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I was gonna call it "Double Dubs" edition but okay

I'm racially similar to Sam Hyde my dude. As I said, impregnate a blonde grill yourself numerous times instead of screeching at me for looking at them

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Any girl who wants to talk about Edward Gibbon's memmiestory better be attacking him for his oversimplification of causes or she is not worth talking to and should be burned as a thot tbh

exactly lad but you could chat about how it's an important part of the historiography of imperial rome and banter about it being like the modern west

We need one from *Ohio so that Steiner really goes for him,the anglo/greatest ally pedro hybrid isn't enough.

i read that Ohio-Michigan was supposed to be a heated rivalry i don't know what the fuck im talking about tbh

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we need a southerner hes not a true redneck

real thread here
real thread here
real thread here
real thread here

how did this generation raise retarded boomers lad? they were real men

yeah it was the toledo war between ohio and michigan where we invaded them with a militia and there was a stand off between ohio militia and michigan militia and some ohio lad named two stickney stabbed a michigan sheriff with a pen knife but nobody died

real thread here

real thread here

real thread here

real thread here


tbh it'd be comfy although we're not that much like Rome

fuck off links

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kind of weird when they start touching your hair because its blond though

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we should've sold them oil so they could slay the chinese for us SMDH tbh


lads somebody stole an M113 and is running from the cops


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top fucking kek isnt richmond full of blaykes


doesnt look like it has any firepower on it at least

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rip the tarmac

wonder if its going to the chop shop

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wonder if it is some crackhead

Weebs smh
Japs were scum tbh we shoud'v allied with Russia instead of pagans

Mao was based prove me wrong

its so bizzare we have nothing like it in the uk

you mean you don't have these?

i think they're banned or something

don't let your dreams be menes

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smh japan was our counterweight to russia theywere baste

our nation is 56% now tbh

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They tortured your countrymen lad smh
Great Game was over by the 20th century, we allied with the wrong side

Love Island is degenerate but no more so then upper class have been for centuries I won't tolerate this disgusting classism

I hope the black lass gets ANGLOD.COM

Some lad on here(think it was gloucester because the cotswolds are usually where jap tourists go) said that he saw a blonde boy being descended upon by a group of nips shouting "KAWAII" that's what imperium would look like tbh

All of this obsession with the victorian era from them makes me wonder if they considered themselves to be the eastern version of us just like the chinese thought the Romans were the mirror image of themselves(daqin)

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yeah i don't forgive the japs but we did diplomatically abandon them for the yanks tbh they wanted to be our allies i think

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I think the Japanese were massively influenced by Victorian Britain and it's never really left their society even today.

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japan should restore the emperor and give him more powers tbh

No lad not in WWII they wanted muh greater asian co-prosperity sphere, even if are winnie hadn't sent them a gentleman's declaration of cricket aka war they would've invaded us soon anyway

Weebooism is just cancer tbh otaku die in their rooms and nobody notices for ages because have no life outside of anime and internet and never go outside and eventually a neighbour or some shit finds them dissolved into the carpet and the summation of their existence is a morbid black stain

no weeb but japan is literally the britain of asia, if you think about it

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yeah but that didn't threaten our interests go look up the conclusion of the anglo-japanese alliance mate

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Even if it didn't I would prefer Russia to Japan, weebooism sickens me to the core

They took splendid isolation much further than us tbh

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I like russia too lad dunno who i'd side with russia v japan though tbh dont really care just realpolitik

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realpolitik is immoral in most cases although Crimea was justified in part because of it

Literally same as any other
SA is decent

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here you go spiclad

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Wow that reminds me of this qt little quadroon who was looking at me today. I could tell she was down to fuck but I just played it cool and I could tell it was killing her inside to have a superior aryan man ignore her like that haha sucks to be her she's gonna be so mad when she finds out I asked Melissa to prom. Melissa is totally more my type - smokin hot Nordic babe, perfect for pumping out my little Aryan soldier sons. I just hope she stays healthy because Karen told me she makes herself sick in the girls bathroom between classes but that's probably just Karen making shit up because she totally wants to get with me. Karen is cute tbf but I'm gonna see how things work out with Melissa first.

Is that some sort of pig wow that's cool

ya it's just fantasy, I wouldn't want to risk soiling my prestigious lineage by laying with bean-eating savages for retarded nigger-tier reasons like "muh tits" or "muh booty" or even the admittedly more patrician "muh thighs" or "muh hips"

I should instead take the just and moral action of sowing my oats in the fertile womb of a young, beautiful blonde woman, like in pics related. After all, we all need to do our part for the 14 words by ensuring that the young blonde beauties have many white babies.

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wasn't sure if this was him or not at first,bravo lad

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Remember to WASH your beachmaster

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what's a matter,can't handle me whiteboi?

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mods ban nao

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*sells you to chugs for 50000 acres of land
nothing personnel contraband

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based proto-dafties

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we need to recruit a dixieanon to round out the nightshift, there's some good ole' boys down south


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fug meant to post these too but the embed killed 'em

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yeah and west virginia lad can be our actual anglo easterner not you spic

the original KKK was nb tbh, they had localism down to a science

*sorry meant 2nd kkk

literally national localism

I'm literally the opposite of spic

The second Klan was the purest, most distilled expression of American nationalism, truly a beautiful thing. Look at how aesthetic those pics are, could you imagine how it would have felt to be a part of that? It's a joke today.

yeah but


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does this video work, lads? it seems like every 'based' video on hooktube won't work, either it won't even load or it will but it redirects to jewtube embed. barely ever happens on non-political videos, but if you want to watch a 'based' video then you have to get datamined by jewtube. can't be a coincidence, I've tried many videos and it's a very consistent trend

night lads


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night (((steinberg))), don't let the thots bite

use a VPN but be aware that 95 percent chance you are on a list and after they get the TRS forum people mass doxxed it will create a political precident tbh