Brit/pol/ #2296: Labour Live Edition

Brexit News for Saturday 16 June
Cabinet ministers admit Britain could be plunged into legal abyss if Brexit deal is not cut by October

Jezfest FLOP: Labour Live SLAMMED as shambolic festival fails to attract crowds

RED MISSED Corbyn’s Labour Live flops with festival left half empty… but Labour insist it’s still a success

'That's not Brexit!' Piers Morgan STUNS Anna Soubry EPIC STYLE with BRUTAL single market point AND IT'S BEAUTIFUL

Security worker reveals terrifying reality of working in Birmingham city centre's violence hotspot

Siemens will build factory in UK after winning Tube train contract

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first for suck it, Thornberry

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First for the best lad who ever lived

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3rd for animals are politics

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It's a lot of work for being disappointed.

I miss him

we all do lad

bring back coal mining

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Source on song?

I love him lads

Bring back trap lynching.

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same tbh
nice to see him mirroring Granville's videos

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useless tbh.

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pretty rough on asthmatics lass

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im asthmatic

Come on it's can't be so complex that it can't be put concisely into a few sentences.

I know, that's why I said it.

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such a poignant piece

id go down anyway

he comments on the absolute state of the taigs in this one

Good lad, they could use you instead of a canary

He's surprised by the pace of cultural pozz's expansion.

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>"I have a £48,000 student loan to pay off and don’t think I’ll ever do it. Home ownership is unaffordable and good jobs are harder to find."
>"However, I’m really positive about the future because I know this current situation isn’t going to last forever. It might be stressful now, but I’m working my way up and I’m proud of myself for sticking it out"
Is she fucking retarded.

>"things will get better :)"

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I was listening to one where he went off on his gay mayor for fucking up the bin collection

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It's not complex it's just garbled shit. The cripple basically wants his enemies to admit to a war crime involving his daughter and grandkids. And it's implied heavily he's conspiring to put one of his family on the throne.

chocolate whompingtons and cranberry poo waffles

Fair enough.

Scrummybums and willywoos

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The way it plays out is convoluted and makes no sense, the way it plays out in the show is worse because it's a one dimensional conspiracy

should shower because my brother visits with his few weeks old baby I guess

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You should make cheese wheels out of your thigh smeg and sell it to the French

get in the shower you dirty pest

You should shower daily out of basic self-respect tbh lad. How are you ever going to get a wife smelling like shit?


Important poll

good post

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TRUMP Owns Macron (And His Wife) in an INSANE 30 Second Handshake Battle

that's so exciting!!!

Just 3 trousers lad? what will you do with the spair one?

Moving counties tomorrow lads
Sad tbh

wipply wimbles

and 4 new briefs and wants me to look for sweaters/jackets I want

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is this a fat joke?

I think the excitement over Corbyn has dropped off big time.

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In English it's standard to refer to 'pairs' of trousers. There is no singular "trouser" but when you said mummy had bought you 3 trousers it was amusing to me to misinterpret this as Mummy buying you one and a half pairs of trousers. I would never make fun of your weight lad. I watch over you with benevolence and love.

yes raheem

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Post your best wagecuck memmies. I'm writing my CV and it's hard.

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YES danny

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top keek, thanks, lad.

I've never worked a day in my life, I'm illiterate, so it is a no-go for me tbh. I'm also an intolerable brute so it is impossible for me to integrate amongst the neurotypicals.

Don't get a job lad they're shit. Ride the bennie train for a couple of years at least. Try the lifestyle out to see if it suits you

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YESSSSS marcus

id let him have a go on my missus if you catch my drift

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I rode the bennie train for many years
having a job is like an addiction, its horrible but if i stop I think ill go mad and commit suicide


teenage boomer Nige

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The last time I was unemployed for a month was in 2006.

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I love being a tradesman there's no such thing as being unemployed.


nigerl is gen x

I better go back to writing this winning application for a cleaner at McDonalds

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best of luck

It's still feasible to rob post offices in this day and age. Security vans too but you need a team for that.


mc smally now thats my name

If your only job is at mcDoland then you have royally fucked up your life.

Bookies are really easy too but you'll be lucky to hit 4 figures and you need to think about whether it's worth the risk


At that point you might want to consider the army at least they might give you a useful skill in exchange.

Get a trade in the army but as soon as the yids get a whiff of war then get out quick.
Whatever you do in there, getting skilled up is priority.

GCHQ are getting inventive I tell you what.


No one said it was easy to rob a post office or an armoured van lad. I said it was easy to rob a bookie

Have you ever robbed a bookie?

He robbed bookielad


we can bully them all we want but offer them a solution and they will be your slaves. just have to set up debt relief programs based around getting married and having kids, maybe 10k off for each kid then get a young people tax credit for home buying tbh. the left will become more and more powerful because of people like this and playing the ayn rand individualist shite will only make you irrelevant

what the fuck have you done with Steiner?

enya is the best thing to come out of ireland tbh

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Spain is fucked lad

You better be talking about religious genocide and redneck Shoguns by 2am or I'm flying to Detoilet with Pikelad to deprogram you

The Spanish people could do with a history lesson tbh.

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Steiner if that's you I'm proud of you not immediately jumping into talking about subdimensional entities like a lunatic

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i am good lad

A bomb disposal staff Sgt earns 35g a year.
Not much kerching, per kaboom.

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Naughty Dog is dead to me tbh

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thats gonna be a bit hard since commie feminists rule there now

this proves you are a good boi tbh

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