Brit/pol/ #2274: Killdozer Edition

Brexit News for Monday 4 June
Government hits back at no-deal 'armageddon' warning

Priti hands dossier of Remain collusion evidence to Electoral Commission

Farage on why young people don't feel proud to be English

The BBC Are Shocked To Report That Africans Don’t Feel English

Pubs across Britain remove Saudi Arabia flags from World Cup bunting after offended Muslims complain that drinking is banned under Islam

Al-Qaeda bomb-maker, 28, who was arrested with a stash of knives just yards from Downing Street claimed he had a 'message' for Britain's political leaders, court hears

Skirts are cool, boys are told: School bans shorts in summer in favour of 'gender neutral' uniform policy

Guatemala volcano: Dozens die as Fuego volcano erupts

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Where's the London wog shot in the face video lads?

First for stomach cancer

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I hope it's not cancer smh


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It's not funny, lad. What if I have it?

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My dad has stomach cancer tbh, pretty bad way to go.

I thought your dad was rip

You should go to the doctor lad

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but if I take one day off boss will fire me and make sure I never get a job driving again smh


FSB doesn't pay me enough to proof read my posts

Sorry, lad. It's a common cancer too.

tfw no killdozer

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No he won't you're making excuses because you're scared to go to the doctor. Stop being a little faggot and just let them stick a robotic snake camera up your arse to look at the cancer. It will only take 20 minutes

smh the doctor will bully me for being fat I can't see her again until I've lost 8 stones

fair lad
cancer is fucking awful across the board, shame cancer research charities don't realise how difficult it is to tackle

You deserve the bullying, you also probably deserve to die of the cancer if you're that much of a coward.

Then lose the weight.


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not as much as your body hates you

>Nah fam..YOU be da Mad Hatter an' ting, 'low it…nudge nudge wink wink

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We're not doing a 2 season cancer arc. 5 seasons, that was the deal.

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My grandfather has that, reckon he'll die of something else though. Acts proper morbid all the time and says he doesn't have much time left, moves around very slowly and can't walk very well. Can't leave the house on his own.

were they even fucking trying

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You get away with it though being GCHQ's 'supporting actor' and everything.

dafty groups pay better than GCHQ tbh

Were they hoping that the appeal to authority would make the minutemen let them drive of with 600kg of coke?

Man admits sending racist and abusive emails to MPs

I think they're just hoping English people die of old age before the pot really boils over.


You'll be alright lad, just sort your diet out and go on more walks in your free time tbh


I'm surprised he didn't get years in prison tbh.

keto diet

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Who would win the Killdozer or an Ajax Tank

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When will the cult of ugliness end tbh?


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Anglo righteous fury > Jerry profit seeking.

btfo'ing commies epic style

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Never miss a delivery, simply make your house a giant letterbox

you know when

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When Charles is king and he executes all modernist architectures.

smh bigot.

Sanders was just a fall guy during the last election. He also used to opportunity to line his pockets.


Most Modernist architecture is already gone, lad. It's the Postmodern stuff which needs to go the most.

Stop this lad, Americanisation is bad enough although without letting it affect our attitudes


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Poundbury is shit though

Don't let perfect be the enemy of the good, lad.


I hope her nudes never leak here.


That is just bizarre, how alienated do you have to be to go looking for jihadists for company?

It's still a bit of a mess.


Gonna install one of these I think

The state Bernie Sanders is from is literally whiter than Britain, I bet he has zero idea about the perils of diversity tbh.

True, but they're trying, which is more than I can say for whoever designed half of Yorkshire.

It's not that isn't perfect, it's literally shit, it's sterile and fake.

He literally is tbh he'd be bog standard Labour over here, the only major politician I can think of who is on any level communist is McDonnell

It's missing a giant TV on top

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oh no doubt, but it still feels half-arsed

This. Being critical of modern architecture doesn't automatically make you a good architect or town planner.

Yeah there's a lot of clashing of architectural style and some of it is clearly imported from the continent.

Seriously it's a choice between liberal whores or jihadists for them, I can understand why liberalism is unpalatable but fuck me there has to be some wiggle room between that and "death to the kafir".

The buildings are pretty, but the town was planned very badly, do you reckon?

They seem to have tried to take pieces from different styles and apply them unevenly to each building, it just comes across as messy.

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It is trying to capture the essence, by planning, something that would have been a long term accretion.

That is aesthetic.

They're not pretty, it's all urban shite and there's no flow

This sketch of it looks based.

I think this is a good encapsulation of it.

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Yeah I got that as well but I think it's incredibly hard to model organic growth convincingly.

It's their religion.

Well shucks I guess Peter Hitchens is a Trot then
His program was not communist in the slightest

I think you're exaggerating to say it's ALL bad, user. Nevertheless, it's all a learning experience, I'm sure the prince of Wales will take the lessons of Poundbury and keep moving forward.

That's the problem, the execution doesn't look like the intention.

It's called living on the streets, and that's if they're lucky and not honour killed.

check your bongo lad

I suppose it's a convenient pre-installed message that can be easily absorbed in reaction to liberal dystopia.

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How long do you spend in the shower on average.

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like 5-10 mins

Dunno, 15-20 mins?

5-10 minutes

This GCHQ data collection is just getting bizarre.

The square needs to have similar style buildings or it just looks like a mishmash, a fucking theme park style would be better than what is being built (have certain parts of the town be their own type of architecture. 1500-1600'sville, that sorta thing

I agree, that would be awesome. They should take some lessons from York.

5 min max + 2min for teeth

we're gathering data to compare to water company usage so we can track you down

You're bad at porkies

apparently lonely people take long showers to make up for lack of human contact

Then 22st must be the most popular man alive

And here I thought it's because my hair takes longer to wash.