Brit/pol/ #2275: Percy Pigs Edition




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that'll do lad

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Percy Pigs are delicious tbh



Pepper pigs face looks like a cock and bollocks on a cold day tbh

Like crack tbh. Same as these.

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Your imagination is as vivid as ever.
jesus h christ

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Mr Kiplings exceedingly good spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

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Who on gods green earth are these people?


We honestly have the best sweets in this country tbh lads

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The character design comes across as sibliminal

How's the lass hunt going lad?

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Does he still stream games?

Michael McIntyre and his son, 10, are attacked by hammer-wielding moped gang: Comedian's Β£15k Rolex is stolen by muggers who smashed up his Range Rover as his boy sat in the back in London

Britain's favourite comedian mugged. Bet the Government unleash hell on the perpetrators

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He's streaming rn


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why are london house prices falling?

I hope that cunt becomes a repeat victim for what he's done to comedy. It's a shame about his kid though, he shouldn't have had to go through that.

16g of paracetamol lads

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I can't wait for the autistic video edits


choose wisely lads

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He makes comedy for the Middle-Class Mummies.

Custard creams they're made of dreams tbh

Bourbon easily


God she's a pig

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alegs might be a shill but he is a good lad

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Anyone who wears a 15k watch on a school run in London is just asking for it. I wear a Casio calculator watch (Β£35) and was gutted when I scratched the screen.

I'm going to kidnap him and make him star on my production of a new series of betterbadnews

Put the fear of God into him

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You don't like being with the proletariat huh? Ruling class commie?

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kek these guys are like school kids bullying each other


That just makes you sound really tight lad.

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Is it a 56%er or a jew faec?

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he seemed like a funny guy, not a shrill faggot. tbh bernie bros were better than hillary scum

Aleggs is all over the place since he started courting the megachurch boomers. Basically a TV preacher now

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Yeah but he's worth between 25-39 million according to that article so relatively, that watch was worth about tuppence to him and insured anyway


that was like king edward iii letting the black prince win his spurs kek

Alex is so good at debating because he just spams memmies at them, you can't argue against the $100,000 audi and beachhouse talking points he loses either way kek

The fear in their eyes when they see him, they know what's coming top fucking kek the fear

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Made my night tbh

Khan's london folks

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The area I live in is shite tbh and it doesn't make sense to buy flashy stuff, but what I do have I try to make it last.

Never knew he was worth that much. Blimey!

I know but we can still use it to attack him

He's using volcanoes to shill his filters now

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there's going to be a point where the elites have to abandon London or form closed gated communities like Downing street but for private individuals.

this is cool


I bet loomer loves being dominated by goys,she probably has a reverse fetish of pic related

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Not sure if you saw the latest poll on National Biscuit Day recently…

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I'm disappointed poz button might be ending

Custard creams not even in the top 5
it's a fix I tell you!


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Digestives are a tool of the sub dimensional force to break the bond between the aryan man and custard creams which are the FIYAH of our race ok thankyou


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Borzoi is genuinely brilliant to listen to. Very cerebral and entertaining analysis of movies.

Isn't Cernovich also jewish?


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Ginger creams tbh.

How likely are the wops to pull a wopxit?

Quelle surprise

I'd say it's on the cards. Poverty in Italy has doubled since they joined the euro

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Jews jews jews from the top down and all the way across.

This is retarded

floopity whibblescromps

good night


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Wish I could protect him from antifa bullies tbh.

what the FUCK

came here to post it tbh

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They will kill him before he can go mainstream tbh.

They can try.

Must sting, lad.

Woody Allen: I Should Be β€˜Poster Boy’ for #MeToo Movement

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