buisnessmen just making use of the free market to have a global parts selling company and buying out racist redneck small buisnesses on the wrong side of history, real republicans love BASED shitskin buisnessmen, they make us YUGE bucks


Not when this becomes the face of the monarchy.

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because Rik Mayall
dunno lad

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Fuck off lad, I'm getting first dip dabs in her sweet sherbet pouch

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coked up munter with a face only incels could love

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if she weren't royalty, no-one would be interested in her
prove me wrong

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super cute

Oh ffs

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wew she looks like Nosferatu

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He should just become a monk tbh

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Come on lad I bet there are some snowy forested places you know that even the sniffer dogs won't find.

She does look a bit like Count Orlok

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3 kids and she still looks that good what the hell is going on?

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I bet Beatrice's milkers work

racist cianigger spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) violencefags out tbh

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That feel lad

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