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25 mins to QT


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Requesting cyberman

oh worth plugging the aeriel in

Ive totally paid my TV license after all

You'll find more incisive comment on 'The Mrs Merton show'

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I always find these sorts a bit off or cringey, especially the interviewer with the thick London accent.

Anyway, a guy has just got 6 months prison for criticising Jewish private police 3 years ago. Compared to Robinson, this is a real injustice.
*waits for a Day for Freedom event for Jez Turner*

Fuck off lad, she tried bullying Bernard Manning smh

4th pic, not Selwyn Frogget

kek forget images don't post with embedded videos

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why are white ppl such losers?

I'm watching it!

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Yakub made them weak. Only their devil-science keeps them on top. Soon they will be swept away

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nah probably cook it with onions, red bell peppers, tomato sauce and stuff and serve it over pasta


I'm surprised there hasn't been more talk about this on the usual sites tbh. Jez is a bit of a dafty, he should've been more careful.

The real question is:
Why tho ?

Good lad.

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Keep an eye out for me lads, I never got to speak but I did get to glare at Chakrabarti every time she spoke!

I think she was trying to save Richard Wilson from the bullying tbh.

Genuinely feel proud for being the first lad ITT to come up with Willy Wakanda tbh
I dont have anything else…

*smacks lips*

Hayfever is shit tbh

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Lad, at some point in the past there was some immigration therefore there is no britain

He's not the popular spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) that the common man can live vicariously through and identify with, and can't galvanise the frustrated people into a purely civic, pro-Israel, pro-immigration-so-long-as-it-isn't-islam-because-only-islam-is-the-problem playpen, like are timmeh is.

felt like a proper Garry sitting in the pub sniffing because pollen decided to pull a Unit 731 on my sinuses

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Speaking of which, did any1 see the woman that plays his wife on antiques road trip. Basically she gets paid to potter round antique shops for a couple of days and yet she was the most miserable fucking bitch I have ever seen on the box. I'd have stabbed in the eye with an 18th century letter opener tbh, the sour faced privileged cunt.

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Who's on QT, lads?

Tell us something that's going to happen in advance or you're full of shit.


Anti histamines nearly work and the decent one make me drowsy. I feel like just putting a scarf over my mouth and nose but I'd look daft tbh.

A bunch of nobodies, Shami Chakrabarti, and Richard from Richard and Judy.

Dimbleby is going to slap down some fat bitch in the front row when she starts screaming incoherently at the panel towards the end.

The smoothie cuck shouts about how we need a second referendum and all leave voters are idiots who didn't know what they voted for, but based audience members (including myself) boo and shout him down.

Wall to wall shit.

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If you're a pollencuck just get flixonase. Kills it instantly

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He's full of shit, today's one was in Reading, not Jockland

Ta lad, will do.

I'm a bit weird but I prefer to just power through the pain. I dont like chemicals. I treat it as a bit of a weird self-flagellation subjecting myself to the uncomfort of the thing. It's religious in a way.

Isn't QT live?

It's not live, sorry to break it to you

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No. One I was at started filming at half 8. Got home in time to watch it

Nothing is ever actually live anymore, there's almost always 1min delay so they can cut/bleep anything naughty

Not sure whether to believe you tbh.

I believe.

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That still counts to me. Lads above are claiming it's hours earlier, and one lad seems to be implying it's longer still.

how many of these do we get?

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Let's play!


Thanks lad. It was good fun tbh, way more support for Brexit than I would have expected too!

5; NHS, booing and jeering, TORIES TORIES TORIES. jokey comments and once based civic guy I can remember.

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I dont think anywhere online gets as hype about QT as here. /comfy/ tbh

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Twitter is pretty hyped too tbh

As far as I know it's usually filmed about an hour before airing, give or take. Unless they say "we're live from.." then they aren't live.

JUST cut my head off


god bless

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That's like every episode though

Wasn't even going to bother watching QT tonight tbh and forgot about it again, but fuck it, the pain isn't bad tonight and I'm feeling the weak co-codomal much better now with a few beers so why not.

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horses>cars tbh

Lovely pic

Looking back at pictures of my village in 1903 makes me want to kill myself

I think I just remembered my old trip.

Yeah it didn't seem like anything special tbh.


He has a point tbh. It's so plausible but it's plausible because it's predictable. Which may make it more likely to be an porkie.

there's not an episode that goes by they don't mention that,why do we think our system is unique when it is replicated in most of Europe? do they worship their health system in France,Sweden etc it's just really weird to me

It's basically a ritual at this point so that we can all collectively get angry together tbh

tell the doctor that paracetamol doesnt agree with you and you just want straight codeine then you can bosh a couple just to mellow out a bit after a hard day

Wtf is this ginger kike

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Fucking Smoothie kike wanting to hold down children with potential

wew the BBC is worse than ever. I havnt watched it in ages.

Muh Abortion
Muh Women's Rights
Muh Pakis

seriously lads this aint a joke
what the FUCK has happened to our country


This is sounding very appealing, and it's pretty true tbh.

lucky lad, I grew up in one but now I have to make my peace with this chaotic and accelerated dystopia

Scipio, when he looked upon the city as it was utterly perishing and in the last throes of its complete destruction, is said to have shed tears and wept openly for his enemies. After being wrapped in thought for long, and realizing that all cities, nations, and authorities must, like men, meet their doom; that this happened to Ilium, once a prosperous city, to the empires of Assyria, Media, and Persia, the greatest of their time, and to Macedonia itself, the brilliance of which was so recent, either deliberately or the verses escaping him, he said:

A day will come when sacred Troy shall perish,
And Priam and his people shall be slain.

We can't escape the same fate lad, every Empire on this Earth has fallen, but never forget, we can always reach a new synthesis and build a better world in the ashes of the old.

Never do that lad we'll be burning it down soon.

Glad I'm missing it tbh.


Dodgy teethed paki

I thought they always did. Guess I'm not that observant.


I mean him

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I don't know lad, the NHS has become sacred to most of the populace, we must all bow down and worship our relatively poor system.

Evening to you too lad, nice to see nothing has changed here.

For further evidence I was there, Richard Madeley is about to say he's gone through comprehensive and grammar schools and that they are pretty much the same

thank you lad for that beautiful analogy
I dont think any rebuilding is going to happen though. There is only the Antichrist and the Second Coming to look forward to now.

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Why do the poor insist on studying with the rich?

I remember reading the diary of I think either a 12 or 9 year old writing about the French revolution and their reading comprehension was superior to many adults I speak to tbh.

From the late 18th century.

I'd argue most own at least one book but it'll either be Guinness world record book or some footy book.

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Completely destroying the purpose of grammar schools. Do the complete opposite of what this Paki cunt says and you're on the right track. Same is true of all women basically.

I feel like I have been robbed as an Englishman to be born in an era where 1/10 of our generation is ashamed of that label. I would prefer to face the black death and at least experience life in a nation which was sure as stone in its metaphysical purpose, than to experience a soulless materialistic existence in this post-modern Godless hell.

I never was a good liar

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Not enough demands for a second referendum and war with Syria.

Keeeek I forgot about those. Need to be added to the Norf FC memi kek.

Legit tbh

Just heard him