Brit/pol/ #2282: Bowden Edition

"""Brexit News for Friday 8 June'''
May and Davis showdown over Irish backstop | Leaked Boris Brexit warning

'We’ll be rule takers!' Andrew Neil DEMANDS to know the point in a Brexit in NAME ONLY

'It's not even soft Brexit - we're not coming out!' Peter Bone LASHES Brexit backstop deal

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Bad lad

fuck me lad

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Global reported jk good bad lad

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So it is

The gangs all here

memmies 'will be banned' under new EU copyright law, warn campaigners

harry & paul is the best bit of british telly for a good while I reckon

I'll edit it because you really are fucking useless

wogs out

Ffs it was an ironic thread
Was nobody making a proper one?

who do you think you are?? the BO or something? more like body odour you skanky cunt


Nuh uh

and what the fuck do you want you little liar. as if you live anywhere near caithness. dorshit

I really liked House of Fools tbh. Enjoy Inside No 9 as well.

You can fuck off too ya mug

i am a good poster

''plus proof that /newbrit/ being separated was beneficial'

Ta lad

sorry lad still in shock from the death of are hitler

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Good lad.

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He isn't ded lad, he's on the moon

*in Antarctica


*in the portal beneath the ice that goes to the moon
Been looking at normie fb profiles via this. Observing a lass's behaviour for about a year whilst chatting to her. constantly likes shit like this. Not sure whether I should bother chatting to her anymore.

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Link her to something you think better represents what you reckon her sentiment is


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now you're thinking with portals

?? she sounds based

tfw 5'6"
I'm 19 and the lady in Dorringtons thought I was 16 smh

Take the stepper pill

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The Christianity stuff is just coz she can't take the fact that she fucked up at something and now wants to pretend it's just god's timing. Even when she doesn't have a problem, she's posting this depressive garbage.

Is Oscar Isaac a Martin Scorsese rape baby?

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Good book I hate that I share your taste.

Anybody else read this issue of NG?

One of the worst things I've ever laid eyes on tbh.

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hmmm you should ask her to recite the gospel to prove her faith


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Do they share any dna?

Why lad smh

Na I left Sam to his JUSTing.

hope you lad are having a fantastic evening

You too, fella


*recites the Gospel of St Mark in one breath*

you too my brother, God bless

I thought he was jailed.

he was. that vid was before

The one on the left still looks like a 56%er. It's the nose and mouth.

I hope that $100 was worth it.

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it provided enjoyment for thousands tbh


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Amazing Liver Herbal Formula (and for many other things!)

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Master bait


Why does he look dirty and unwashed in that thumbnail?

Constant cuts ruin that for me.

watch your mouth lad

Isn't that how all vegans look

He's a crusty bastard. Probably smells worse than 22

You ain't wrong

lads has wews made a new fat bastard roleplay ASMR?


OOOAHHo D'ya HAV Annay Kayboards tha ken plae sund affacts ov a flae thad sunds laek a wee fart?

HG Wells
When the sleeper awakes

Damn flies



Another great ad.

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Disgusting tbh


Unexpected dune, nice
Alastair Reynolds went mad with this plot device
Hes a SciFi savage, give him a go

based gaslighting


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*pats your head*

dam he looks skinnier than me

Son, you'd better listen

flumpity booplecrumps

bumblety woppityclops

haha yeah, life comes at you pretty thick and fast sometimes. But like my uncle Steve says, you just gotta roll with the punches and stick to your guns.

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I remember being a boomer teen

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Wait this is more relevant

Am I allowed to post music videos as its night shift

The late 90s and early 00s was a strange place.

sure nothing is going to stop you

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