Brit/pol/ #2298: Weyew Lad Edition

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that can't be true, wouldn't that mean you're a minority?

Globally white people have been a minority for nearly a century.
Ironically if we fall the others will follow us to the grave as well.

Don't forget to read the Quran everyday

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good edition tbh

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Wews really is disgusting

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we need to start killing demons

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Smdh, she looks like a sex doll

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Remember that episode of the Simpsons where Toad from Neighbours cucks Homer?


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Probably because she wants to be used like one.

Whyeye lad

Hey Homa mate. I'm yor new neighbour Toadfish. Don't get on my bad side, mate. You get on my good side, I can be a nice guy. You get on my bad side, I fookin kill yew.

Good Evening lads

Feels good

Probably would tbh


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How middle class can one man be?

You're getting the rope first lad

Tweet her if her favorite position is on her back with her legs akimbo and her mouth wide open.

sorry lads, i meant flat tbh. I have a bedroom and bathroom. In a converted 17th century mill, very cushy

dont bully im from Surrey, lad

DAE support Tunisia tomorrow?

He could have 2 bedrooms for a start

It's coming home lad.
You can't stop it from happening.


[Audible frowning]

i wish i was from surrey tbh

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KENTLAD ahhhh we're not all polenta-munching middle class shits tbh

Decided to support an African team this year tbh lads

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Gonna blow it away

What's polenta?

feels good

tfw also crowded as fuck and full of brown people and londoners

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Well at least that explains why you always used the Wessex flag rather than an actual county flag. Mystery solved. Good to see you regardless lad.

I don't know what polenta is so you're getting punched

What the fuck is a polenta

I don't really know, i know that upper middle class people eat it

good to see you too lad, ive missed this place, is SA still about?

I've seen it before, I still have no idea what it actually is though.

He's probably earning his rent money atm lad

ask peter hitchens (miscegenation man)

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Something you cook in your aga ;^)


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It's corn flour. It's literally grits the shit blacks eat in yankistan

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More you know

I actually have an aga, came with the house.

If you have an aga you may as well be French


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corn bread is nice tbh

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Eat wheat, barley or rye like a fucking white man lad.

*sucks teeth* you aight white boi




ewww, apart from the sausage on top

This tbh, it's like them eating french, spanish or italian food- it's always peasant recipes.

should gays be allowed to be gay or should they be given an anti-gay serum even if it could kill them?

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Forcing them back into the closet would be a start, then if they can't sort themselves out afterward we can get the hammers out.

The strength of a society comes from it's men. If the men are faggots the society becomes weak, and gets replaced.
The universe has no favourites.


deport them back to where they came from (France)

I could honestly see Sargon standing and winning as a UKIP MP/MEP

Why are our summers so shit, lads? I went to Finland 2 weeks ago and even they had 28c and sun. It's not fair

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How did you afford that?

i bucked yer ma

He rents his hole to the highest bidder

Two weeks ago it was alright here.


I ate breakfast in a cafeteria with some nigger at some point and he had grits and put sugar in them, 'because I'm black'. I tried the sugar-grits and they were nasty, he said he wasn't surprised because it's a black thing.

Let them b gay in a home that they own

There's no such thing as a shit Brit Summer.
If I wanted to be cooked alive in an outdoor oven I'd go abroad and pay for that kind of misery.
The weather is comfy, even if it is pouring down -very meditative weather that is.

in france

So no gays in state housing?

This is the most boomer channel I've found. American boomers are so much worse than Brit ones.

That'd be best but we need to work with what we've got

By 'because I'm black' he must have meant 'I have shit taste because I'm black'

I think there's a solid center ground on Gayism, I don't agree with killing them but on the other looking at the state of the GAY COMMUNITY today we probably shouldn't let them flaunt it publicly.

anyone got that picture of that Victory Day group that slowly gets smaller as time passes before it's just one lad left?

if we had decent weather we wouldn't have gone out conquering, would we?

Well yes they're yanks

Quite, no civil partnership benefits


Nah burntower was a state asset

good ole cornbread

Grenfell was a modern day Holocaust

Tories are literally nazis murdering the poor just for being poor

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Nah it's not a state asset. Burntower is a burntower.
That burnt coal isn't an asset, but a liability.

No lad, go move to some horrible equatorial sweatbox if you think that. THis is muggy and horrid.

Dimbleby quits QT


It's gonna be a fucking woman who replaces him, you know it.

Dead grandma

Incoming diverse female host

Lads, how many days until Stephen Lawrence memorial day?

Racism And Classism Killed The Residents Of Grenfell Tower

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I suppose he wants to spend more time on his yacht.

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about 340

It's not humid and uncomfortable with a breeze blowing.
Hanging humid is the kind of misery people pay for to go foreign.

Nonce TV station. I'd never watch Savile TV again.


David Dimbleby was bad enough, they'll get someone even worse

The hope is it's paxo but we all know it will probably be Whoopi Goldberg

Stupidity and scamming illegals Killed…
fixed it for them.