Brit/pol/ #2269: Intergalactic Anglo Empire Edition

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smh lad

Anglosaxon-Vannobrythonism is the only way to the stars

Any lads seen that visa has completely gone down
Tbh dry run for when they tank the economy

I thought it was a pun

I'm buying lead for the collapse

Link pls
Got my buried treasure just in case

Let's get this thread

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Have you washed today? Don't lie to me boy.



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Pun tbh

being a honest boi I'll have to say no smh


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faster eaters are more likely to be obese

It would've worked even if you'd spelled Lynx right tbh

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Good lad.

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Felt good.

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Mastercard down to now according to the twitter. Mass normie suicides incoming

It's called maintain order.


I bet it was the Russians

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T-this wasn't part of the plan

true, I but didn't really care a the time.
I'm a rebel without a cause.

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The guy running the other way is a lizard

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begone, demon

Tbh I would get that excited too

that pic looks like a rhombus because of the off-parallel lines of lights and it upsets me

She made the stage wonky




Have they found Lord Lucan yet

He was declared dead in 2016.
tbh he was born in the 1930's so I doubt he'd still be alive.

Cash is king

errrrrrrr Jesus is king

Fungible products are better

Jesus was a kang

no u

in your ma's bed

And you fuckers call your thread "intergalactic Anglo empire"
What a fucking joke.

You fucking shish kebab munching wog


State of this country

literally is a dry run for another financial crash tbh… get the normies desensitised

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I'm rubber, you're glue

Take that flag off this instant young man


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It's all central London, why don't they target some of the other more affluent areas?

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You'd have been denied one from Labour on the grounds of being white and English.

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Please don't come to the fucking shire

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*has a think*


why do they need them in gun-free Britain?

Who wants to carry around fungus though?

Best have a think m8 because you won't be able to have a wank without uploading your passport first

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fitting tbh


Anything that makes people think twice about funding the drugging and rape of white girls by Jewish slavers is a good thing, no matter how misguided.



So they can wash their feet
They're not even this hardcore or observant in most muslim countries
These are like sharia police. Strongly disapprove of this tbh. Saw some muslim berating an old Englishman today after having giving him a parking ticket. The old fella had just gone to a machine to get a ticket when the fucker pounced. Hate seeing jundies givien permission to police us natives, really gets my goat. Goes straight to their heads as well


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fug what is that bread shit on the left? that looks really good

fug now I want jalapeno breadsticks

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why do people want to set fires when it's hot?

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dude they sell their flesh because they're fucking whores.. I'm not saying that what you described doesn't happen, because it surely does, but I'm pretty sure most porn is consensual, women are just fucking trash

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smh I'm meant to be in the prime of my life.

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Muslim firearms officers roaming our shires

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go out then

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Twist bread

It is tbh. I asked mummy to make it specifically

and sit in a pub by myself? I'm not a sadass like you lad

This heat

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Tbh everyone's spiritually and morally fucked these days there's no point singling out women.

yummy mummy tbh

He's not by himself tbf

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*gilds you*

Just go to a pub, no-one's forcing you to go and get shitfaced.

god damn I'm so hungry now(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)