Brit/pol/ #2267: Moral Zone Edition

Brexit News for Thursday 31 May
UK economy to grow faster than Japan

Scale of anti-Muslim sentiment in Europe is revealed, with half of British Christians believing Islam is 'incompatible' with their values

BREXIT WARNING: Second referendum campaign will start ‘in NEXT FEW DAYS’, promises Soros

Jeremy Corbyn's views could drive Jewish people from UK

Northern Irish women protesting anti-abortion laws take illegal termination pills in front of police

UK universities drop in global reputation rankings for research and teaching

Ucas admits failures after new data reveals black students more likely to have university applications investigated

Fury over Remain peer’s Nazi slur

Gang music video makers who incite violence to be treated as terrorist suspects

Half A Million Russian Trolls Sign #FreeTommy Petition

Beer-swilling British women are branded the 'ugliest in the world'

Police dog dies after axe-wielding man shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ attacked armed officers

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Peter Hitchens

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Stick these in the OP. Maybe we should have a daily Ramavan list in it as well


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Interesting proposal, lad.


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So it begins

I doubt they'll fall for the African doctor, paki engineer memi.

STOP this psyop, you won't make me vote for him

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at this point i'm tempted just to watch it all burn

one's already there lad

Nice picture user

Did you miss the gchqt saga?

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Is there even that many here? I don't think I've actually seen one in person in my life.

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No thanks.

embrace the imperium lad

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Peter Hitchens

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Less than 1% of the population. You have to move in the right circles to meet a significant number if you catch my drift.

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peter hitchens

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Good, power that industry, make waifus real

Chayim please

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hurro SA san tell me about rondon, is that where orriver twist is from?(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

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I bet it's ten times as much in Burgerland

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don't look up jewish acceptance rates at harvard compared to their population level lad

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Jews are just smart and work hard you lads need to stop being jealous

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my sides are in orbit

kek that reminds me of that speech by a Jew lecturer complaining that there were too many white people in American universities.


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It's true though, they can use it destroy any male they like. inb4 she made it herself

no lad did this

No such thing unless they're a genuine mentalist sperge.


hmm im sad and no one pays any attention to me


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funny how the posted pics never show the panfaces

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You need to ban monarch tbh

"Hey thot, watcha doin'?"

Imperium tbh

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Could it be a thot trying to get attention? Yes How hard would it be to just pick it up flush it away and ignore it?

exibit A of why I am a volcel

Forgot to add the image

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Don't lie lad. The touch of the Jewess' hand awakened something in you. Something you thought you had killed.

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Ideological prediction: Rape alarmism is islamophobic.


Can you imagine a lad spending that much time in the ladies bogs gathering up all that tissue, prepping it so it's damp and laying it all out on the floor without anyone else copping him?

Also they have camera in the corridors so they would notice anyone walking in there.

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this tbh
it it were a bloke, it'd involve an awful lot more pee and poo

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Girls honestly have no idea how filthy guys can be

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It makes it easy to pick apart false flags.
Anyone bothered to look up if UoN has "shared bathrooms"?

global reported for csa


I've seen "gender neutral" toilets popping up recently, if they are introduced in schools there will be a literal armageddon

They're already being introduced, a relative turned down a uni after finding out about tranny toilets there.

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I first saw one them Brighton, naturally.

Must have taken some skill to do that and a rather dry and solid poo.

Zig Forums is a Anglican board


Apparently so but only with other room mates. Maxima of 5 people per bathroom so it wouldn't be hard to find out who did it.

I'm waiting for the inevitable explosion that will occur when the girls enter their toilets to find a poo nest

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There are no genders, bigot

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interesting, if this is legit then it should be incredibly easy to find the culprit

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A guided tour

You're all fags

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Interesting how the Bongo Bongo Land shitposters come out of the woodwork tbh

but the anglican church has stopped following the teachings of Christ to become political

im not a bongolandian lad

Hinduism is the one true religion

convert now or you will not survive the coming times

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nice work sherlock, keep it handy for the inevitable grauniad article.

Ex-Bongo Bongo Land poster here. They aren't in the Zig Forums Bongo Bongo Land


Anglicanism >Papism since Papism has always been political
Orthodoxy is the true church though

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well well well.
She's a few sandwiches short of a picnic
What a surprise

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Isn't "Borderline Personality Disorder" one of those made-up illnesses to excuse being a thot?

I've posted it here for now so at least it's all bookmarked.
Definitely seems like attention-seeking to me.

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The fact it says "borderline" shows that it's literally nothing, if it were a condition then it'd be a condition, but it's borderline so it's almost but not really **also called not-at-all''

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Paganism is the trve way forward tbh lads, Evropa and the white race will be saued by it.

No, it's to describe the mental state of all women

He literally let the Jews back in England.


Yes, I think all personality disorders are bogus

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this stinks tbh

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any money if it was a false flag you wont hear about it

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This is a stupid memi, Jews already existed in Britain before him and Charles II was aided by Jews. Not that it matters.

Kind of

da j00000000000000s

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