Brit/pol/ #2293: Big Brained Edition

Emergency. Will sort it out later tbh

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Wew Grayling really isn't very clever at all

STEM is a memi tbh

Reeeeeeeeeee, I was going to post my thread earlier but I refreshed (to check if there was a thread) then was since beaten by Helmer, smh

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Is this the thread we're using?

This guy needs a smack, absolute bollocks. This fucking faux big brained bullshit about lab scientists lmao

Yes Helmer was quicker by 31 seconds

Yup. Was actually a bit taken aback how pleb tier he is when I first actually listened to him after seeing the memmies and lefty praise first.

Portillo looks like he wants to knock him out, then he burned his bridges with Liz.

He's really a loathsome cunt, unbelievably worse than I thought he would be based on his twitter.

What struck me was him calling the decision to leave the worst decision Britain has ever made.

So it wasn't willingly sacrificing a million of our youth in the first half of the 20th century just to lose the Empire and our way of life anyway?

What a monumental brainlet. I want to suplex him.

*speaks well spoken to create the illusion I am clever*

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It happens lad.

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He's getting absolutely rekt.


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Liz who?

>ywn hug Liz Kendall

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Good lad


I've literally never been to Scotland and I never plan on going tbh lads
Should I bother before they proclaim themselves an independent cuck republic, or is it not worth it?

Tbf that's not exactly a popular opinion (the one you've expressed). And he is a pop intellectual. Leftism is for brainlets tbh.

He's not actually particularly eloquent or erudite tbh. Just intersperses bollocks with a few normie-friendly words of status display.

I've also never been there. Nor Ireland.

Munter Liz

the landscape is unparalleled by anywhere else in the UK. Go for that

Come up for a wee holiday lad. Bring all your money

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It's got some good countryside and landscapes, would probably be worth a visit if you want to see the mountains but i'd stay away from the cities.

No idea. Liz Truss? That's a name I've heard.

The English don't get holidays, lad.


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Can't really judge personally since I've only ever been up to Glasgow to do a bit of work. Ugly modernist buildings, grim, Poles, unfriendly. But like I say that was just a small glimpse.

The thing that sits next to corbyn on the opposite bench looks like a negro pepe

the Highlands and the cities might as well be different countries, they practically were for long enough


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Wasn't that back in 2015?

seems like yesterday

Scotland itself feels like a foreign nation tbh
We're on the same island, but years of devolution and cultural shift have pretty much irrevocably destroyed any shared identity that might have existed between us.

It's weird, but I genuinely wouldn't care if the jocks went independent. I feel no kinship or connection to them, which is probably deliberate.

Fair. I'd like to visit some of the nice landscapes some day. Generally can't hack cities wherever they are tbh.


tbh there's always been damn little, for obvious reasons. It probably hit it's peak during Victorian times due to Sir Walter Scott and Victoria being a Scotaboo, and all the Scottish lads doing stuff in the Empire, but that was when we had a shared goal to work towards

Be careful of the midges in Scotchland

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tbh. I've lived in SEA and the Highlands is a lot worse for insects. Just don't go outside after 5pm and you'll be fine

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Nah because the Krauts were actually annexing European nation states.


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smh they'd rather give nuts than walk off

jej I just realised I went to a pub a few streets away from Kim Jong Un's hotel a while back

Hope it wasn't the Orchard Tower lad

keek there goes the chinky audience


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*smashes over normalfag deano dayfags*

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*savours last beer*

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It's not even night time for you lad. You are making no sacrifice in posting at this time.

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*Blocks you and your atrocious extensions

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its endless night in america lad

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I'd turn her arsehole into the Telemark heavy water plant tbh

tbh I just spent all day getting first aid certification and I was literally the only noticably northern european male in the room, everyone was either a nigger or some 56 percent tom sandoval tier spic mongrel. it made me want to blow my head off


the video of her shoting her grandpas 1911 (>that 20 year old boomer tbh) really gives you the impression she has a nice bum

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i'd imagine it would be mostly women for that sort of thing tbh

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comfy lad


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They pack first aid training onto all sorts of courses tbh.

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yeah knowing how to bandage wounds is for women lad

don't you pull that face with me lad or i'll tell the jewess about your simba fetish

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she wouldn't care anyway I don't live in coast cuck land

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Or maybe I unintentionally did without knowing. Fuck you anyway.

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You really shouldn't do that tbh lad
t. legally deaf from standing next to 8 kilowatt sound systems for most of the 2000s

Careful m8, know lads who've ended up with tinnitus.

I was bullying the other lad who was saying first aid was for women tbh

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If spicposter and bins show up it's all your fault

Read a story about some bloke that got it and it drove him to suicide

>mummy texts you to turn the TV down

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bins is a lamb tho

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he had a bit of a meltdown last night tbh

Is this some homo speak?


wtf even is this place? cringy af incels

really, smdh I missed it

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This is a mummy appreciation and sea cow conservationist forum lad

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My mistake lad.

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