Brit/pol/ #2289: Cornwell Edition

Brexit News for Tuesday 12 June
May urges rebel MPs to back her as EU Withdrawal Bill returns to Commons today

Man pleads guilty over plot to murder MP Rosie Cooper

Bomb disposal squad rush to major shopping centre after suspicious package sparks mass evacuation

Italian minister declares victory as Spain accepts rescue boat

London's first nail bar for men has opened at a pub in Peckham

Ian Dale condems death threats against MP' Anna Soubry admits MP's created the society we live in which culminated in one MP having six armed undercover cops as protection the other night in epic 3 minute monologue'''

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Good lad

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That's not westie please tell me that's not really westie.

Good lad.

Pretty sure in the pictures of Westie he isn't wearing anything pink and frilly. Must be another faggot.

My worry is he might have more than one maid outfit.

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Considering how much he says he works and earns do you think he'd be able to afford it?

That really depends on what you prioritise on a budget.

im a wealth man, lad

aaaaah lads

But why maid outfits?

Wealth is property and things you own, are you saying it is you?


lad it's a serious issue

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Sound investment lad I just pirate mine online.

they increase in value, im an investor, made a few grand off it tbh

Not for me it isn't, what exactly is the issue again?

smh it's just the no gf feels biting again, I'll hold fast

How does wearing them and then taking photos increase the value?

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he sells the pics



That makes perfect sense.


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What do you think about the kim summit lads? I hope North and South korea are reunified with the Kim family retaining some of their wealth but the people of nork getting access to foreign technology

I'm just enjoying it since it lets brumpf shitpost irl

I don't see this fantasy playing out with your room mates girl friend somehow.

dabbing is quintessentially BASED

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don't put words into my mouth lad. Also it's my (female) roommates friend

Sounds like the E3 conference.






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t. chuck

t. city slicker


t.spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

Me on the left.

I wish GCHQ paid me to wind you lot up and get you to say compromising things, I just do it for free.

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daily reminder to stop watching porn

somehow I have a feeling this is going to be a bad thread

It's my glorious return, lad.

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what Carry On film is this?
Nips vs "German" team (half of their team is non-white) on Splatoon

Autistic yid journo harassed by cops at Bilderberg

So nips vs a half german team?


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There's something immensely relaxing abut watching this especially drunk.


Nips won?

ban alcohol when


After we finish poisoning SA with it.

lad Zig Forums is a devoted taskforce which regularly disposes of vast quantities of alcohol :^)



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I think you guys need to stop complaining,pull your socks up and just get out there and do something with yourselves. Have you not been listening to that Genesis album i bought you?

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yeah implicit doggos, I will find more slow mo doggos for you lad

can't wait

is this the ultimate deano drink?

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Already bored of summer. Can't wait for it to be dark and cold again

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Wish me luck, smh was met to go last year but the MP didn't get re-elected.

Sad you lost your job dad? hop in, I'll take you for a spin around the block

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Rivers of

don't they have a long recess then?

No corona is

No, the ultimate deano drink is Desperados

I'm going before the recess but on a Monday when bugger all happens in Parliament.


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Bread and circuses tbh.

Dark Fruit is Soy101



slo mo

slow mo shakes

You just need to be confident and baste and the lasses around you will put down the ketamine and become baste.

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God looks like Deano

holy fuck I hate this time period so much

Why is Gen Z only six years?

because its easier to take a smaller sampling size to brow beat mulleniials with, who knew 12 year olds were more persistent than me?


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That's exactly what I was thinking. Presumably they're just cutting it off on this chart so they only include the baste late teenagers and 20 year olds (who all have detached houses with paid off mortgages and twins growing in their baste tradwife's belly).

sauce on the tune lad?

is this the ultimate slag drink?

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sorry lad idk