Brit/pol/ #2286: Personal Responsibility Edition

Brexit News for Sunday 10 June
Amber Rudd and Iain Duncan Smith urge fellow Tory MPs to unite behind the PM over Withdrawal Bill amendments

Millionaire Arron Banks faces storm over his ties to Moscow

Anger as Tory proclaims black people are 'more likely to be murderers'

Ex-British army chief falls from horse after trooping the colour

Kim Jong-un arrives in Singapore two days before historic summit

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Zig Forumsidea

In about 2-3 years many of us will be in a position to make a first step on a property ladder. Why don't we identify an area which is close to 100% White and buy our houses there. Of course it has to be a town with a supply of houses and not a small hamlet. It will give us a chance to be involved in LOCAL politics and meet at the pub, gym, and a church.

What do you think?

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sounds absolutely awful

Cyberpunk ships tbh

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Imagine spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) investigating every house purchase in a small but prosperous town somewhere in Northumberland.

it would make a cracking sitcom and/or horror film

no, NA was stupid


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Is is Charls really an inflation posting lunatic that stalks this board?

We could pool together our resources and buy a single big house instead. We could live together as one: eat together out of a single trough (perhaps feed each other via regurgitation), bathe together and help each other to clean hard to reach places, sleep in the same bed (not in a gay way) etc.

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Who is this lass lad? An E3 coverage thot?


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well it won't focus on those things with people like him around who want every game to be A 56 % simulator

was on the gamespot stream, the lad with the red id in the last bread was lewdposting about her

wait what I just have them all the same colour

lad click options in the top right, turn on color ids, and change the theme on every board to "dark"


Pretty sure ID colours are different for everyone, so I won't have seen the same colour for the same ID as you had seen

dunno why he's whinging tbh when cyberpunk settings are always globalist 56er dystopias, should be his dream.

Turn colour ID's on lad.

Helmer is Pewdiepie.

Blew my mind tbh

akshulee the colours will all be the same, the IDs are a hex code.

wew cheers lad, can't believe I haven't done this before. Should be able to have fun with custom css

yeah, probably, what color is my id for you? it's orange for me, yours is pukey green

I've got the same

I've got the same too tbh

Which specific part of the world is this lass from?

Might actually be the same tbh, yours is a dirty orange and mine is a green

baste SA



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What colour is my ID?

Gotland has a nice flag tbh.

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Rainbow pride

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Yankland. I seriously need to squeeze her tits right now tbh.

google the hex code lad


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lad how many months of nofap are you on where that lass looks good?

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Fire crews are currently tackling a large blaze on the Chase Farm hospital estate in North London
Currently there are appliances from:Enfield, Edmonton, Southgate, Chingford and Barnet on the scene.
London Fire Brigade have confirmed that they are dealing with a fire at the North London hospital. They were called to Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield at 22.11pm this evening. LFB say its affecting two floors and 5 per-cent of the ground floor is alight

It looks serious tbh.

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She does look good, lad. Don't pretend otherwise.

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I feel my jawline receding with every breath.

Sure! This is a great idea. Make sure to post the houses you're looking at ITT.

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you could swap the staff and news of the fire around
I wouldn't spot the difference

have you tried taking butterbur? I think it helps with my allergy (idk to what, maybe my cat)

This is what colour they are for me.

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I would fuck her tbh.

Post absolute /choons/


Different to me.

Wait no, it's the same as mine. You just didn't include me.

whilst saying to yourself "please don't get the clap please don't get the clap please don't get the clap"

I can wrap up.

We all would, lad. The lad you were responding to was mocking the lad he quoted.

Fuck you, colours.

It's not worth it for a rust clone.

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I don't even like fallout and I don't think anelder scrolls game is going to be announced, but I always stay up late, and I like when there's some shitty normie thing for us all to watch and shtipost about tbh.

No, I'll try that. It can't fix years of mouthbreathing though, my jawline feels strange and I can't rest my tongue anywhere comfortably.

forgot bethesda has its own conference now
what a waste of time

They'd never do this shite in my town, York is gay filled with trannies chinks and students smdh.

Women were a mistake tbh, they encourage all this faggotry, they think it's great. The amount of women that love shit like drag acts

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always some skins down the back of the sofa lad

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keek good lad


The only thing that could possibly be said in their defense is that, if the powers that be were moral and masculine, then women would probably bleat support for traditional lifestyles and pour scorn upon those who act like scum. The first step towards creating a civilisation is controlling and directing female behaviour tbh. The older I get, the more I realise that every woman (even the baste ones who like videogames, like the chans, """hate""" immigration and """"can think rationally'""") is a total fucking spastic automaton, without a genuine personality.

I've already scavenged them all lad.

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enjoy the clink

You really don't have any anywhere in your house? Check your coat/bag pockets.

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That's a shame lad. I'm just about to go to the supermarket to get everything I need for a comfy evening

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The police will reply passive aggressively and say he's been reported for breaching EU human rights act 20464, while endless anime avatars flood them with insults until the social media operator is bullycided.

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wew lad where's that?



The absolute fucking sta…..

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Bloody Frenchmen!

oh yeah timezones
still everywhere's shut at 9 here on Sundays

This save has been going so long smh

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that scrawny pozzed cunt looks like he could barely lift a bag of flour

Surely you have a 24 hour garage near you somewhere?

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