Brit/pol/ #2284: D A F T Y U P R I S I N G edition

Protesters protesting against Muslim rape gangs and Tommy Robinson's arrest clash with police in London, ending with the arrest of 5 lads.

May and Davis showdown over Irish backstop | Leaked Boris Brexit warning

'We’ll be rule takers!' Andrew Neil DEMANDS to know the point in a Brexit in NAME ONLY

'It's not even soft Brexit - we're not coming out!' Peter Bone LASHES Brexit backstop deal

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Good lad

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Great job on the thread big guy. Glad to see not everyone round here is a sad sack with no motivation. When I interned at Dell last summer it taught me a lot about setting goals for myself.

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how long until wat tyler 2.0 lads?

Are you buying your first house with LTV below 60%? I thought not.

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tbh if the lads were serious about fucking with the police they should've brought a bunch of airsoft thunderflash's


3.9 magnitude earthquake rocks eastern England as houses shake and tremors felt 60 miles from epicentre

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Did the papers cover (((FreeTommy))) demo?

literally heard nothing about the whole thing until I checked 4pol.

Nigel Farage's bankroller met Russian envoy three times then hooked him up with Trump's

Explosive new claims of Russian meddling in the Brexit referendum emerged last night as it was revealed that the millionaire who bankrolled the Leave campaign had a series of secret meetings with Vladimir Putin's UK envoy. Arron Banks (pictured with Trump and Farage) had three meetings with Russian ambassador Alexander Yakovenko, fresh evidence shows, despite previously claiming to have had only a 'boozy lunch' with him. Leaked emails written by Banks and his Leave.EU right-hand-man Andy Wigmore - both close friends of ex-Ukip leader Nigel Farage - allegedly show they were in close contact with Russian officials throughout the referendum campaign and afterwards.


DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Low-carb diets DO work and here's the reason why

I have recently returned from a trip to Taiwan where everyone seemed obsessed by the Keto Diet, favoured by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, writes DR MICHAEL MOSLEY.

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Put your feet up and sweep away the grind of everyday chores for good with the ultimate time saving, grease busting, hassle free housework tips and tricks

Click through today in pictures
Danny left in tears over Dani's Love Island hell

Bikini-clad Bella shows off unshaven armpits Thorne
Danny left in tears over Dani's Love Island hell Dyer
Amanda, 47, sizzles in skimpy yellow bikini Holden
All you need to know about the new Islanders Love Island
Bikini-clad Bella shows off unshaven armpits Thorne
Danny left in tears over Dani's Love Island hell Dyer

Tory rebel MPs rally around Theresa May over fears defeat in crucial Brexit votes could cause leadership crisis and 'let in Boris Johnson'

In an unusual show of unity across the party's Brexit divide, Amber Rudd, the pro-Remain former home secretary, and Eurosceptic Iain Duncan Smith issued a joint call to 'every Conservative'.

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First ever Bond girl Eunice Gayson who flirted with 007 in Dr No and From Russia With Love dies aged 90

Eunice Gayning passed away on Friday, it was announced on her official Twitter account. The actress helped coin Bond's most famous catchphrase 'The name's Bond, James Bond'.

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Ex-wife of French serial killer tells judges she and her husband picked up British student Joanna Parrish before he killed her and dumped her naked body in river

Monique Oliver, 70, said her ex-husband Michel Fourniret,76, raped and killed 20-year-old British student Joanna Parrish in 1990 before dumping her naked body in a river in Burgandy, France.


The VERY beautiful game: From the pick of the pecs to the WAGs to watch, why the World Cup will set pulses racing (even if you hate football)
World Cup WAGs and players who will set pulses racing

Ignore the threats of boycotts, claims of corruption, fears of hooliganism and Vladimir Putin strutting like a peacock. And take your eyes off the beautiful game for a minute too because football is only the half of it. Whether it's WAGs, hunks, handy phrases or diamond-encrusted bottles of vodka, here's our essential guide to what's really important over the next four weeks…


'Bride of Belsen' Holocaust survivor who comforted Anne Frank at concentration camp before she was executed dies aged 95

Holocaust survivor Gena Turgel, 95, who became known as the 'Bride of Belsen' after marrying a British soldier who liberated the camp, has died aged 95.

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Theresa May sparks fresh immigration row after ruling out major changes days after Sajid Javid promised more 'compassionate system'

Theresa May said the public wanted to know 'that we are dealing with people who come to the country illegally' after Mr Javid promised a 'fairer, more compassionate immigration system'.

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Sadistic killer who was born a man but sent to a female prison for murder because he identified as a woman only to be moved for sleeping with inmate is set for £20,000 sex-change operation paid for by YOU
Everyone here is a based NEET, so we're definitely not paying for it.

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Very long post

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a mistake, how do I delete it?

You can't anymore after wop anons autism

Doubt it

We were posting about it in the thread lad.

But Anne Frank died from typhus

Anne Frank lived well into 1960s and used a ballpen.

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Yes, after I linked the 4pol thread.

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#FakeNews! Guns are banned in the UK.

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We underestimated the press:

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she has nice chebs but maude is a better edwardian thot, but neither are as good as

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oh I thought you meant in the actual papers, I know it's on their website lad, I linked it in the OP.

Do you wish this animal existed?

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how long until wat tyler 2.0 lads?

I really hope this escalates but I know not to get my hopes up

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More like Civil War 4.0, but with more crazy factions.

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From what I've heard people are pretty unhappy that lads got arrested, granted it's grape vine stuff.


stay away from our Brythonic mummies

I just have to save mummy carol from the pakis lad, gentleman's honor


Did you find more Jewish flags at the demo?

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More Polish flags than Isreali ones tbh

literally who?


Zionists from the (((Rebel Media)))

wew lads based NA is not good at fighting


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we know lad it was posted 2 weeks ago when it happened.


I don't like it either but they only do it to piss off the muslims.

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Phwoar tbh

fuking right wing tory daily mail marginalising hate crimes against muslims again

May there be many more that suffer this wrath

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Somebody post this on facebook.

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t. summerfag

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I think that's Steiner's fetish tbh

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What is this a boomer facebook general?

wtf lol

This Tommy Robinson stuff is stinking of zionist psyop tbh. The jews are trying to get to the deanos and the stans.

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>Did the papers cover (((FreeTommy))) demo?

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Let him go

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how can zogbots even compete?

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She's pretty lad. Good Edwardianfu

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nice waifu lad

is that at beslan?

poured myself a shot of rum at the end tbh

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orangutans are so loving

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*shares treat with you*

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they're white

First patent was filed in 1888 but it was shit
Later paternt applied for in 1928 by (((Lazslo Biro))) who ran away from Hungary. His "invention" was first marketed in 1944 and went in to production in 1945
There might have been others on the market earlier but it still would have been a rarity during 1944 if there were any in Europe. The patent was bought by Britain as we needed writing instruments for use at high altitude for the RAFászló_Bíró

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Poor lass

He's stuck there lad. He's never getting out. Ecuador should helivac him.

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Russian PMC in Syria (I think) put up a statue of themselves, one report is saying it was moved to Donbass but google translate is shit so they might've just fought in Donbass.

iirc the book is edited (by her dad) at a later date, it even says this at the start.

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holy fucking kek who made this wtf 😂😂😂😂

imagining showing this to an old rhodie veteran… no idea

I know. Was just giving a little history of the pen tbh

this white lad moved in to my village when I was 12 from Africa somewhere. His Dad used to just sit in a chair in the living room and watch tv. He had a thick moustache and wouldn't even acknowledge us as existing when we were playing around him.

Looking back the guy was obviously life hardened. I'd love to ask him about what he lived through now.


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God bless the daily heil

in a few moments, he begins to scream

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based Bashar tells it like it is

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Was looking for photos from ocupy as photojournalist usually wore helmets since forever. Found this which might have kek potential.

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We're going to become a nation of autistic downies ruled by inbred sandniggers

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22st BTFO

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Redbridge: Asian or Asian British: Total 47%

lmao these fags are scared

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