Brit/pol/ #2300: Shi'atu Ali Edition

Iranian Influence In Iraq Grows

Iran's president to visit Switzerland, Austria amid nuclear deal row

Iran executes Sufi man over deadly Tehran bus-ramming

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Good lad

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Takbir fellow Urist.

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fetan jaayid

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#swoops in

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Isn't anime haram?

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We have Tony Blair and Bill Clinton to thank for Kosovo

It's a quick car

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Think OP might be a muslim tbh

I still find that image worth a good chuckle.

Most likely a gay crossdressing muslim

Not sure this thread is local enough for me tbh, smh.

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Depends on the part of London you are in tbh

this is an Islamic environmentalism board lad

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Cheeky Cossack.

Are the snails after me lads?

Queuing for a game of Dota, probably against Russians

Wish me luck same as you did for those based black lads representing England in the footie

Doubt it.

>mod let's >>>/newbrit/ run riot 24/7

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By the mercy of Allah I don't live in any part of London.

Sea mammals would never submit to Islam tbh.

Don't worry lad, snails are implicitly h'white.

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Helmer went off the deep end due to spending too much time with sea cow pics.

Maajizz Mawad sued the SPLC and won £3 million

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They're hiding from the French. Save them

/newbrit/ is like 4 people

Gonna make a sea cow patch one day.

Hope not lad smh

Does that mean birds are wogs for the daily genocide they commit on the snails?


Failing that mechanised Pikes.


4 drug abusing trannies too many tbh

h8 this fascination with wrongness tbh

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I love him lads

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/newbrit/ was fun when it was 22stone's degeneracy club. I don't know what it is now. Seems to be one very autistic man who's always upset about Zig Forums. Did they let Alberto back in?


How did /newbrit/ come to be?

I'm on at odd hours recently, and only browsing sometimes, don't blame me for whatever the latest drama is.

Having said that, you're absolutely right.

kek, I like the idea lad, would wear. Have you already made some before?

You've stumped me lad. Turns out I didn't think far ahead enough.

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It's almost impressive the way fags, who are a minuscule percentage of the population, have got everyone pandering to them.

Zig Forums >> /politics/ >> /newbritpolitics/ >> /newbrit/


They were Zig Forums posters once, taken by the gayist powers, shitposted and banned. A ruined and terrible form of life.

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Time for some E.Michael Papist posting.


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They were britpol posters once, taken by dark powers, twisted and mutilated. More or less.

Daily Russian post-punk/Cold-wave.

kek. I can't keep up tonight.

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The nefarious manatee overmind grows stronger every day.

everyone seems fairly calm

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Thanks lad, I'll get to work, should only take around 3 weeks with my work ethic.

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Shukraan lads

Joe would understand lad smh he's been civic ever since he saw the chinky lad in the back of the UVF bus

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Nice to see my taxes hard at work.

Slander border jock.

t. racemixing poof

was a based sikh wasnt it?

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drugs and gayness and trannyism

Enabled by jews mainly gay ones

I would never do such a thing, I'm just too slow tonight. Still got shite to do too. Just hook my up into the VR tanks already.


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A deano's eye view of the game.

Wait a minute those aren't sea cows.

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*has a glimpse of newbrit*

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Imagine they were this passionate about anything that mattered.

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Fair attempt lad.

that's great lad now read this in a Chael Sonnen accent

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What did you expect? They need banning on sight

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Merkel now supports Italy refusing to dock migrants and wants to process asylum requests in Libya.
Old hag likes being queen. She's running scared now

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top kek lads, had a good chuckle good attempts but neither of you can pull it off tbhsouthrons?

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…J-joe is that you?

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*plants a bomb on your landing gear*

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too little too late


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Jockish. Never been able to do a scouse accent though


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Graham Phillips has some real balls tbf. He did journalism in Syria and Ukraine where MSM was scared to send correspondents.

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I agree except for this part:
>The Old Testament was written by Israelites, 400 years before Jesus was born. It has nothing to do with him.
That's not true. The coming of the Messiah is prophesied in the OT. You can't have the Gospel without the Old Testament.


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Kek, Steiner makes me laugh so hard.

true he came to fulfill the law

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>>>Zig Forums

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nothing daft about having an image board discussion
if I were to throw hitler salutes outside then yeah I'd be a dafty

Just some daily reminders

That Churchill quote sounds suspect tbh. A quick google finds it comes from Emrys Hughes', "Winston Churchill - His Career in War and Peace". Could be legit but I can't find proof.

but it's not a discussion
it's you posting Zig Forums infographics about a topic that has already been discussed to death for 70 years

All he had to do was not invade Poland.

oh and >4chan filename

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[citation needed]

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