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suck your mum

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thanks lad goodlad

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go and wash

God I wish that were me

I wanna be the one petting the cat


I want to be the contemplative one tbh

Obviously a shitskin. The more they do this the angrier people will get
There are 46 known terrorists and 115 people of interest to German security services alone - who have been given asylum - in just ONE city. 6 staff are under investigation for taking bribes.

Same. I'll have multipel children. The first ones will be male, named Magne, Gudmund and Ingvar my wife has no say

what if she gives you daughters lad?

I believe in you lad

That won't happen, lad. First babies are always sons

me too, lad

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Legcheese, Moose and Thotfaec

Oh he was curious about names. Keek.

All the names I have written down:

Gutt: Reidar, Gunnar, Ingvar, Magnar, Magne, Gudmund, Vidar
Jente: Ingrid, Ragnhild, Sigrid, Liv, Tyra, Hildegard, Sira

benjamin, ruben, chaim

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No Varg? No Anders?

smh nice lad, in my family you just allocate the family names until you run out of children, quite like it that way though

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Fun fact: due to the nature of the immune response, the odds of catching genital herpes (HSV2) is significantly reduced if you already have cold sores (HSV1).
This brings me to my point: are you sexually active? I am, and I certainly DON'T want HSV2 so I have decided to catch HSV1 myself in the name of safe sex. I encourage you all to do the same.
How do? Simple. If you meet a lass with mouth ulcers, GIVE HER A SNOG! easy right?
Happy hunting lads

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Pictured: Man, 22, who had 'half his face blown off' in London shooting, was stabbed a year ago

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Varg is nice I guess. I wish Siegfried was Norwegian. I find that name really aesthetic, but in Norwegian there are "Sigfred", which is male, and "Sigfrid" which is female. smh

I don't want them to have latin names smh

Its the only sane thing to do

Is it more effective to perform cunnilingus?

Certainly more effective at giving her an orgasm

tbh maybe around half of my family ones are

Salvini outlines his plans on stopping mass migration: "The good times for illegals are over, get ready to pack your bags."

well I guess my surname comes from Christian tradition as it's not -son. smh, but I meant first names tbh


Gtfo you continental fuck

keek tbh

It's rare but in doing so you could actually catch HSV2 in your mouth which is far worse than cold sores


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Good joke lad

Gtfo you continental fuck

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Gonna give my non-existent sons family names from my dads side and slavic names for the girls tbh.

Makes me sad that there aren't any proper right wing/populist parties in the UK.

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tbh my firstborn's going to get the male or female version of my slavic name, same as every other firstborn each generation

Pembs is a cutesy name but it has no history

Ooooo check out homo sapiens sapiens over here with his frontal lobes

small pox is an unrelated strain of the herpes virus tbh

I'd kiss some dirty birds just to be sure if I were you

But you were making fun of continentals while having a German word in your name. That's the joke smh pls laff

Mate they kiss blokes, miss me with that gay shit.


tbh. just penis in vagina


Really? I'll look into that thanks

think my tummy might be getting better


*groans in face falling off*

meant 2013 smh


If that's the cost of keeping my knob sore free tbf

think it's HSV 3 or 4

If this is a new memie its rubbish

clue well lin

population pressure


Salvini removes Minister for Rapefugees…kek

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*sets Dorset's blazer on fire with the Bunsen burner for banter*

*swotknots (you)*

Slav girls have great names tbqh


You'll be at work on a hot day, your stench will fog up the van window and gas you, your thigh cheese will melt and gum up the pedals and then you'll die in a crash before you can impregnate a woman.

Michael Gove you cheeky fuck

*breaks own tie with neck muscle tensing and gets (You) detention*

By the time user has children it will be illegal for user to have children - and also will be illegal to name them. Your generation are just a bunch of documentarians who will observe the end.

hullo peter

can't get me lad I'm wearing clipsies

What about the Nige-rians?

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Probably reduces the spread of cattle TB and therefore boosts the productivity and tax revenue of farmers
100mil ain't much

lads… serious time, no messing about please

there are < 300 days till brexit
will they be able to pull off a deal in that time and enter a transition period?
or will they engineer some extension that means we stay in for the foreseeable?
or is it hard brexit, cut all ties scenario?

*picks you up, flips you upside down and puts ypu in the bin*

I really did this to a kid once tbh.

smh did some schools actually have them?

tbh if a lad did that I'd be impressed

Wish it was for grey squirrels tbh

I hope it's like Children of Men without the niggers tbh

No, lad. I drive with my windows open.

I'll reckon they keep stretching it out for as long as possible until our military becomes consumed by the EU. Early 2020's at best

Can't think up a list rn tbh but one of my favourites is Alyosha tbh


Never heard of this?

no idea lad but it'd be worth keeping an eye on Italy to see how the EU deals with opposition

Another driver will glue the windows up before your shift, they'll be sick of your smell and force you to live in the hell they've been in.

I would not at all be surprised if that is the case tbh


Actually this. 10 year transition period maybe

top keek. One lad is actually quitting this week and it's the one who's been around me the most. smh

It'll probably collapse by then, lad.

Brexit successfully delivered.

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Funny how when they have COBRA meetings things always get worse.


Tbh I think I've always assumed to would be a corrupted and hijacked movement.
I did feel great on 24th June 2015 though. Love that memory

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Yeah, think the policy makers probly have too

He drives a Sprinter
Get your facts right