Brit/pol/ #2278: Death to the Ahrimanic Masters

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First for Chris "I could fucking heem a panda tbh lads" Packham

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So glad we bought the F-35 tbh lads


Reminder to repent

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Wouldn't sell us anything decent like the F22s. Based "allies"


That's what you think, it will remain as it is as a reminder of your shame.

He's not another one of them is he?

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I really couldn't give a toss either way. Maybe give me some god damn editing privileges and I'll maybe get round to it.

Anyone else see that? Kek, he might be /ourlad/

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I cant remember exactly where but im sure he's said something of the sort before.

that owl attack was brutal tbh

Go get some ginseng lad

That's a good metaphor for all of western defense industry these days.

Pretty sure that was just Bill Oddie tbf, wasn't it?

wew lad, calm down was only avin a giggle.

Sure you're not thinking of Bill Oddie? But you're probably right anyway.

Wasn't it just.

Might have been and I cant find a source so I might be pulling that one out of my arse.

And I was looking for a way to delete the thread for fun.

Lads I cant do any reading what game should I play?

Litterers should be fucking shot.

Isn't that an edict in Tropico?


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Pirates on the megadrive

This is real localism

Endless space 2

That would be fun ngl

no links threads are utterly low effort, low t, and essentially gay tbh

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Reflective of its posters tbh

Not been wanking much lately. I consider this progress.

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I would unironically fight you

careful lad he has a dog

I would unironically stroke his dog

Yeah but he has a load of used heroin needles.


Less gay than threads full of literal trap posting, wouldn't you agree?

If I saw you irl l'd surreptitiously bag up your dogshit, follow you home, and post it through your window

[Seethes internally]
Lad stop

he's a thirteen year old black lab, he shits all the bloody time and I just can't be arsed to hold a bag of dog shit in my hand until i can find a bin.
tbh I walk on this church green and he usually just shits in the bushes next to the church. sorry lads.

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So you're saying you like threads with no links?

I didn't see anyone else lining up to make one.

Bush shitting is white and based

Not Bush poster

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Let him shit by a mosque instead

So long as you're not putting dog shits in plastic bags and hanging them from trees like some utter morons seem to do


Cheers lads, I'll take these under consideration (especially the one about irn bru)

Just for reference SA, what poison should I use in the reservoirs? I think LSD would be most entertaining on camera tbh.

Gear City is bretty gud if you are the autistic sort of petrol head




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Just boomer things

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Sort this shit out lad….spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

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Bit expensive though

If you don't want beef stay out of the kitchen

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*bans all cars*


make a local one then

this but unironically

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What about memielon moosk

Just saying.

If it's in a bush where you can't even reach then that's the only acceptable time tbh.

I'm not sure how you infer that. I like threads with a few links and good OP's, that's why I don't encourage people to rely on others by editing in links for them or making threads. How many times do we coast to the end of a thread and no-one bothers and just thinks SA is going to do it for them? Cruel to be kind.

i found the point where 22st gave his hard earned monies to JF

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Have you got a dog?
Anyway if it's in brambles just leave it. No one's going to stand in it are they. Hope you didn't scratch your shifty hand in the process.

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Sounds like he says it in his latest video


is he fucking drunk

Top kek


joe is such a pleb he can't speak english properly

Tbh, It was kind of in a tiny clearing in the bush, but I ended nicking the bag on the reverse poop scoop. btw What do you mean by window lad?

Fenella was the incarnation of Ahriman

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I telling y'all its stabotage

200 NOK

Just bins homo things

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This was there when I was checking the thread. Someone else must have deleted it

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Good lad

Think he just has visions of stabbing pakis in his head and it comes out

how dare you

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Ah right, yeah that was me the other night. deleting it, not posting it

wtf is that?

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Some mentaler.

quality Zig Forums posting

Seriously lad. Change the fucking tune we've had this one on repeat for 2 odd years.

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David Icke is becoming a bit of a fat boi

T H I C C I C K E Fiddle


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He ate reality

Revealed: How illegal immigrants are now 'paying thousands of pounds to be smuggled into Britain via the Irish border' by flying from Paris to Dublin to evade cross-Channel security

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forever vindicated

When you take into account that we only see a tiny fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum, which we call visible light, then who knows just how thigg he really is.

Wake up.

Alright that made me laugh

does icke ever actually say anything or does he just waffle on forever

Kek, my nickname for him has caught on

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Analogy and allegory
and a lot of DMT