Brit/pol/ #2273: New England Edition

Brexit News for Sunday 3 June' - Civil servant leaks 'doomsday Brexit scenario' dubbed Project Fear 2

Stop and search finds hunting knife, carrier gets just 12 hours community service & £85 fine

The English question: Young are less proud of nationality

Birmingham - Fearless bystanders tackle mugger as he tries to steal woman's purse in broad daylight

Britain faces 'full spectrum' of Russian threat for 'years to come', MP's report says

Grenfell 'disaster tourists' flocked to site to 'take selfies', report finds

Guatemala volcano: Dozens die as Fuego volcano erupts

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Been leaving the lights on when I leave for toil so my room is just empty when I come home, instead of empty and dark

first for fuck last thread bully lads

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are you the faggot bully who said that building preservation is a memi?

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were we talking about suicide? headline new?

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legit when that happens and there's no new thread, just make one, we need a thread

if the op sucks like mine did then mods can add brexit news, links, whatever they want, but we need a thread

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Don't commit suicide lad if millions of white males do it the economy will crash.

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Real nigger hours who's up


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This groyper is truly exquisite. It's on a par with the dragon pepe

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do you think it would get on CNN if a 27 year old opted for voluntary euthanasia? or do they only talk about millennials on TV to shite on them and use them as a scape goat for 2008 and the state of society

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im looking for bill carson


>>>Zig Forums11675398

I haven't seen evidence that is entirely convincing yet, but there are lots of shills spamming the thread (and allegedly, they're doing it on cuckchan as well), and the response by law enforcement is very suspicious. They are not even remotely interested in investigating the place, but they're going after the people digging for evidence of child trafficking.

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Sounds like the plot for a film tbh.

literally nothing will happen, nobody cared when they executed lavoy finicum on TV, the lefty dumb people will just muh redneck post and then go back to cummies and circuses

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Any group of 5+ white males is worth investigating by law enforcement and/or dedicating a few operatives to infiltrate.

tbh going muskie fishing on lake huron later this month tbh

good lad

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Doubt you'd even get local media coverage, wouldn't want whitebois to get any ideas tbh you're property of the state lad don't forget.

Links added

thanks lad

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Drinking one right now tbh

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I miss him lads

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fml tbh

stop hating women and get laid lad

how? everytime I am around them it just gets worse

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Thats the best Pepe


Found this on yt

idk lad I'm incel

Chinese strategy in full force in Australia

How do we deal with the Chinese threat?

Apply for a work or marriage visa and hope they'll let you in before your country collapses.

Should we lock up all the wogs? It would be a start but I think it's cruel to keep wild animals in cages so it would be best long term to release them back in their natural habitat, far away from the evil temptations of civilisation. Run wild, run free feral nogs!


Thesis> < Anti-Thesis


Yay, let me cheer on the Police State to help me cope with all the violence and crime from the wogs! Big Brother to the rescue!

Do not fall for what they want, order ab chaos. Remove the chaos directly, get rid of the wogs and there is no need for the police state.


WTF? Do you even math? That's a thousand quid per badger. Looks like someone's found a new wheeze to milk Johnny Taxpayer. £100 million quid. REEEEEEE!

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Absolutely, it is Orwellian, same with putting the wogs in everything, including historical dramas for which wizards and robots would be far less incongruous. "You have always been invaded by Nogs. They have always been here. There was never a time when you were a close-trust hetrogenous soceity, Yes, your daughters have always been conscripted to fight and die in ZOG wars."

It is like the Juice blowing up Palestinian homes when they occupy (steal) their lands, so there is nothing to go back to and not even a memory left of how things were.

What else is there to do? I know leftists are utterly repellent sophists and dissemblers, and they must be in order to keep themselves in jobs: but seriously - what fresh hell can they concoct to account for the latter half of the sexual revolution? One day it will be perfectly fine to kill cunts like this.

This is the state's primary historian, lads (other than ((schama))). You can trust him.

I sometimes think it'd be a good idea to collect all ones fave films on dvd aswell to be honest. it's only a matter of time before they start digitally 'enriching' them.

Yikes, user! Are we psychically connected or something? I had the exact same thought the other day when I realised that I could no longer watch newly produced films or TV even when they were in supposedly historical settings ("Now with added wogs"), and would have to watch the old classic stuff instead now, but that it was only a matter of time before they used that faceapp tech to woggify Alec Guiness or something and that I should act to preserve the originals.

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How would you solve the fatty epidemic?

keto diet

Disable all lifts and escalators.

Chase them with sharp sticks.

I don't get it

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Lots of themes.

The sexual revolution can be likened to the trajectory of the Soviet Union. Its first phase was characterised by utopian dreaming and libertinism; now the party is over, we are entering the harsher, repressive "Stalinist" phase of #MeToo etc.

The caption doesn't really make sense.


"we're not going after your kids, bigot!"

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8 days no porn lads. been waking up with very powerful erections

good lad, keep going

Good lad, are you the one who is giving money to commies if he breaks?


Decent incentive tbf, keep at it lad, ignore any base desires and find ways to distract yourself should they arise.

this is some serious fucking reaching from the pakis

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How many times have you heard someone talk about the slippery slope "fallacy" when talking about this stuff? Of course they were lying from the start and this was their goal all along. This is how fags "reproduce", they recruit.

What's with the replies btw? Have I missed a new memi?

It's about time something interesting happened this year.

The font on this show reminds me of cyrillic-style english font from communist propaganda. Frankie Boyle is so fat now wew.

Hopefully they removed all the muslim flags tbh.

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It's a self-replenishing fire. The new repressive phase is a response to the fallout created by the original 'do what thou wilt' phase. This is how feminism works. Most feminists today are a product of the failings of feminism. Feminism has fucked their lives up, and left them with only the feminist movement to provide them comfort, and an avenue down which to direct their feelings of self-loathing.

It's truly embarrassing when you think about it. People are such spastics.

It's not fallacious to see what the end game of their intentions is, lad, the slippery slope is a fallacy in that we don't have to let them get away with their perverted plan. "A" does not necessarily lead to "Z" if we brick them all at "C", see?

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I've heard it loads of times, including from people on our side. Thankfully it's easy to debunk with how heavy these articles are now.

We've said it before lad, Zig Forums pulls all the strings :^)

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This guy is an idiot.

To replaced by even more, face it, migration is OTT now he just wants to do something so it doesnt look so bad and makes him look good. Basically doing nothing. What a cunt.

Post yfw at least you don't live in South Africa
South Africa's school pit latrine scandal: Why children are drowning

we will soon

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They're turning /aregreenandpleasantland/ into South Africa.
what's the daily stabbings in SA? I reckon London is possibly worse by now


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You tell us lad, how quickly does each one finish?

Even from this distance I can tell that the only 'white' man on screen is actually a sneering, grease-coated kike.

Indeed. There are people who recognize some of the failings of feminism but they just "double down" on their insanity instead.

I’m ashamed to send my son to school in nappies but I keep doing it as I don’t believe in potty training

This is child abuse.

Actually I can see three additional 'white' people in the audience. And guess what??? THEY ALL LOOK LIKE YIDS!!!!!!

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'Demonic possession is real and victims seeking exorcism should not be ignored': Prominent psychiatrist on the world beyond

tried a cigar, didnt like it.

putting your own headcaseyness ahead of your child's wellbeing is nothing short of abuse

Acquired taste tbh
Do you chuff normal fags