Brit/pol/ #2288: Purest Kino Edition

Brexit News for Tuesday 12 June
May urges rebel MPs to back her as EU Withdrawal Bill returns to Commons today

Man pleads guilty over plot to murder MP Rosie Cooper

Bomb disposal squad rush to major shopping centre after suspicious package sparks mass evacuation

Italian minister declares victory as Spain accepts rescue boat

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I really fucking hope it flops, it's taking out the one and only reason it has been successful to sell it to the soy market.

Kek. Can we also neutralise the 19 year old boomers that keep popping up in threads?

Couldn't make it up

Dad just work unpaid internships in London during your degree and you'll have enough experience for an entry level job for sure

The sheer density of strong women narratives at e3 was suffocating tbh. All nintendo have to do to win is be less AIDSy. That's it. It's fucking nauseating. Do they honestly believe normie women are going to be interested in this shit - or are they catering exclusively to the tiny bulldyke-who-loves-to-complain-about-everything market?

I work hard for a living.

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i know right? fanservice is the entire point of dead or alive.

Will we see an end to PCmarxist indoctrination within our lifetimes? I'd want to.


what did he mean by this?

The kikes would rather destroy everything in their wake and drown us in this mundane crap than admit they are kikes

It's the entire fucking point of the game, removing it is fucking ridiculous.

people who are young who defend boomers and the boomer lifestyle I think

Tbf there's an absolute killing to be made for the person/people who provide a non-yid alternative to games, social media, comedy etc. It's an untapped market that I think would explode once catered to.

why else was Cyberpunk trending so well

Yes. Inshallah

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Tbf it isn't the entire point but it is it's unique selling point over other fighter games, though I still find the fighting system in DoA games is much better than some other fighter games. Just flows really well

Basically. Baste generation z'ers who think there's hope and that all we need to do is act alpha and somehow everything will unpoz itself. The sorts who actually believe in the 'yunn peepall r morr nartsee than eva' memmies.

place your bets on which wanker it will be

The kikes really do need their monopolies. They can't actually compete on a non-psycho basis. They have to control everything because more or less every alternative is better.

Nintendo never really change, which is turning out to be quite a good thing. At least Donkey Kong will always just be Donkey Kong.

How fucked would we be?

A couple of companies use opposition to PC culture as a marketing gimmick now and then, I recall Playasia and Direct2Drive have done it. Vavra and the guys behind Hatred and Postal come to mind too. Not sure if any of these are making an absolute killing though, to do that requires having advertising on your side.

Me tbh.
I tick all the boxes tbh.

thank you sherlock :^)

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No, please, anything but life under the Philosopher King.

Looks interesting, but witcher 3 is massively overrated tbh. Bland gameplay and mostly shit characters. There was only one story that interested me (the one about the baron and his dead son).

but do you have a toothbrush moustache?

fight me for the position of future fuhrer :^)

"Generation Zyklon" are starting to piss me off. They're having an edgy teen phase, and they'll probably be burnt out by 25, like everyone else.

top kek, imagine how screwed we would be?

I forgot to say, I also have magic druid powers.

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You lads need to go to prison for naughty politics before you can fulfil the prophecy.

mate just give up :^)

Ah, so you're a virgin.

**just kidding that was pretty harsh i'm sorry lad*

Can you imagine anything less British than an ex-con becoming almighty ruler? I'll give it a shot though. We DO live in strange times.

New reaction images tbh

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Y-yeah…I just tore my hymen whilst cycling…

it's rather odd how roman hand gestures are still rather recognisable in modern society tbh

top tier reply fam kek

Will 22st appoint westie as Home Secretary?

Wait a sec
Is he the One?

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Just another leftover from an outdated imperialist culture that needs to be removed tbh.
also wrong thread number you dickhead


well Rome is one of the founding elements for all Western civilization
Latin was our lingua franca for 2000 years before we won the Empire competition

Still taking them. That won't go down well with the electorate

You're forgetting that this was before the kikes pulled all the political strings, nowadays it would be completely impossible.

Just look at Nige, civic as they'd want him to be on the outside, but because he's against one of their plans they shit themselves.

Lol I was thinking the other day that it seems like the jews are hedging their bets, and memi-ing Robinson into a kosher hitler.

no no no
Tommy cannot be the One


Should I join the DvP and help out with their stall in my local city?

you drunk

Go and buy your own rum cunt, you'd just complain about what I'd get and then drink it all anyway.


a-am I the one?

if only you were a grill :^)

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Prove it lad.

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What was Hitler's birthdate?

sounds like a droog

he'll grow up eventually

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my req

that's it tbh

How was I ban evading if I posted from the same ID as the one I was banned on before I got banned?

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smh lads I was thinking of Joe. Or was I mistaken in thinking he went to the nick for daftyism?

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420 dude weed

how is that gay :^)

apparently I'm asking too much

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he probably did but unlike tommy noone pays attention to joe

20th april m8

so is mine


is this the beast that lad was talking about earlier perhaps?


20th April **three days before /AreGeorge/s day

oh shit, triple trips for triple reqs, the prophecy is real lad

Never heard this term before, better not be a yankicism

I'm not sure that's even possible from one woman, unless she doesn't mind raising children collectively as part of your harem.

It's like you don't like a challenge :^)

Except they actually tried the same thing with Hitler

right they say we've had 2 votes on Brexit when "we" voted in the Tories but in fact its been 3 when people voted for Cameron as well instead of UKIP for the same fucking reason.

That's what your mum said

dude your standards are so high phwoar

Fucking hell. The beast of Bodmin Moor?

wahey deano madman

inb4 it's a hairy paki

DOTR cannot come soon enough

m8 i'm so british i shit the queen

idk being a bit more Skully about it than Mulder, could it be a bull?

it's a memi tbf but just having a decent woman would be more than enough in CY+3

kek m8

fuck off normieforeigner, the correct noise is "WHEEEEEYYY" and only when someone breaks a glass/plate

I suppose the other dog could be a lot smaller than it seems.

On the woodland path,
Where the Dogman feasts,
He shall nary permit,
Any Man tamed beast.

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24H or 12H clock lads.

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oh, you do talk a lot of waffle kek

24hr master race

“I almost fell out of my chair when I saw how big that thing was”
YouTube viewer

The Daily Star is quality journalism.

That's what she said

hmm a lass these days can be fertile as young as 10. Breastfeeding suppresses fertility for about another year or so, so let's round the cycle up to 2 years. If she gets pregnant immediately after that then 25 children will take 50 years to pump out assuming no multiples. That requires your lass to be fertile still at 60 years of age. Without breastfeeding she'll be fertile again within a couple of months of birth so the cycle can take only one year, then she'll only need to be fertile into her 30s which is fine. I guess you'll just have to force your lass not to breastfeed, or to do it for only a couple of months.

24 so I don't have to worry about what the fuck 12am and 12pm mean.

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it's been on YouTube for 3 years wtf is this journalism

I use 24hrs myself but AM PM isn't hard lad

starting to get genuinely scared of the doggoman tbh

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I'm not typing it out again tbh