Brit/pol/ #2290: Imperial Edition

SNP MPs walk out of PMQs in 'Brexit power grab' protest
SNP MPs have walked out en masse from Prime Minister's Questions after their Westminster leader was thrown out of the chamber in a row with the Speaker.

WATCH: UKIP Slams ‘Violence and Intimidation’ as Far-Left Mob Shuts Down By-Election Hustings
A husting for the Lewisham East by-election was shut down by abusive “anti-fascists” who shouted “UKIP scum” at the party’s candidate and disrupted his speech.

Why millennials should stop spending all their money on city breaks and stay in the UK

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I hope Korea re-unifies, will probably happen with the North opening up and the Kim Dynasty retaining some of it's influence or political power somehow perhaps.


If only, what we've got is a parliament that's grabbed power away from the electorate.

Democracy was really a mistake it feels like.


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Of course the electorate never had any power to begin with but it would be nice if they wouldn't waggle it in front of our faces to mock us.

mummy said if i iam a good boy and do my chores i can have some sweeties and watch emmerdale with her later

go back to 2015

How long has she been there.

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Get back in the time machine 2015 22st.

just gave my venus flytrap a big spider

fuck sake lads I'm so angry i could vomit

>of course its a fucking fat disgusting woman

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its the new free tibet sticker

I wish this sideshow would end already, and it's not healthy the amount of people who seem to live vicariously through the antics tommy tommy tommy tommy robinson.

Can we have a normal nationalist protest about the fucking state our government is in please?

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You might not like it
but this is the face of British nationalism

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a spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

More like Israeli tbh

Rice Krispies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

No, it's always got to be misdirected, subverted or otherwise channeled into dead end roads that achieve nothing. Just.

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Game over, burgers

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Interesting, antifa never seem to hear this.

I love him, lads

Fresh el goblino

Smh take a shower

finally got work clothes today and I tried them out without showering keek(Fucking horrible lad)

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What is this from

Ask bush I got it from him.

Pink Floyd - The Wall

Pink Floyd, the wall. I can´t believe kids these days haven´t heard of good music

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ham and egg on toast for dinner #2

Sorry granddad.

I honestly don't like Pink Floyd

get a load of this pleb. probably not able to appreciate the beatles either

Without Syd they're the poor man's Hawkwind tbh

Had it lunch.

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love it when the yolk stains the white

you a keto lad?

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Keek. Did this and sent to my parents when they were on holiday to prove I can make my own food tbh

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You like your pork chops don't you lad?

oof id let her yolk stain my whites if you catch my drift(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

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Go back to /newbrit/ smh

I won a pack of four in a raffle.


22 "Big dong" Stone

It wasn't a condemnation lad

keek dasrite


Daily Russian post-Punk posting tbh

reminds me a little of Have a Nice Life

Age gap revealed in religious observance around the world

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top band, even liked the music video Яндекс did for them




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Not so fast

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been trying to find this flim online for a while

Fresh Biz


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jej i've not seen this lad before

Classic whataboutism. Seriously, dude - like what the fuck?

Watch them all lad.

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As if he actually cares about the history of London or the United Kingdom beyond using it to declare his people a victim of British oppression.

When I make eggs they just come out all sloppy in a big mess as i fail to turn them over and the yolk drizzles over everything but they're delicious

Interview went well lads

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she probably respects you for your top tier political leanings

See! All that's needed is some spunk and some elbow grease.

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good lad

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Great, lad. What kind of job?

what a legend

top fucking kek

I don't get it



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good thing I have a lot of spunk thanks to nofap

Sales colleague

thanks for the support lads couldnt have done it without the lads here

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just buy the dip lad


ta lad


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fucking clown cunt

fuck this bitch

This planet is a joke, I've had enough.


That's incredibly tame, tbf.

Calm down, lad

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Top kek

this is actually the saving grace of today, kind of hilarious because it totally fucks the liberal gaytheist enlightenment memis of him in the ass.

Gee it's almost like all Jews hate white people, even before the "holocaust."


Interesting how he refers to 'white people', is he counting himself there? Bloody schrodingers jews.



"Today's masculinity" is stifling. You're expected to have it, while it's also being told not to from all angles.