Brit/pol/ #2295: No More Meta

Wetherspoons BANS FOREIGN BOOZE to sell more British brands before Brexit

Government sees off all Lords Brexit amendments | 90 Labour MPs rebel over single market

Arron Banks orders EU's Verhofstadt to retract claim of Russian collusion

PETER HITCHENS: Like a rattlesnake, the EU can bite us long after it gets the chop

Royal Mail bans England flags

Home Secretary Sajid Javid Relaxes Immigration Rules for First Time Since 2010, Visa Cap to Rise by Thousands

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most recent LionRampant mod activity was 6 weeks ago, but he's still a mod, if you check every page since page 4 (where his last mod activity was) there is no sign of his mod privs being removed

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The problem is that Bongo Bongo Land shitposters keep hijacking any attempt to improve the board so we end up le newbrit boogeyman and having to rally around the mods because moonman and his gang are worse


Lads stop it with the meta shit for now, take it to the mod thread if you want to bring it up with the BO

There is gaslighting going on here but these revelations have little to do with it. Focus on bins and linksposter tbh

This is obvious. But there is shady shit going on and you Bongo Bongo Land faggots keep stirring shit up. I'm not playing your bullshit game.

new mod confirmed for spacker

It's midshanks. He deleted the previous thread I made for no reason too. This is all a load of faggy drama

wonder if the new mod is Steiner

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In the thread mate, not boardwide.


why delete his posts at all?



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literally Zig Forums

make dorset BO tbh

Is this a false flag?
smells like one

At least the new vol didn't ban me tbh but I'm a bit disappointed I was mistaken for bins. I really dislike him.

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Because I would like to get to sleep tonight and not have to babysit the thread just in case someone starts posting peoples personal info, as I said, if you want meta shit go to the mod thread, lets not have another thread full of this shit.

So lets just calm down and start talking about Manatee's or some shit.

That's what they all say

I'm going to hunt down the motherfucker who did this shit. Every last Bongo Bongo Land shitposter will be skinned alive

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You too, mods. You deleted the thread I'd already made. For no reason! I'm coming for you next.

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Then either do it faggot or cease posting immediately. You fucking cocktease.

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The anti-EU common customs tariff comments were interesting and I agree. I did argue against the EUCCT during the referendum (Remainers denied it even existed, the level of discourse in my town is so bad lol) but it was from a Mogg free trade argument, which I now think is a load of bollocks tbh. We should just try to buy everything domestically and or within the anglosphere, it's really not that expensive. I'd pay double for milk and butter if it put my sons and neighbours into a job.

what a soyim

good lad


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Free trade very rarely works, we worked this out in the late 1800's when Germany over took us.

Jock Art college on fire for the second time fire in 2014.

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He could've saved us. Wasn't a cuck on the Empire either.

Good lad

He had his flaws but was the best option at the time

not being a massive faggot
You clearly have nothing substantial. I bet you're moonman, you fucking nigger

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Was about to have a wank but I stopped myself. I'm not the chump I'm the champ.

Is it our national tradition to produce genius men then never put them in power?

No, the truth is that our country has regularly been led by genius men, even explicitly pro-white ones in the 20th century, but they were powerless to stop overarching historical forces.

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They were geniuses but still flawed nonetheless because they are products or a society that has been sick for far long than we could think

so for once I agree with you westie. Sort of

SfB maybe. You're his gang. I've seen this before. You're a real fucking snake. Anyway enjoy your last (You)

Solid post number tbh

Mosley's speeches always seem out of place in the time period he is giving them, would've been a lot better the modern era.

Meh, looked kinda meh anyway.

All men are flawed, but some of them had some pretty big flaws true. We have been sick an amazingly long time, possibly pre 17th century.

I don't get Enoch because he did shitty things like the Jamaican scab nurses but then his Rivers of Blood speech is uncanny in how it lays out the decline of our nation. The fact he laid out a plan for the British Empire to retain India and his incredible intelligence make him a great and romantic man in my eyes.

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Kek how? Who are you?

He was rather left wing in his heart. A reactionary that'd push the clock back but stop nothing.

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I think Enoch was a bit naive and under the impression we were going to send the coloured workers back.

A guest worker system is fine if you need the workers and can just send them back. Obviously these days we give our cheap labour permanent settlement rights in Britain for the next 10,000 years which is completely insane.

Eh, they were the right problems he was addressing, but yes he was ahead of his time. It's more because he went against prevailing rhetoric

The seed was planted before 1066, 1066 confirmed it, and the Reformation's (religious) failure was a big chance missed. Cromwell's death (and his body being subsequently dug up and desecrated) marked the spiritual death of this country.

He basically just realised the problem too late and went all out on a speech instead of trying to solve it through government

Are you the guy from Bongo Bongo Land who has multiple mental illnesses and sucked six willies before he was 12?

Everyone knows moonman is a massive kike, he pissed off everyone he knew, and has since been excluded from Bongo Bongo Lands for being an obsessive spy degenerate

No, there wasn't a guy in the Bongo Bongo Land that did that as far as I know.


Don't lie

Nah lad I don't know who you are chatting about. Give me the quick rundown.

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bongo bongo gay communities need to fuck off

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4d chess

t. elon musk

woah hes watched too much rick n morty tbh. tesla brand towels when?

to be quite honest there's a lot of weird mentally ill people using the internet who are saddos in real life

I have mixed feelings about Powell. He was late on the anti-immigration bandwagon, his fellow Tory MPs such as Cyril Osborne argued against immigration before him. He arguably started the influx by importing foreign workers during his position as Minister of Health. I think of him as a Thatcher-like figure. The Tories always promise to sort out immigration but never do. On the other hand, he sacrificed his political career for the EEC referendum and he is a figure who will be remembered far more than the likes of May or Cameron.

I know right

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Powell is to be respected for his intellect if nothing else, and did try to represent his constituents. His speeches on the EEC were God-tier. His issue is that he was hamstrung by Toryism and realpolitik.

kek you even saved images of me and have special edited versions whereas i give zero fucks who you are, how does it feel to be my orbiter?

t. Rape victim

Was he forced out the Zig Forums one?

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I agree with all of this.

projecting? kek

that image has such power dont use it on me lad

holy shit you're becoming a woman
can't believe you fell for her tricks lad

Lad you told us how that guy stuck his cock in your mouth

Westie 1 user 0

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fakenews none of that happened

this is why women shouldn't be allowed to eat chinese food while pregnant

projecting again

Awright lads?

btw how do you get your skin so smooth? unironically, I've been getting tons of zits recently


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stop eating sugar
eat healthy food with plenty of vitamins
drink lots of water
wash your bedding and clothes

pretty simple stuff
sometimes you can't avoid acne though it's just genetic some people just get cursed

That's for smee to know, and (You) to find out

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Even Alex Jones didn't believe it – Tommy Robinson's 'manager' uses false stats about Muslim inmates

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How do we solve our drug problem? The resident druggies here would probably say legalisation but that seems like it'd just end with underclass dopesmokers in every playground.

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What did I say about Islamophobia being a fake narrative?


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Have fun lad

The counter-jihad stuff is bogus. I don't care what religion they are, pakis should be deported. I don't care about banning the burqa or halal slaughter (though I suppose doing so would have the positive effect of making them feel unwelcome). I just want the pakis out.

The West shall die mashallah

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Also try not being pale as shit, red blotches show up really easily on my skin

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although if you want the pakis gone we need to sort ourselves out first, otherwise we're just uselessly banging our heads against the wall which is what the government wants us to do tbh

If you look at America it's amazing how many foreigners leave as soon as they get a President who is very mildly anti-immigration.

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He's so likeable

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ffs lad how hard is it to not post pictures of yourself ion the internet?

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Drumpf will give amnesty anyway

he's a woman in a boy's body

Why do people smoke spice anyway? I could go out right now and buy some weed. Good shit too.

He can't help himself, he wants to find a Zig Forums boyfriend

Banning circumcision and halal slaughter on perfectly moral grounds would be enough to cause self-deportation tbh.

Nice alphenflage

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thats why the white box is there lad

if lauren southern is browsing hullo there

How? I know people who live their whole lives never encountering drugs. You know someone degenerate? I know a few.

Ta lad it looks autistic irl though doesn't fit with anything I wear. Although it has so many pouches it's great.

Agreed. Most of our people have been robbed of their dignity and the underclasses are complete wasters, they need someone to give them some self-respect and moral guidance first of all, which is why I find Joe respectable and admirable even.

Bowden was a lot like that tbh, you wouldn't think it for someone so intellectual.

Didn't you say you had lauren rose's nose?

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Yeah Joe is a godsend tbh, too bad he's already tainted by his past. We should learn his lesson and apply it more rigorously than he would himself

He hated Christianity though

I know a few lads round where I live who smoke weed and use coke from time to time. I used to be into it, but I'm clean now except for alcohol, tea, and coffee.

I'm honestly not a fan of Bowden tbh.