Brit/pol/ #2279: Willy Wakanda Edition

Brexit News for Thursday 7 June
Theresa May and David Davis at odds over ‘backstop’ plan

Donald Glover on the shortlist to play Willy Wonka

Govt. Audit: 95 Per Cent of UK Extremist Deradicalisation Programmes Fail

Two-bed thatched cottage thought to be one of England’s original dwellings for medieval farm workers hits the market for £400,000

'Zombie' swords, deadly machetes and MEAT CLEAVERS are among thousands of knives seized across the capital in the past year

Moped-enabled crimes: London police called to 430 a week in past year

Belgium: EU Must Close Borders, Turn Back Boats or ‘There’ll Be No More European Union’

'Ignore the nonsense!' Lord Sugar urges PM to 'STICK WITH IT' to deliver Brexit to people

Gay or having sex outside of wedlock? The Church of England bishop says repent… or else

More than 300 Cossack horseman will be deployed 'to monitor LGBT kissing' in World Cup host city

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Peter Stringfellow: Nightclub owner dies aged 77


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fucking hell

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F (for fannymagnet)

anti-democracy lads owned, you'll never get her leathery coochie now

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Would you?

even if i were a fedora, no

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fixed bins' OC

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>is into anal sex
I'd be surprised if she doesn't shit the bed everyday

Two Jewish groups back calls for inquiry into Tory Islamophobia allegations

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why would she mention her fucking clothing size rather than height or something

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good lad

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He said Beach smh

No he doesn't really drink alcohol.

R-really? I've been in line for so long

Pretty much spot on keek. Also feel like I should pay the lad a little for making my drives less boring and I usually can't donate because it's airing when I'm sleeping.
Are you projecting, lad?

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tbh if i had some sort of death note vision where you could see someones political views rather than their name i would leave liberals to that fate every time and save the yummy mummies like that one on QT who said we are being diluted

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Alright Bitchmaster?

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Sup g

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Taco Thursday tbh what's up, lad

Keek was actually going to request this

He actually says "beach" though. Also I paid him twice so he says it twice tbh

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idk i've never donated to a streamer but i imagine i would probably have the same feelings so probably tbh JF has a really nice accent so i don't blame you tbh

This gonna be good

Three times actually. One time a long time ago. Yesterday I just initially paid him as a donation and then the second time a question asking if he'd do a stream on parenting.

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double bitch master

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Yeah, both him and Lauren are really comfy to listen to. It's a bit sad for me that every episode isn't 3 hours since 1 hour only covers 1/7th of my route smh

Nowt lad, getting day drunk tbh


standard thursday tbh

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You're my bitch now, lad

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Because she wants to brag about how skinny she is. Even when she has supposedly been attacked she has got to one up other women.

Reminder under new anti terrorism laws even looking at the NA flag ONLINE is an offence.

nooooo stop i was only joking!

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No its not

READ this lads:

is so

made his hair a bit better

it's a good likeness tbf, you should draw more

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Just joking, lad

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How do they define 'terrorist material'?

according to Rudd it could just be "far-right propaganda", im sure Javid will be more liberal though.

The right wingers are the problem.

The Runnymede Trust, one of Britain’s leading race-equality think-tanks openly boasts that it is ‘credited with coining the term Islamophobia… in 1997’.


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I want to buy a proper one that could theoretically kill a man

A jewish group?

Size 0 is petite

What have you done to save Britain today, hmm?

Sargon is a fucking caricature of himself. How can somebody huff their own farts this much?

reported to GCHQ

Considering how much you used to fartpost, I think you can

sometimes you really do wonder if they are really under 1 % of the population

An NA flag isn't terrorist material on its own

it is

Wait, is this saying I'm breaking the law right now?

Why isn't the NA flag a Jolly Roger ayway?

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it'd insult the jolly roger

But of course!
Founded by (((Antony Lester))) and (((Jim Rose))) in 1968
Now fronted by muslims and cheddars

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What are the chances this isn't a jewess?

no u

Pirates didn't piss on autists as far as I know

They peed in the ocean to attract sharks before pushing people off the plank tbh

No, you haven't glorified NA by using it as an identifier

That's pretty based

*pushes you off the plank*

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Now that's what NA pirates would do

also I made it up tbh

you should know that it is a sin to tell a lie

wouldnt need to pee on you lad
the stench of your body odors would be enough to attract a shark


repulse a shark tbh


Forgive me, SA

You'd think the shark would swim in the opposite direction

they make pepper spray by swabbing under 22st's fat rolls

Indian man caught with 6 white slaves:

he'd end up getting caught by a whaling ship and melted down into oil

Pikeys do the same tbh

moby weird dick

the romans had it right
anyone who is so weak and cowardly as to submit to slavery rather than fight their masters to the death, deserves it



will they ever fucking shut up about grenfell

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Will you?

This is outrage porn for the left

REAL slavery i.e. slavery of the spirit is when you are too beholden to temporal existance that you would not lay down your life willingly for a higher spiritual cause. True freedom is freedom from fear of death.

to be fair it was a year ago this week, so it makes sense to bring it up again

but they've not stopped mentioning it

No, wogs died.

1,400 children raped? Massive white slavery? Whites being beaten in the streets of Oldham? Who cares.

We deserve death

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you'd let that paki bully you into slavery
I'd put a knife in his fat belly

true they should have STFU about it until this week

Um no we don't

kyrie eleison

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Sounds good
No you wouldn't


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i guess your standards of living are rather low since it would probably be an upgrade from living in a van

Do people actually play these games

Why wouldnt I?



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Otakus like 22st probably do