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Boomer teen is the worst forced memi this month tbh

First for boomer nige

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get out of my head.

Keep your chin up gloucester,i'm sure one day you'll become a net benefit just like all the other slavs if you put some elbow grease into it

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Reminder that memi convergence also works with random number generators.

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What did I miss in 4 months?

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Read that like a yank tbh


Nice argument faggot

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Fuck all rampart fuck all.

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this tbh

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*fishes for more (yous)*

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Just got to keep making eye contact and keep going whenever life gets hard. Just like my mate Shane always said. He doesn't answer his phone anymore since he got back from afghan.

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Exactly bins homo's "argument". Thanks.


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Honestly the most beautiful thing is when you take a look at something like this and realise it would make no sense at all and never be able to be decrypted by someone who didn't know.

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Nowt good. I'd go now if I were you.

The more esoteric the better.

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Good night chaps!


It's a great mene, invented by Steiner to show optimistic youngfags what they sound like to older lads on the board.


Are you actually this thick or are you just meming?

That's not my argument you fucking brainlet saddos.

My argument is that Helmer reserves criticism for Robinson that can equally well be directed at Farage. If he is going to level that criticism at Robinson then he has to accept it at Farage too and stop supporting him. But he won't bevause he's a moronic pleb that looks up to that scouse ex-convict thicko bnp clown Joe Owens

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Pretty sure it's from /int/ tbh, I've seen it outside of Zig Forums

I've been making the same point the whole time, you just haven't understood it you dumb fuck

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I saw the grug with a can of monster "x year old boomer" version of the mene on /int/ but never the first car photo version. Steiner probably just brought it here. Very few people here cross post on other boards I think.

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This is almost as entertaining as when Westie btfo'd that civic poster

Reminder bins dreams of sucking the smegma from 22st's stinky Norwegian micropenis

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Answer questions in good faith for once in your life you ridiculous homo instead of ad-homoing and deflecting. Do you actually believe anything? This is about the Tommy situation and nothing else.


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shut up bins. fucking sick of it

the civic poster had to start making creationist level talking points to keep going, it was very entertaining, Westie is an Honourary Straight tbh


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sad I missed this, was it that smug cunt that's been here for a while?


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I don't think you have the authority to decide these things yourself lad

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aaaaaaaaaaaaand i'm gone again.

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But this, unironically. Just fucking do it lad, you're never going to collect them all, as much as I wish you luck and wish you could do it. Don't care if it's over-hyped and not all that tbh.

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Comfy tune tbh


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Make me

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Rest in peace, Zig Forums

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baste liberal anti-Islam shills

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This is just sad now.

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The only problem with rival ethnic groups who will forever see us as competition to be beaten down, used and exploited, is that they don't speak in an RP accent, and can't name all thirteen Doctors.

you post Farage every fucking day, that's a fucking crush if I ever saw it

I can't ever remember posting Robinson on the other hand

Projecting much lad?

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*pisses on you*

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*stops your bennies*
I'll fucking find you lad. Jockland isn't that big.

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we just want them to integrate into a thatcherite free market economy!

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mods please ban

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You have a crush on Richard Hammond mate I don't think you're in any position to be saying this shit

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Like trying to find a needle in a needle stack lad.

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Ahhhh lads

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*marries you to one of Markle's blacker cousins*

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Didn't mean to spoiler that tbh

never change bins.

We're talking about Tommy lad, who you shill for. Why aren't you addressing any points of criticism of him? I've addressed points of criticism towards Nige plenty, why don't you do the same for your lad?

*strolls into your romano-briton settlement*
ᚩᛁ ᚩᛁ

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If only it were that much it wouldn't be so bad. This is fucking pathetic.

He is probably literally paid by MI5 lad, or HnH

Islamophobia is a dead end road and always has been

I've said it before and I'll say it again. There are spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) in this very thread, watching you, controlling you. Joe Owens is always right.

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*strolls into your parliament*

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entire argument is why the fuck does Helmer suck Farage's dick and slam Robinson, when everything he criticises Robinson of applies to Farage

It's not logically consistent

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LIES BY spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

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Helmer seriously, just ban Tommy shills if they won't listen after a while. These people are literal spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) and dafties and will only do immeasurable harm to the board.

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Because whatever your defence against Farage for supporting Israel, gay rights, Jews etc. also apply to Tommy, you div

why are you this thick?

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People say the same about linkposter tbh, pretty sure they are just mentally ill.



The heroin situation isn't that bad up there is it?

This is spot on when it comes to buying cars.

Farage wasn't a spy

Maybe. Bins said he went to a public school though and he has always pushed a very dodgy pro-Tommy pro-AMW line that seems fairly out of place here. I'm honestly ready to believe he's a legit spy at this point. Everything he shills for is in the interest of the state.

I'd say let LSC to do it but I'd probably have to pay him to do me the favour.

And yet they call us perfidious.

Well, guess it's back to plan A, Loch Ness, deep fat fryer etc.

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You know this, how?


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I just don't know why we need Robinson to be 1488.

Fug, hooligan

Fucking hell.

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fighting police wont get us anywhere tbh
we need to all take our money out of the bank
the banking system is larger in scope than just our puppet government

Tommy may have ties to Mossad but he's in no way connected to GCHQ or MI6. Please stop with the libel and clarify that he's mossad spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) ONLY.