Brit/pol/ #2283 Shadow of 22 st Edition

Links pasted because I am lazy.

"""Brexit News for Friday 8 June'''

May and Davis showdown over Irish backstop | Leaked Boris Brexit warning

'We’ll be rule takers!' Andrew Neil DEMANDS to know the point in a Brexit in NAME ONLY

'It's not even soft Brexit - we're not coming out!' Peter Bone LASHES Brexit backstop deal

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Admittedly thread making goes to shit without SA but I don't see anyone lining up to replace them.


Are you the spic or the lunatic?

put a bit of lynx AFRICA on before work boys, off now

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fuck the tories

and FUCK white people

Isn't like 1am where you are?

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no its noon

Sorry i got the am and pm mixed up.

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Drinking coffee past 3pm lads

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I drink coffee before I go to bed. I'm hardcore so it doesn't effect me.


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Imagine actually believing that he somehow goes against the narrative

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Sikh Coldstream Guard becomes the FIRST soldier to wear a turban at Trooping the Colour

Luckily Sikhs are bros though lads.

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just because you can fall asleep doesnt mean it doesnt affect you tbh

I know someone like this. I kind of feel sorry for him.


But I thought conservatism was the new counter-culture. #HighToryGang

It can never be an exception, it has to be "change"

Can't wait for the colander wearing pastafarian next year.

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Take some creep shots for us lad

Open it and say "SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKING WHORES" and have a shit right in front of them.

I thought it was sad, you know, that they had that pop concert to commemorate Diana. I mean, she didn't have much to do with pop music, did she? They should've done something that celebrated what was really great about her life: By staging a gangbang in a minefield.

Now give a big warm welcome to akala ok thankyou

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Commercial counter culture tbh, exists purely to make money and for people to feel "different", like Sargons Liberalist movement.


Feminism just makes any woman so fucking disgusting

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When is Jesus coming back, lads?

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flumpity booplescroops

I think Sargon is actually losing it now.

This Fry posting is getting progressively more lazy

I think he lost it a while ago tbh


wee willy winkles up my botty wots

yeah kind of wish we could just kill all women and have only mummies around

E-celebs live at the centre of their own private hugbox. They have thousands of people telling them they are right about everything every single day. It's no wonder they become progressively more delusional as time goes on

soyboys couldn't handle a long walk

What's happening lads?

Been waiting for it forever tbh keek. If he presents no evidence of JF's involvement in any conspiracy he'll look like a fucking retard

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Geordies are basically jocks tbf

He did lad

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and we rejected him


literally the worst 2nd coming



will you be watching the world cup with the lads?

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Is Batten a manlet or is Geert just really tall?

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got a link? a lot of lads here have been waiting for this all year

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First confrence is on the 12th only game I care about is Cyberpunk anyway

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Which one is the real one? Which one is the Spy?

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embed tbh

tbh. Do you wanna take a bet? Which do you think will come out first: Cyberpunk 2077 or Bannerlord?

do you lads feel optimistic about the future


Both will come out on the same day in 2019.

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I actually forgot about that tbh, it sounds good though.

Wonder how excited Joe is for DMC5 tbh

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Totally forgot they were even making this, shows how much I care.

Only because the apocalypse is coming.

Universal Century 2019? You can't mean Anno Domini.

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mi bot bot hurts

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Sorry I mean the 2019th century, it will be released by the last group of people left on earth, the Poles, since they can't get into space funni memi le xddd*


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Is she our less?

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my life is a mess

Tell us about it, lad

Know the poles I wouldn't run it past them to purposefully wait until they are the last people on earth for them to release Cyperpunk tbh.

Tbh, its the only thing makes me happy (except target shooting).

give me the quick rundown, lads

It's not too late to sort out those lamp posts lad don't let the townies get away with it

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Will there be a Dwarf Fortress conference?




google tells me nothing about the game tbh, how can you like something there is barely any gameplay footage of smh. just looks like an FPS to me

It's going to be like The Witcher but Cyberpunk.

thank god. I almost fell for the warehouse memi

They announced they would be working on it and released a CGI teaser trailer. Then about three months later they announced they would be working on the Witcher 3 and wouldn't start working on Cyberpunk until it was done.


There's a prerendered cinematic of a gynoid from four centuries ago, are you excited yet goy?

oh it's not even out yet smh

Luckily no. Dopamine's fucked which is a good thing in this case. My brother wastes so much money on games

On the road masterrace

enjoying seeing dafties route police

how can i fix my dopamine receptors