Brit/pol/ #2301: Football tbh whey edition

Britain's last medieval farming estate faces an uncertain future as it goes up for sale

England fan arrested after 'grabbing police officer's gun' as another fan 'punches window' on train to Volvograd

Home Secretary Sajid Javid reveals how he was a moped mugging victim as he launches battle to beat villains

'Don't lie to police - because they WILL check': British financial trader is forced to make humiliating public apology after he claimed that he'd been robbed of his laptop in Thailand… when he'd actually lost it in England

Town's mayor resigns over claims he liked Islamophobic and far-right social media posts

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Tbh lads

if you turn on auto-translate subs you realise the song kind of describes me smh


if you turn on auto-translate subs you realise the song kind of describes you smh

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dw lads, the government is gonna give us all girlfriends soon enough

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It's the capital of Russian West Finland

state funded thots soon

wtf I love the Tories now.


I just copy pasted it tbh

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As if. Bitter males deserve nothing and will receive less, that's how it is.

A man killed by loneliness

United by our fear of getting stabbed or vanned or acided?


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smh glad I didn't go to the pub

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This is fucking embarrassing kek
Imagine being Polish witnessing this.


they're probably getting off to it tbh

idno lad .I always found football kind of awkward. Seems like so much randomness and luck is involved, and then you have people paid billions a year who still miss the goal they are shooting at.


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Why is Poland such a pathetic nation?

Small man syndrome.
Same as Scotland, Ukraine and any other memi nation.

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I would call Poland the Mexico of Europe but Mexico can actually win at footy.

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no bull pls


no bully

No bull? How about 11 bulls?


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Just met a white lad whose got a gang of pakis doing drug deliveries for him.
Is this the way to fight against (((them)))? Organise the muslims to be our foot soldiers? Just dropped some redpills about jews and we hit it off talking shit about women
weird day goys

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lads, who's playing the footy the day? I don't have a tv

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Only lasts until an enterprising young paki finds the plug. Then you're left with a mess you wouldn't have had to deal with had you kept distribution in-house

Japan vs Columbia

Senegal vs Poland

Egypt vs Russia

From the look of it there's going to be a bull in every Polish hotel room tonight

go back to your steppe

no matter how hard they cuck they will always be called evil nazis by the media

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Japan beat Columbia 2-1
Senegal currently has Poland 2-0
At 19:00 it's Egypt vs Russia


But Sargon literally said he'd kick the bigots out of UKIP

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They've already got their followers disavowing them and calling them racists and NAHTZI'S

Image being so thick you actually think UKIP is far right

Mark my words, o how I will laff

cheers lads

Is Count Dankula secretly /ourlad/ ?
Also, did anyone else think he made a video about wews when they seen pic related?

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Poland right now

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Oh shit they might come back.
Come on slavshits redeem yourselves.

They've got 3 minutes to do it in

SAJ'S BLADES CRACKDOWN Home Secretary Sajid Javid launches crackdown on knife sales in victory for Sun campaign

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Yeah it's not happening. What a dogshit team.

I find chinese eyes alluring lads.

Just makes me want to quickly buy some knives

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Boomers out

Is it the mystery of not being able to see the eye?

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the fucking state of modern legislature


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Jokes on them, I have an RFD that delivers to my door.

will this increase sex tourism to Senegal?

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8th in the world lost to the apes of the world.

Think it stems from almost dating a Vietnamese Chinese girl as a youth but finding her also (Vietnamese Chinese) Aunt, a maths teacher at my school much sexier. My feel when she even asked me about her niece on a school trip once.


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Did you ever give either of them the pringles can?

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tbf Russia is famous for its stray dogs.
And it hasn't exactly got a history of being nice to canines.

oh wait the one on facebook was cropped

fair enough

they do attack and eat people tbf

Must have been the faggot krauts that complained.

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Is he trying to make normie banter or something. I don't get it. Why would you just randomly say that to somebody you don't know?

how many stairs lad?

You lads head about what's happening with Russian women this world cup?

Apparently tonnes of them are taking foreign dick. A lot of them are trying to get an excuse to leave their homeland so they're spreading their legs for Huemongrels.
What a "based" and "trad" country Russia is lel

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I'd medic her ageo if you know what I mean.

the white lad is part of the problem

Not to mention that HIV is rife over there.


wew lad

He can (literally) smell your weakness

sargon and dankula were probably calling ukip voters and leavers racist three years ago.

We memmies Now
Trump Orders Establishment of Space Force as Sixth Military Branch

They all have HIV tbh.

Would rather have the Tommies then Liberalists/a guy with a hammer and sickle tattoo.

make him pay, lad


they were trying to memi this lass as the poster girl for the world cup
turns out she's a porn whore and probably pozzed

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Now we just got to wait for the lawlessness to reach a peak and the veterans to rise up and take control, then we be Starship Troopers timeline.

I could beat him up though. Are you talking mental weakness? smh

Well I think I sound more exhausted than I am, and I think I kind of hold my breath because of my insecurities which makes it worse, also I am always stressed when delivering as I have a time limit if I want the first ferry home.

The Russians did it decades ago tbf, and NASA has always been a quasi-branch of the USAF.



Guess I was right, but I can't tell him that. smh


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do breathing exercises lad

If you wash regularly you'll feel more confident and won't be all wheezy from stress

Looks like a used up version of Poklonskaya tbh

Yeah I'm sure it's because of stress and not because you weigh the same as 2 average people.

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now lads see why we dislike the Russians

That's pretty fucked tbh, Russia has issues

based lads getting machine gunned and gassed for anti-extremism

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smh it's all of them combined.

I'm like Gimli tbh

Kek. Don't think that'll work. Kind of bored though so maybe I'll have a shower before bed.

Link me some