Brit/pol/ #2271: It Never Ends Edition

Brexit News for Saturday 2 June
DUP urges May to get tough on Brussels as plan for joint UK-EU status for Northern Ireland dismissed

Political row over Canterbury Pride 'hijack' claim

Monarch all smiles at Epsom Derby in lilac on Ladies Day

Man makes citizen's arrest in London's Borough Market without even dropping his cigarette

NIGHT OF MAYHEM London shooting – Man blasted with ‘machine gun’ and another knifed on city’s streets in night of bloodshed

Hundreds of protesters march to demand EDL leader Tommy Robinson is released from jail after he was sentenced to 13 months for contempt of court

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First for LOCAL daftyism

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Fuck vigilantism, I support policing by consent


Hmm, I was getting to know 4britpol quite well. Big blast from the past being forced to post over there. Apparently YKTD still posts.


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Holy fuck we're posting lad.



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Just because he's a little fat smh

what do you want to post about, lad?

I want to post about deceased grandads and imagine what it must've been like to have fought in the war and died in the 90s.

Episode was great tbh had a good giggle streak for about 10 minutes when they were discussing Ryan's Babe.

Jk, I'd like to post about marine mammals.

Grandad was a sniper in the military apparently


He was too young to be in world war II though tbh

My great uncle fought in the winter war and died. People were shamed for going there, I guess because we wanted to be neutral or something, idno.

yeah I 'll still watch it



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What did you lads do during the down time?

nothing. refresh /tv/ like I did years ago, hoping for an interesting film to pop up. Also feeling self pity because of my tummy ache smh

Fapped then worked on my Zig Forums exposé for HnH. About it tbh.

Grandad commanded a tank in North Africa. Ended up fighting the Germans in Italy. Told this one story about how he watched his fellow soldiers head get blown off by a sniper at Monte Casino. Said he was really relieved that it wasn't him that got shot.

Every time I ask my Dad about him he's hesitant to tell me what he was like. My Dad's worried that I'll become a racist boozy mysogynist like him. Lol. Too late.

that's cool. shame about your dad. It's kind of sick that he doesn't want to talk about his own dad smh

Probably Molyneux's video of the year.

finally the honeypot is back up

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tbh. Was pissed I couldn't post it earlier, he's truly in top form. Think he might be able to eclipse Peterson by end of the year.

Boomers gonna boom. His Dad had a stroke in the late 80s and couldn't communicate with me when i was wee. Looking back I could tell that he wanted to warn me. Used to go to his house and see him as this weird guy that sat in his chair with a droopy face that never said anything.

Imagine the hell of being a woke greatest gen that can't speak and watching your golem boomer kids raise your grandchildren incorrectly.
smh. smh.

Yup this was the video that did it. I finally donated to freedomainradio. Think I'm going to start with .05 BTC and work my way up to get to the free ticket tier. Heard the talk he's giving in Australia this year with Lauren Southern is going to be insane.

Really, lads? That looks so boring

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Here come the anti-Molyneux shills.

I will fuck you up sweetie if you try to defame Molyneux. This isn't a fucking joke anymore.

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You're fucked, mate.


he makes good videos, even if they're too damn long and he's 1/8th kike or something. I've only watched like one but he's an c-celeb that I salute, he's a dedicated redpiller

welcome back newfoundleaf, it's been awhile, hasn't it?

skip to 0:50 for ebin

Spicposter doesn't represent the beliefs of Molyneux fans or followers.

Speaking of e-celebs


It's finished

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if you like fetal alcohol syndrome with hipster glasses

Millennial Woes says that hipsters are implicitly pro white please stop with the D & C.

aye laddies

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and a vagina that isn't really a vagina.

Sad thing is that it's obvious he's another one of those autists just became obsessed with being a girl.

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at least they don't drink monster

TOPKEK leaf btfo

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Why focus on traps when the third world hordes are within your borders and about to genocide your peoples? Oh right, you're an agent.

Finally, I understand the monster meem

Monster memi?


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yeah 22st is actually an israeli communist dressed up in a thicc viking costume getting paid $100,000 shekels a month to brainwash the british people into hating traps so the baste civic traps will be turned away from nationalism and white genocide will be assured

Anyone want to know what 4/brit/ is like? I was over there all day. They seem OK. I posted some rare Grimshaws.

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Why doesn't Jordan Peterson say this, lads?

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Because he's an (((NDP))) spy.



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meanwhile, in hindoostan

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damn that's some aesthetic blood


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'Racism,' Robert went on, giving me a quick glance, 'seems to be characterised first by an accumulation of hostility, a more aggressive sense of competition between males of different races; but the corollary is an increased desire for the females of the other race. What is really at stake in racial struggles,' Robert said simply, 'is neither economic nor cultural, it is brutal and biological: it is competition for the cunts of young women.'

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We know, lad, our young women though.

Muh Dik


Used to be a bartender. Thots used to come up to me and beg for (x) sambuccas when this song was playing.

imperium or bust
'My first trip was to Thailand; immediately after that I left for Madagascar. Since then, I haven't fucked a white woman, I've never even felt the desire to do so. Believe me,' he added placing a firm hand on Lionel's forearm, 'you won't find a white woman with a soft, submissive, supple, muscular pussy any more; that's all gone now.'

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Are you quoting Anglin?

not sure I believe this guy he's talking with

No, Houellebecq, Michel, and Frank Wynne. Platform. Vintage, 2003.

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Still waiting for the big one tbh. You'd think by now that ISIS would have its sleeper cells in every Western state and could orchestrate a massive casualty terrorist attack. Guess I'll have to wait another 5 years or so.

Pop-culture is the opium of the masses.

Oxfordshire School Bans Intolerant Packed Lunches in Favor of Vibrant Halal Meat

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Where were you all during the downtime?

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*posts out of pity*

Inside a porn addiction clinic with patients as young as EIGHT

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I can relate to that

Reminder to any mods present, it's very possible that 22st and Steiner are the same person.

Grandad was in the TA at 17 before the start of the war, he served all the way through it. In Belgium he was left with one other soldier to blow up bridges and make his own way to Dunkirk. He didn't talk much about any of it but he did take pictures of it all, so we have pictures of Baghdad, parts of Iran, Egypt and Eritrea; I think there are more but I can't be too sure.

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1939-1945, I think he may have done the post war service as well.
I knew a couple of old paras, I don't think either were in the Falklands War but one of them was in NI.

Do you like vapoorwave?

sure, lad. Just too lazy to look for and download good stuff. Just been listening to podcasts and vid related for my drives

Good music right here lad.