Brit/pol/ #2297: Imperial Edition

Muslim Activist Who Beat Policeman at Tommy Robinson Rally Spared Prison (Robinson Still Locked Up)
A Muslim activist who beat a police officer with a stick while protesting a Tommy Robinson rally has walked free from court.

Taxi ploughs into pedestrians in Moscow injuring eight
At least eight pedestrians, including some Mexican World Cup fans, were injured after a taxi mounted a crowded pavement in central Moscow.

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dont look at the number ok

wrong number you div

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heard you lad liked e-celeb drama and know the name of every e-celeb and the context

Thankful for heterro normative folk willing to make new threads at early hours.


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sleep well lad

Natta, gutt

Keek it's funny because we all know what Westie is, right?

Surrey looks like it's from super mario world, got one of the bowser brothers hiding in there

don't let the fishercats bite

Whjy are they so afraid of Dickie soyteats?

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Alright. Steiner's gone to bed and dayfags are due to wake up any second. Little bit worried.

Don't name them, lad. It gives them power


I actually went to new/brit/ a few weeks ago after getting banned. Very slow board.

What makes you think that?

'cause you worry about dayfags

idk if you are newfootleaf or not, but we do have one

Don't have a Persian gf.

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It's sad, yeah. I wish we could just all be together smh. I'm sure they don't mind being slow though

I really love this video keek

post local things

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Maybe mummy has some pics from London



I usually don't take pics of anything but nature and animals smh

She was too pure for this world. I think she was an ethnic Azeri btw

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Yeah it's a Azerbaijani name, she looked fucking weird tbh

Jump in we're going to save Western Civilisationā„¢

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"She" was a tranny, I do believe

she looks like a humanoid chicken

Hard to see in this picture, but almost right in the middle is a "The western capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus), also known as the wood grouse, heather cock, or just capercaillie". Tough cunts that block the roads for cars smh

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But she looks like a demon, lad

first 3 pics

4th pic

do you have one of those deer smashers attached to the front of your truck just in case? I heard people in Texas have to drive big stronk trucks with deer smashers on the front bumper 'cause deer and feral hogs cross the road a lot and they go fast 'cause Texas is huge and they gotta go places and if they hit those big beastly creatures in a normal car with no deer smasher then they could die

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here is 4th pic

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been lifting weights for months, when will i make gainz?

We don't have those, no. One of our vans got destroyed by a mouse. He was lucky to survive. The moose' torso was all inside the window.

congratulations, lad what's a crash rock

You lifting often and heavy enough? You eating enough?

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*looks at you*

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Can you ride moose?

Yeah. Swedes either thought of that or tried it, but it didn't work for warfare. It also probably isn't good for them.

Horses fear the moose. I think that's one of the reasons they wanted to try it.


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you should have already if your routine is decent and if you're eating enough

when I first started working out I gained almost 2 stone in 3 months thanks to SL 5x5 and oats

we also were the first to violently resist the British crown by burning a boat that was pissing us off and also the first to declare independence
that's Plymouth Rock where the Mayflower landed

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Holy shit


*commemorates the BIG MOOSE*

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Life was better under him smh

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ik you won't like it but this song is both new and norwegian. new immortal album with demonaz on guitars and vocals in less than 3 weeks, gonna shit on the last 3 immortal albums, maybe 4


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I did watcha an animu with death metal recently tbh


t. India

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Kek what

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show us your cat, lad

Bet my cats could beat yours up tbh

remember when her videos was free? smh

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Tfw sexualy maligned due to having a stepmum.

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what does that mean, lad? You like really fucked up shit?

his stepmum would make him lick her feet as punishment

yeah too, spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) aboot tbh

Means I'm a wise old lad that suffers sexual perversions due to the old man fucking a hotter babe than mummy.

Why don't you do what I do copypaste the pic from photoshop or any other image editing software, lad?

Smh, lad. At least being wise isn't so bad, right?

these BIG lads are unnerving

Does that work though, even in MS paint? I've thought of that before, but I would worry that the data would stay in the pixels or something. Should crop it a lil bit and resize a lil bit too to be extra careful

Get in m belly

Doubt that, lad. The info is saved in the file, yeah? Which isn't a part of what you copy

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Going out for a cigarette. Hope none of you get banned by moralfags before I get back.

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Reminder that Britons used to live in trees before the Anglo menace attacked

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Calf: Norwegian children
Cow: Norwegian parents
Man on ATV: Norwegian government

druidism-wodenism syncretism tbh

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and your toil helps pay for it

*fights the social-engineering bullies*


le pagan varg from

140,000 moslems demonstrate show of force in Birmingham, shoot clay pidgeons

varg is peak baste

Do we even have any organized festivals on that scale, excluding football or music concerts?

Varg is a moron that posts druid shit


More goodbois

this is my tune

I don't think mods should ever ban people.

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what was your crime lad?

Foot fetishry. It was SA that banned me.


What kinda feet do you like?

Lad I don't want to get banned again

Don't tell me it's my toe, lad. smh

No lad my foot fetish is feminine. I'd post about it but get banned.

What is it that foot fetishists actually like about feet lad? Are meaty toes a good or bad thing?

well that's obviously just a lie lad SA is such a chill guy that i can't imagine him just banning someone like that tbh he's a great guy and a great actor too

just smile and wave,smile and wave lad

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Wait it out.

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*is myself*

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I'd tell you but I didn't know it was a verboten topic smdh

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