Brit/pol/ #2288: Butchers Apron Edition

Brexit News for Monday 11 June

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You know we jumped a couple editions?

yeah I just realised I blame SA

Helmer can edit it.


yeah so?

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Who the hell is Natalie Rowe? Any chance this is true?

wibbly bumly flibbles

Good edition.

*mumbles to myself as I sweep up the shit for free*

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redpill me on dmt

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DMT redpills YOU

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It's like WOAH. It'll make you wish you lived in an ancap utopia, just taking dmt all day. It's chill.

no it isn't

London Madam. sorted coke and whores for George Osbourne in his city days and is said to be very well connected.

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I really like this Joe


So it's nothing then.

what about this one

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I hope he starts making more dafty content like this, and cashes in on the Nationalist Entertainment Complex instead of just moaning about it


Ukrainian Neo Nazi organisation put on a childrens fete and its adorable.


That wouldn't be the Joe I respect.

This is actually one of my favourite webms to date tbh

Kek the way he sniffed in before looking at him

He should do both tbh

how do we solve the problem of racism within british nationalism?

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he respects joe…

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get all racists cute desi gfs



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He stood in his ward did you?

he lost

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I want the Yanks and Druids out tbh.

I respect Joe more than some faggot posting gay wojaks on an imageboard at 11:30 at night tbh



And what are you doing then?


Can't. Need to watch the soyny conference in the hope that they show ffvii.

Respecting Joe

Protecting Joey

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Why are they going after Oakeshott now? Is this anything to do with that Guardian bint who called in to Nige's show earlier?

the whole point is to win

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Yeah and you don't do that by not trying at all.

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Oakenshott "broke" the story of Russian collusion with Brexit campaigners

What do you think? Will opening of a designer style think Bicester Village shopping venue lead to increase or decrease of house prices in the immediate area (1/2 mile radius)?

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She did an interview with Marr and that Guardian bint.

a waitrose and a pret would probably add more value


What is?

Saw that in the last thread. So is that why they're going after her now? Because she's connected to that? Haven't checked twatter in a bit.

it's bins, you know what he's like

I know about the power of Waitrose. I am not sure. Plans only mention posh brands not present on a typical high street.

The Joe one in the op just skimmed through the last thread and saw you made it, great work lad, makes my little nuts quake tbh

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>Not laying siege to the gaming industry by creating a monopoly of anime dating sims, eventually funnelling the money into pachinko, sweeties and doll grabbers and slot machines then using your vast wealth to buy out other studios out to make them do your bidding

Is that E3 shit still going on?

Fair enough, I respect valour even if I disagree with your cause

Yeah. Ubisoft just soyed the bed and and sony are on at 2 I think.

It's the PC show.

your face every day

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it goes on for three days lad, although I think the press conferences are over after tonight


You sad 22st isn't here to suck your dick?

Tomorrow is the last day I think

Sonic is shit

other way around

why does your mind think like this? what a self own

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CISwire I'm glad I never bought one of their games.


Ah right, good lad. Cheers tempted to put it on my jewtube but I know Joe wouldn't appreciate it, smh

Once again you've bmtfo.

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Everyone calm down. Especially you bins

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Did you just watch the shark game?

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That's something knewish.


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The HNH spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) are out in force tonight smh

I see where Aussies get it from now.

lol link pls

Shark game? I'll never play it.

I'll pirate it probably.

Don't think it's to do with her. I don't think she got through either, she was stopped at the message board, or claims she was anyway. I dont' remember hearing a guardian reader on the show


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Yes finally.

finally what?

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A look at Jurassic world I will be pirating this.

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Fuck was that it?

Gay post.

yep, that's all you're getting

Thank fuck I'm not buying that game.


yeah totally

personally i don't buy any of them