Brit/pol/ #2281: For HnH Edition

definitely not spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine), definitely not a honeypot

Brexit News for Friday 8 June
May and Davis showdown over Irish backstop | Leaked Boris Brexit warning

'We’ll be rule takers!' Andrew Neil DEMANDS to know the point in a Brexit in NAME ONLY

'It's not even soft Brexit - we're not coming out!' Peter Bone LASHES Brexit backstop deal

Britain’s Brexit Boom: UK export sales surge by six percent defying Project Fear

London crimewave: Met Police chief included 7/7 victims to say murder rate was FALLING

Trump lashes out at Macron and 'indignant' host Trudeau ahead of tense G7 meeting

Grenfell tower fire: Three more charged with fraud

Black albino model accused of white privilege

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The best part is that they think the niggers they love will accept that.


I want to beat him up tbh.

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You punch him and I'll kick him

Unfunny "comedian", slum landlord, infamous nonce and """""""""""Scot""""""""""""

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People who can't use or understanf indicators shouldn't be allowed to drive
They aren't to tell me you are turning, they're to say you're about to turn, you utter inbred fucks
And how can people brake for a turn before indicating

GRENFELL PROBE £1million Grenfell fraud investigation underway after 15 people claimed they lived in ONE flat

.FRAUD investigators have been called in after a 15-person family who received up to £1million in public aid and three new homes claimed they all lived in Grenfell Tower

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Driving standards in Britain were pretty good up until the 90s - bar Indians etc - and went totally to hell when Blair opened the floodgates. Met many foreigners coming down the road on the wrong side and around roundabouts the wrong way


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Mainly women tbh lad, and old people
Not bothered if they're coming the wrong way, at least you can tell what they're trying to do
anyone that gets flummoxed by a car should be banned forever

*rejects extremism in all its forms*

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How about extreme Frisbee

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Pretty scary when they're coming the wrong way round a blind roundabout at night lad tbh. Happened to me three times already
Driving standards should be so that it's almost impossible to get a licence and they should only be issued to people over the age of 21

22st has banned the burka

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Ah I see yeah lel
Nah 17 is fine, crashing cheap cars is British youth culture
Maybe enforce P plates and restricted usage until they've been driving a year or something
Should make the test longer and more rigorous
And foreigners shouldn't have a right to drive here automatically on foreign licences

My cousin had a neighbour who was a panel beater who smashed a road rage pakis new audi in - ball peening the roof. It can't ever be fixed properly and writes the car off

anyone a member? is it worth it?

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Good way to get banged up

They've got insurance
You get nicked
Shit deal tbh

Some people shouldn't be allowed to control their finances.

Lad I didn't imply anything of the sort.

My mistake :^)


Smart lass

she knows what she is, it's amazing these fucks don't notice it

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Pregnant Romannian mother who was living in Brent, with one kid living with father in Italy and another kid living in Romania with her mother, stabbed to death by another Romania
Commuters forced to walk through airport metal detector at London railway station as knife crime epidemic grips capital
They're using fucking mopeds for fucks sake, not public transport
Wogs stabbing sheeeeeeeeeeeeit
Wogs poke another kid to death

What planet do you live on. Hahahaha. You sound like a law abiding citizen. Have you got a loicence for that law abiding behaviour guvnor?

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Nothing that ever comes out of her semen encrusted mouth will ever make me stop and think for a single nano-second. She is mouthing the tenth rate approximation of an original thought.


OK lad

t. 22st

not a single thing she's said is original, she's just recycling already-said-a-thousand-times material but with "i have boobs :)"

super trad

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tbh lads.

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don't forget his sacrifice lads

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This needs shooping really badly tbh with all kinds of filth
$10 a month gets you a monthly pic of my saggy tits
$25 a month gets you access to my stash of homemade racemixing porn featuring me and all my black boyfriends
$100 a month and I will live stream my racemixing antics


"if I post a quote then it excuses my e-whoring :)"

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Khartoum must not fall

We should name an aircraft carrier that tbh

burn it all

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HMS Lauren Southern?

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It's gone now lad, it won't be able to corrupt any young minds again

doing God's work lad

Nietzsche-posturing is the worst affliction of the modern right tbh. I'd genuinely rather we all become Evola or Guenon autists than ever touch Nietzsche, too open to abuse and misconstrual.

Especially from a woman who already looks like a bag of month-old custard at 22.

No we dont use coal burning ships anymore

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top kek

lauren isnt a coal burner. shut up

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hullo finnlad

As if it matters.

didn't she say she was jewish?

To clarify, her status as a coalburner would just be a different point on the thot continuum.

No she denies it, but has said in the past on
Twitter that her real surname is "Simonsen", which has Jewish origins

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Since we're running through the cycle of all things Lauren Southern, let's just get the whole "her sister is the superior thot" done and out the way.

the only impressive bit is that she's the older sister yet looks much younger tbqh
Lauren being younger than me still blows my mind


IIRC she claims to have meant just that her grandparents were ordinary Danes who fled

ok then

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Dunno about that lad her arse and midriff are pretty tasty, just a shame about her ayylmao face.

Good lad.

I love these lads but apparently being one of them is kind of shit, you're stationed in London where everything is super expensive and have to do all this extra work rather than just being a normal soldier.

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My great-grandfather shovelled coal on navy ships, he survived to two sinkings, a very broken man.

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I was thinking about joining the cav but I'm too much of a unit to fit inside any of the vehicles.

But you could spook chinky tourists with your BIG horse.

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Bird at work I get on with and have mad crush on turns out to have a husband, he seems awkward but think she wants me to be his friend, fml.

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My Great Uncle was on Ark Royal and also had to pick bits of his mates up at one point.

Since they're stationed so near Parliament I often hoped that one of them would ride down a muzzie terrorist like at London bridge and cut him down with their sabre tbh.

disregard female, acquire bro

I don't think they are still barracked there anymore iirc

Fair enough, their museum is there and a few of them are stationed outside and guard it I think though.

What could possibly go wrong?

Sweden Democrats surge as ruling Social Democrats fall. They are now the top polling party ahead of Sept. elections
Populism continues to grow across Europe

Top kek

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Bros before hoes

A couple of months ago I was dead set on the Household regiments but then my enthusiasm waned completely when I met some ex-squaddies. I also don't fancy dying for Syria's gay community or being sent to Latvia to protect potato farms.

Westminster/HoP falls under the fuzz's jurisdiction,


did you miss the

Yeah ex-sqaddies were the same with me 'why would you waste your time doing all that bollocks lol'

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the white nationalist financial domination industry

umm i think you mean bigotry and intolerance

Right this Labour Anti Semitism thing that For Britain mentions, for one its that petty "meh this party is rubbish we are great bickering" which I want a new party to be above tbh, and also


wtf did they say? is it that bad they cant even print it? I highly doubt it.


I had to grass up my neighbours for using an accusation of shooting cats to threaten me in my own home as a gun owner instead of going to the police.

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Always a couple mounted at horse guards' but the likelihood is that if something big happened in the vicinity they's be called inside and wouldn't do a fucking thing.

They'd have been against you as well lad.

Not what Mercia is saying lad, he's saying it'd be awkward being mates with a lad when you quite frankly want to turn his wife into a human preztel and drop your baby goo in her vagoo

"Hitler supported Zionism"
Is the main one

Ken Livingstone said that Hitler was a zionist.