Brit/pol/ #2285: KJV Edition

Brexit News for Sunday 10 June
Amber Rudd and Iain Duncan Smith urge fellow Tory MPs to unite behind the PM over Withdrawal Bill amendments

Millionaire Arron Banks faces storm over his ties to Moscow

Anger as Tory proclaims black people are 'more likely to be murderers'

Ex-British army chief falls from horse after trooping the colour

Kim Jong-un arrives in Singapore two days before historic summit

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spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

There's is a MSM blackout on Trudeau's eyebrow lads, what the FUCK is going on?

Wish I had a russian gf tbh lads.

I meant to do rp asterisks not spoilers smh

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand cuckoldry. The fetish is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical polyamory most of the kinks will go over a typical cuckold's head. And yes by the way, I DO have a BBC tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the bull' eyes only- And even they have to demonstrate that they're bigger than 5cm of my own (preferably more) beforehand.

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He holds all the "correct" opinions so why would they humiliate him?


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Lads I've not been really paying attention this weekend, what the fuck is this rioting in London.

grow your muscles at the jim

le PR liberalism man

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Not good enough

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Support our based black men

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needs a kipper edit

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literally who

No idea. Just a based black youtuber, one of those cuckservatives love

The cucks at the DailyWire concluded that Trudeaus fake eyebrow was a conspiracy, and after browsing through reddit they said it was down to 'bad lighting'.


They are attempting to gaslight the populace… top wew

Fake eyebrow? I thought you lads were just making some point about him having relatively thin eyebrows (which lots of people do).

cheeky second Sunday Joe


tfw realising Kony was actually the good guy

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Such is life in a relationship

"the virgin chimp" v.s. "the chad great ape"

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Is 4 ft 6 inches acceptable in a woman?

I'd want a wife to be at least 5'4 so I don't have manlet sons

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based internet psyop

virgin warlord

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watching some of the march videos just makes me laff, theyre all walking goalposters in real life. it's such a fucking shame our lumpenproletariet gets suckered by these zionist shills like yaxley-lennon. if only they could get past the civicc safety valve erected by their controlled opp handlers

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Imagine unironically following and funding this guy.

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smh which one of you was it?

Could do with some greens, sauce, and bit of presentation.
looks good still tbh

theres nothing you can say that wont make me enjoy seeing young white men fight the police


I don't have greens atm tbh, wasn't planning to cook it because it was won down the pub.

my venus flytrap isn't catching flies on its own so i'm having to catch them myself and place them in the traps. not sure if this is moral

Generation Identity embrace boomer nationalism.

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wait what lad?

I did that with mine as a kid, they're not used to our comparitively fly-free climate



you can feed it little pieces of raw ground beef so it doesn't go hungry

the lass is qt. beards should be banned though

burger flipper tensing for the cameras


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smh never had one of those, we just got meat from the local butcher, normally it was drink being raffled at ours

Is he referring to his latest Medieval 2 TW game? This guy constantly LARPs with le countryball 'identity' which is about as superficial and thin as the passport he attaches credence to. His definition of 'Britishness' / 'Englishness' is abiding by a nebulous liberal ideology which can be universally adhered to. Why do the whole countryball LARPing when being part of a nation to you is an exchangeable piece of paper and language?

wish iccould have a bbq like that

If your local doesn't have a meat raffles every Friday or Sunday, it ain't a real local.

Keek. He's referring to the people/nation. He does say he loves being English and wouldn't want to be anything else.

someone should ask him why and see if he can give a straight answer

Went for a nice walk in the sun this weekend.

What did you lads do with the glorious sunshine?

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He's larping. Being 'English' means nothing to him. He doesn't define the English as an ethnic group/nation (same thing). He defines it as typical civicc crap about holding 'values'. He believes a Nigerian can be as English as an indigenous Englishman. If you've ever heard him whine about mass immigration, it's always the Blairite Eastern European type. Never the beginning of mass immigration in the 50s onward - because he considers them 'English'. Fuck this fat cunt

you could join gi


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yeah, fuck him

the values, mayte

How many people can they get marching on Number 10? Imagine if Those Who Shall Not Be Named Who Are BASED weren't political prisoners. Imagine a DAFTY Maidan with the BASED lads being the vanguard riding and coopting the civicc wave. Kino, won't happen though. All of this TOMMEH TOMMEH business is a sideshow to release pent up energy.

only if it's my cock

Take off half the mash, slap some greens on there and make up some onion and kidney gravy for it and then you will be decent tier tbh

my usual tick is green peas in with the mash

Marches achieve nothing. A twitter argument has more political impact than 10,000 protesters.

we have cabbage raffles down at the local vegan eaterie, breddy good tbh


This tbh, I should have added peas to the pork and Colman's mustard mash. Also refined the presentation.

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New Google Ad:
Let's memi Boyega into the next James Bond XD


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Now you're talking!

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Loads of butter, a glug of milk and decent heaped tea spoon of good English mustard is all you need to a make a great mash.

Jesus Christ

do you think we'll ever see a funny film from America again in our lifetime?

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Speaking of preachy games earlier, anyone remember this? Decided to replay it as I remember the music being decent but couldn't remember why the game was so forgettable.
It's also got one of those preachy plots that doesn't make sense.

Why can't these fucks make a good setting and a good plot that actually works in the setting rather than forcing this preachy wank.

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6ft Russian wife would be lovely. Then your sons would have that Russian gene that prevents them from fearing anything.

It's French.

Isn't that what blacks have?

why the fuck do NA dafties get 10 years over stickers that have their symbol on them but fucking Hezbollah and Hamas flags are being waved openly in the streets of london?

some advise for you, lads

Seems to be the common denominator at the moment
All have interesting settings that they break with stupid plots.

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oh it wa already posted

night lads


One part of the preachy wank it really stupid.
>the "evil baddie" wants to make amends by having them turned into slaves to do menial labour and to work as security
Yeah the state of them is shit, the baddies even recognise that and work to try and fix it, whereas the good guys are happy to just let them live in the sewers and attack people.

It's fucking stupid.

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Vampyr is pretty shit 'n all tbh. Only good thing about that game is you can turn all the pakis, half-pakis, communists and Romanians into xp.

Oh I got mixed up between the don't Remember Me dev and the Life is Strange dev


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there you go lad you can get an early night now

My least favourite storylines are the ones involving zombies and gangs of people (mostly white men) who have inexplicably all become complete psychopaths, more or less the moment whatever 'incident' is involved occurred.

theyre the same