Brit/pol/ #2292: Are Tim Edition

Wetherspoons BANS FOREIGN BOOZE to sell more British brands before Brexit

Brexit News for Thursday 14 June
Government sees off all Lords Brexit amendments | 90 Labour MPs rebel over single market

Arron Banks orders EU's Verhofstadt to retract claim of Russian collusion

PETER HITCHENS: Like a rattlesnake, the EU can bite us long after it gets the chop

The mutant ideology that’s driving MPs to impose abortion on Northern Ireland

Man with huge machete attacks stranger in the middle of the street

Royal Mail bans England flags

Home Secretary Sajid Javid Relaxes Immigration Rules for First Time Since 2010, Visa Cap to Rise by Thousands

Austria’s Kurz wants ‘axis of willing’ against illegal migration

Philippines plans to give free guns to ‘clean’ community leaders willing to fight drugs & crime

Swedish Police Discover Cache of Automatic Weapons, Uniforms Linked to Far-Left Extremists

Don't have sex with men from 'different race' during World Cup, warns Russian politician

Gay Couple Left With Brain Injuries Following St Petersburg Attack Ahead of World Cup Kick Off

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Hail to the Tim-man

No, they are just focused on the rape gangs, who are already being dealt with and have already been splashed across the front of every newspaper. Tommy has been on every talk show, in all the newspapers, yet once he breaks the law on contempt of court, it's suddenly "oh help I'm being silenced"

Stop being a retard, you are playing his game here

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Tbh I'd have more respect for Tommy if he started pointing out just how compromised the Police were and how they've been passively supporting all forms of child prostitution not just rape gangs.

He's in jail for talking about Islam though, and everyone knows it. Contempt of court is an excuse.


Lel are you drunk or just stupid

How are we supposed to rectify the antithesis of our nations.

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why would a state asset do that

He's a controversial figure for speaking about Islam. They were waiting for an excuse and they got it.

Yeah bullshit lad he hasn't said fuck all that isn't 'kosher', get to fuck

But he won't because he's state

No, he broke the fucking law. Contempt of court is perfectly valid.

You're just strawmanning now, arguing like a true jew

pissed already lads

They were watching him closely, waiting for him to break any law.


No, God no.
Liberalism is pure cancer, under Islam your soul is safe at least if you can be a dhimmi. If you think otherwise you're just a another materialist who is part of the problem and not the solution. If we want our country back, we need to act like a people who deserve it. That's not happening as long as Liberalism exists.

Along with the rest of the Norf
Economics trumps everything else

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Fuck those arseholes, drink until you whitey lad

Lel no

He was already on a suspended sentence, that's why. Do people not realise that Tommy ALMOST LET THESE GANGS WALK FREE because of his nonsense?

We're not getting our country back if it's an Islamic state either.

Dhimmitude is no different to a mafia protection racket.

smh I'm home already lad, they were only there for 2 hours free pizza as well

Fucking hell lad 2 hours to drink till you ded and you failed

Yeah, but that's what might happen if we don't rid ourselves of liberalism. God is taking our country away from us because we have turned against him.

Still better for your soul

How does that work?

smh I wanted to be conscious to enjoy the match
plus if I passed out in the middle of their presentation, or actually asked them what I was thinking it would seem bad form "That little apr? what are you playing at?"

He gave the defence a possible reason to call for a mistrial. Do people here not understand how the law works?

You make a good case for sobriety
Or the whip is coming out

No. Sounds silly. They should probably change that.

No its too complicated
But sociobiology is fine

I don't care what you think, it's how the law works

They should probably change it.

Its like you want to be different from Africans

lel lad, accurate

It makes perfect sense actually



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Africans are based, we need more Ngubus over here to make us better at football

Because in certain cases the judges can be unfairly prejudiced and compromise a person's right to a fair trial, which everyone, even rapists, are entitled to.

Football visas

Now that's something I'd get the petrol can out about

*deploys based black lad*

Because someone filmed the outside of a building?


Probably silly.

Our based black lads do not concern you, lad.

Its how the law works lad
You're entitled to believe anybody should be able to influence a trial if you please

smh is it capitalised usually lad?

Jesus didnt capitalise anything

lads are you going to the people's vote march?

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I'll have a think about it.

this tommy shite distracts from the brexit betrayal and sajid javid's migration moves tbh


me on the left then

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True. It's a dog and pony show. Most people don't even care about these rape gangs anyway. All those demos and marches are just an excuse for a bunch of ex-hoolies to have a row.


They're not and I've explained why. Your opinion doesn't mean shit.

Don't slander the fighting-man

Good thing you ain't a lawmaker

they don't care because it's lumpen proletariat white ppl

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they can be guided towards our shared goals for the benefit of us and them

One can stay a Christian if you are devout or is forced to convert to an austere religion that will stop one committing so many sins, even if it is false


I agree with this. We can use them like pawns.

What about the people pretending to adopt a faith?

if it was middle class white girls it would have been stamped out pronto

implies we're using them. and sure we would be but we can help each other

You would still be forced to stay relatively moral compared to this pozhole

Javid relaxes borders for NHS staff
But these shitholers' qualifications should be questioned
Next time you talk to people about immigrants and the NHS, bring up the story of the gynaecologist who pulled a baby's head off, especially to wamen.

I don't think they would be considering what has gone on in both Islam and Christianity among their less devout components.



don't be naive

Yeah but this is assuming an Islamic state, where the law would require morality even if it's not practised by its upper class. Not unlike old Christian Europe tbf


I think you're trading one damaged morality for another. And the upper classes doing whatever the fuck they want is one of the reasons we're in this mess.

Nah objective morality can be shared among religions

Which doesn't work when they disagree on what is god given as moral.

Nah only scriptural extremists would argue against an interchangeable God for moralitys sake

What do you think your average Sunni cleric is?

Average for where?

what's your stance on slavery?

Average for anywhere funded by Saudi Arabia.

Slavery should be banned
Indentured servitude shouldn't

Nice way to skew your own sample :^)

Hardly when Saudi funds almost anywhere with a Sunni presence.

what a strange site

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Doesn't follow lmao :^)

I'm not even going to bother.

What website is this?

The entire religion of Islam is a metaphysically objectivist one where you surrender to God's love and Muslims routinely see as evil what other races and peoples have done to them what they do to others.

Because of this I'm not sure they have a real objective morality outside their own faith.

How can I strawman if you didn't have an argument in the first place?

Anyone have the druid post?


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sorry butchered this sentence lol

Do you have to say no homo after a Nazi salute

Twin salutes. He's serious.