Brit/pol/ #2294: Mozzie May Edition

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vintage Jones tbh

well which is it lads

Was expecting SA to delete the other as he's made this one

Probably just means that it is from a video

Kek. That's not it. Worried about being judged, losing, competing in general I don't like. Competition leaves a chance for losing smh.

Also sorry for not using the other thread, lad… that's awkward smh *punches you*

this one

the tripfag circlejerking ends now

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The cross dressing's been a /newbrit/ ruse all along.

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I was talking about which bred, I think that Westie picture has been debunked in the past by a lad who recognises his maid outfits

Kek, I didn't mean it was him

So modest smh

You're the best poster

Dorset is the best poster


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You're so nice to me, lad. You're my favourite poster after Helmer

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he's been MIA for a while, almost a shame

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I never learnt why bins is called bins smh

Just teasing, lad. That's the joke

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bins sort your life out wtf

nice try

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He bins boomers

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hey look, we both posted GCHQ memmies at the same time!

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literally nothing wrong with women wearing head scarves tbh

smh you got me, I'll be in the canteen next to the pool table in case any other spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) want to take a break

The polish wog's dog been shitting in my yard again.
For some reason the wogs round here think it is ok for their dog to shit in my yard if I don't own a dogo.

keek. You gonna take it, lad?

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chocolate plops

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milk, milk, lemonade, round the corner chocolate's made!

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she has nice thighs tbh

Tfw the bullies made me kinder than I would have been without them.

yeah, lad?

Yea, I can't say no now.


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Lad she's a shapeless androgynous mess. If you fancy her you probably want to nonce little boys

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Already spoken to them. Still happens.
If I fucked them up - over - and then back down again it would be seen as a hate crime - not defending my castle.
But no, I'm not taking it. I never forget if someone crosses me, even if they think things are hunky-dory and I'm all smiles.

Some slav crossbreed from what I can work out.

You're such a cunt, lad

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Have a shit on his lawn, lad

smh fucking slavs in the west always tend towards crossbreeding for some reason at least with my family it was with brits

redpill me on a priori deductions


i didn't even make the poll

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22st best poster by miles

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The best posters are the hardworking anons who make up the backbone of this board. Personalityfags are scum

I said that in a joking manner because you're poking me, lad

smh I should know this, I studied all this literally 2 months ago

For God's sake this is getting ridiculous.

I'll be permabanning 22st if the threads keep devolving like this every time he posts.

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how is it his fault? just ban bins



Perma those that engage him in a gay way.



It might solve the problem (you can't tell with these cunts), but it would stain my being more than his lawn to act like that.

He engages and enables it

Don't worry you did pretty well in the poll too

You're in third place, tied with westie

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Couldn't give a toss about polls, the threads devolve every time he starts posting and it's bloody tedious now.

but bins also effort posts and engages in political debate

implying you didn't vote for yourself like everyone else did

Okay, enough fun. Politics now

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Anyone else remember when the anus inspector came to school?

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going to invite a few of my tory mates to post here to break up the cozy little clique thing a few of the lads have got going. they're familiar with imageboard culture so they won't stick out too much but things have been getting stale here for a while now

Lad I'm not fucking about, this has gone on for bloody ages now, you have another board for it.
I'm happy for you to post here but you enabling this shit isn't on. Engage it and you're gone.

At least it'll be discussion.

Trump puts 25% tariff on Chinese goods

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shouldn't you guys be making more videos out of old stock footage, talk radio and video game soundtrack for Raheem Kasseem to retweet?

Good lad.

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they'll be local daftyists within a month

Really looking forward to hearing their parents' opinions second hand

Not for much longer.

Is this a good argument or a losing strategy as it uses identity politics? or are we all dafty huwhites?

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Fuel, not food lad


most mainstream politics between left and right is mostly on economic policy, so using an argument beyond that provides an additional dimension to work in. The problem may be that the person you're talking to is deracialised to the degree that they won't even understand that as an argument, and will be completely unable to apply it to themselves

>implying smh there's a stock photo for everything

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It was partly economic, but economics was a secondary issue.
It's like wearing velvet robes might be nice, but if you're wearing them while lying in a coffin dead there's not much point.

Tbf lad it was partially an economic decision, the negative effects of immigration on the economy aren't the best reasons to stop it but they are legitimate reasons.
Apples and oranges tbh, being a tranny or a paki are personal identity traits that have zero economic value whereas Brexit was in part influenced by economic factors.
Not sure what to say to this tbh, but I would point out that the British identity ideally wouldn't have much relevance in everyday dealings between British people if the British people were all actually British.

As usual with arguments it depends on who you are using it on.

thanks, lad

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does are NHS money fund tranny surgeries?
and how about them Asians on bennies?

meant for

yes lad but the root of those problems isn't economic, though it intersectionally kek is related to economics

Lad did you just fucking ban evade after appealing the ban?

No, he didn't

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You know what to do.

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banhammer on his hip
into Zig Forums rode Mercia with a banhammer on his hip

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I wasn't going to keep posting. I just did it to vent my frustration smh.

Jesus Teaches Forgiveness!!!

wew lad

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