Brit/pol/ #2270: Local Lads Edition

Man makes citizen's arrest in London's Borough Market without even dropping his cigarette

NIGHT OF MAYHEM London shooting – Man blasted with ‘machine gun’ and another knifed on city’s streets in night of bloodshed

Hundreds of protesters march to demand EDL leader Tommy Robinson is released from jail after he was sentenced to 13 months for contempt of court

Ex-Lowestoft Tory mayor 'suspended over Islamophobic post'

'People aren't pleased’: Posh Paris neighborhood alarmed by new migrant shelter

Pervert Egyptian and failed asylum seeker Karam Majdi who lied that he was a minor raped girl, 14, at hostel, jailed and banned from using the internet

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For Her

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for the English Walnut

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patrician choice


he's so disgusting to look at

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Do not!

For classic Manga/Anime and fuck this modern shite.

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I agree.

He is a Pict and therefore his appearance is quite normal tbqh.

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give over you'd get a semi watching Susan Boyle shuffle the deck lad

80's-90's had the best art by far.

Sorry, I don't get all my news from postmenopausal gossip mags.


I do remember now recording Doomed Megalopolis and I think I have wicked city as well

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rewatching logh, forgot how slow it was but it's relaxing


What's the best way to stay motivated and stick at working out?

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Never understood that bit tbh

It’s true but that’s OK.

Could you please not.



if you don't the pakis will win


Reminder that Joe is ALWAYS right

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the pakis will never win


Step aside droogs


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I'm not bloody greek lad

Sacrilege, this is not localism rooo tommy

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You do it for yourself, not anyone else.

It's the only full length one on yt smh.

The Britizens arrest

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You're swarthy enough

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Good night!



Start watching this film set in 1947
Get his within the first 6 minutes

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When an agent of the state has had his contract terminated he or she may still be utilised albeit in an unwitting manner. But is he still technically an agent of the state if this operation is outside of his consent and why does the state want this man's face on bins?

Really, everybody on this board watches anime?

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this, weebcucks out

It's a jock. What do you want? Never seen one that looks human tbh

tbh. Nothing beats that eras hand drawn style, the detail, the effort, and love that went into these that make them so enticing and drag you into their world. Every frame mattering. In my biased opinion.

Aaaaah yes! it was so good and special. And wasn't all that popular and well known at the time.

Yup, that was another one at the time, one I'd forgotten the title of too so cheers.
Also yup, another I bought on VHS and still have after watching on the anime nights TV.

They can't help themselves. And I'm like fucks sake my mum is in the room.
It was a good time.

If this doesn't give you feels you're gay tbh

top kek

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This is an episode of brit/a/in tbh

Completely agree tbh, most anime today is storyboarded in Japan and then sent off to some Korean animation farm to be made.

I'd rather we went back to talking about drugs

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piss off Herts, you (((jerry))) gaylord

I still haven't watched it. It's one of those that completely missed me at the time and only heard about it from chans a few years ago

Have you noticed that British media have started referring to all knives as “zombie killers” in much the same manner that American media refer to all guns as “AR’s”.

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also unban ulsterlad


BBC called it Boss Cat because Top Cat was the name of a pet food. Confused and annoyed the fuck out of me when I was a kid.

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alright,who's your favourite druggie/ex druggie lad

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This is a new feel

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Zombie knives lad, they're made to fuck up the insides really badly when they take the knife out

Business idea: confiscate idle land from people who have lots, and give it to retiring servicemen under the condition they reforest it or cultivate it.

Yup, it just feels like exactly what it is, tacky and factory lined. Though I'm sure there's exceptions there just doesn't seem to be that high standard anymore.

I know what you mean. Any blade with a serrated edge or slight curve seems to increasingly referred to as "zombie knifes" or some sensationalist shit.

Big Marti Pellow. Proper junkie's junkie. He was on it for years and he was jaggin it too, no just smokin it like some of these "addicts" these days

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Zombie Killer is a brand of fantasy weapon, specific legislation was written to ban them after one was found in a bush. Since then the press has taken to calling all sorts of long bladed weapons as “Zombie Killers” even though they aren’t. The American media do a similar thing where they will refer to all rifles as “AR’s”.

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Not sure if you watched the making of Akira but they drawn each frame to lip sync with the dialog.
A monumental feat back then considering they do it now a lot easier, but with computers instead of ink and acetate.

I've been enjoying Megalo Box tbh

No lad, high quality artisan nostalgia manga for connoisseurs.


Dave gahan.
Ex smackhead turned to Greek Orthodox christianity.
Tunes tbf

It's worth it lad, I only recently started but it's genuinely excellent - the writing, the art, it just has it all

my parents got me into depeche mode tbh,but maybe that's not so good since they also like Erasure and went to a few concerts

What a dumb name to latch onto.

Lad tbf most of the media just calls them zombie knives, not zombie killers

Is this some gay anime? smh

I think it was the mid 90's where he almost kicked the bucket and gave it up. Most of the albums circa 2000 are almost about redemption and starting over again. His wife is also a Greek.

They only call it that as that's the brand of that already banned knife, an easy association in order to attempt to promote an all-out knife ban.

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do you hate yourself

It's spoilered for a reason.

morelike megaylord box lmao

Doesn't even have good dress up tbh.

These knives look dumb as fuck

You post moe shit you don't have a leg to stand on.

Ironic tbh

and those are the plain ones, the ones they are known for are even more ridiculous

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Hey no that was me

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some of these are hilarious

what's funny is most of these blades are completely useless, cheap chinese crap, that'd be less effective than an actual knife


It's fun tbh
Tbf shit metal gear games have existed for years before Kojima left, Metal Gear Acid series and Portable Ops

That’s even worse; it’s an entirely fabricated descriptive. It makes no sense. ‘Rambo knife’ would be understandable as it has made its way into the lexicon as a general term for hunting/ tactical knives. Journalists are just the worst.

It’s true, that is their motive and their hopes will be realised. Things are terrible.

Please we all know SA has the really immoral images of that English character.

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I get that feeling from them as well, it's typical nigger shit.

Who doesn't?

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Yep passive support for moe shit.