Brit/pol/ #2289: Todd the Godd Edition

Brexit News for Monday 11 June
Theresa May in appeal for Tory unity on Brexit

Outrage as Prince George plays like a child

Abrupt Brexit meeting between Davis and Barnier lasts just ONE HOUR as EU chief walks out

Explore how the non-UK born and non-British population has changed in the past 10 years using this interactive map

9 Things Alt-Right Men Need to Know

White South African farmers trained by Israeli special forces to fight off violent attacks

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yes you're right, but that's like saying fantasy rips off LotR

What are those Jew lads playing at? They co-op'd with SA nukes but why help the farmers?

You absolute madman.
It's the easiest way to go about making these points, just make an equivalent and watch them be hypocritical.

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white slaves/more goys willing to obey israel

After the farms are taken, EFF will go after commercial businesses, many of which are run by…

Jews were over-represented in anti-apartheid movements, but those ones can freely move to Israel and Israel profits off the stranded whites. Devilish tbh.

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cognitive dissonance is the modern day bubonic plague

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Poor 'arry sacrificed on the alter of current year.

Its straight from Camp Of The Saints tbh

its on levels equitable to a biblical plague
theres studies coming out in the psych area thats pretty much admitting on average at least half the population of every nation is mental/personality disorder
another way of looking at delusional behavior could be just saying half the population or more lacks any real sense of being self-aware

I miss the old Harry

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have you ask her to explain that?

I'm genuinely impressed


>anonette says to me like oh my god he's a full grown man and he watches cartoons isn't that kinda sad?

tfw also watch anime but keep it inside my room so i can larp as a normal person irl

kek I was sweating bullets internally, never getting found out irl ever

captcha related, aN1m£Z

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u wot fam?

He deserves everything he got tbh

tbh if you get caught being a weeb the best thing to do is brazen it out, seeming ashamed just makes it worse

morning lad

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this tbh. autists that reveal their power level are just as bad as normalfags tbh

Did you bully him?

They aren't just targeting whites tbh, they are going after the Zulu and other minority blacks.

unironically this
if you shut down or get embarrassed you'll just make it worse
mind you if you're watching anime at work it better be on your phone, using earphones in a toilet cubicle otherwise you deserve everything you get



also does he work in IT by any chance?


I mean, sure i watch anime too but i never, ever take that shit offline. I've put a lot of effort into being seen as socially approachable and normal at work.

So yeah if you do watch it in the outside world that's just asking for it.

Not personally, no. I just go along with it when the others start taking the piss but all I do is agree and laugh with the rest I don't actively want to be a dick tbh

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it was on his laptop fullscreen no headphones because he thought there was no one around, the moron.

nah, retail scum, all of us

If anyone cares for some retail hi jinks stories i've got a couple

Thank god I hide my powerlevel.

>that fucking spaghetti of 's
Jesus I'll stay well away

go on lad

haha what a faggot
what anime?

tl;dr "why bother getting a freelancer when you can just pay a fiver on this website and kill off any chance for anyone actually developing in any field"

tbh I had a peek at my fields and I charge twice what they do, bare minimumthank fuck I'm worth it

yeah but at least you get sri lankans saying "kill all jews" for those memi views

Is that hourly or for the entire job like fiverr is

I'm enjoying this new Italian political Renaissance.

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depends on what I'm doing, though often it's in terms of no. of pages

tbh they provide a valuable service

quick run down? I thought they didn't get in?

He formed a coalition with 5 star for now and is now the new internal minister of Italy.

Chad tbh
Smh didn't fug her though, snogged though

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He's also just turned some NGO ship full of Africans away from an Italian port.

which anime lad?

rick n morty

Beta as fuck lad, a snog is the modern equivalent Estella letting Pip kiss her cheek

what animes lad?

This one was me.

rate my assholery out of 10 lads

Ghost in the Shell, NGE and Akira I think

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That's an even sadder indictment of modernity.


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jej lad good bants, some of my mates work at M&S and they do similar stuff

standard lad

I know of it but haven't seen it since it's magical girl crap fate kaleid, he was fullscreening it

At the moment I've been enjoying Megalo box I haven't been bothering with anything else. I did start watching Black clover but haven't bothered with it much recently.

Like it isn't a fucking biological reaction hard wired into the very base of a bloke.

Deserves to be bullied tbh, should have been watching Chad NGE

Fresh Abbie

top kek

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wew lads who heard about this?

Darling in the franxx was good until it shit the bed with ayylmaos plot twist. any recommendations?

kek i agree, nge was great tbh. what's the worst anime you've seen?


ah shit
surprised noone reported him for being a pedo for that one tbh

the best bit? i didn't get caught or pulled for any if it kek

Not really I trawled through the last three seasons of anime and frankly there's an overwhelming amount of moe shit and almost nothing that looked appealing.

U wot m8.

damn. mine was ousama game the animation my god that was shit. OP had great music at least.

lol is it really paedo bait then?

Baste soft authoritarian powers.

I'd say hooktube it but hooktube has been down for the last hour or so

jej nice lad

Biology is a social construct.

Kazoku Robinson hyouryuuki fushigi na shima no flone

Monster Musume, Panty and Stocking, and Shokugeki

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By worst here I mean weird tbh

Oh yeah the fan service in that is out and out paedo bait.

Cowboy Bebop

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from my perspective it has its far share of loli lewdness interspliced among its scenes but the reasoning behind it is always a mix of loli fanservice and comedic effect
has more than its far share of underage loli lesbian making out/lewd touching however

Ayy, you watched Shokugeki lad?

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Yeah moe just doesn't appeal to me tbh

I guess my main tastes are pretty entry tier too

etc etc

Stop your social abuse of oxygen for even joking about that faggot.


>"oh my god he's a full grown man and he watches cartoons isn't that kinda sad?"
normies watch family guy

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I watched the first season and then started reading the mango tbh

I have never liked moe but I enjoyed the Made in Abyss manga

Smh I knew a qt that watched it, things were never meant to be though

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lol what is this, how old are they supposed to be in this anyways? at least blondie doesn't like it i guess

you sick bastard
>cute lolis conducting impromptu field amputations of an arm while suffering a form of ebola

Hyouka was the worst piece of shit I've ever seen and I regret watching the entire series because I though it would get better.

The final insult was that they threw a curve ball by the protag and the obvious love interest actually not getting together in the end and the series just ending abruptly.

A friend showed me it tbh, watched it together for some hours while having a few drinks
Normies watch football together with a few drinks, some lads watch anime together with a few drinks kek

Idk 12 im guessing
it gets worse/better depending on your persuasions in the following season

But family guy isshit

american dad all de wae

ok lad just don't get caught putting together a bunch of muscle flexing and crotch shots in windows movie maker alright?