I recently turned 18 and now I have a little question...

I recently turned 18 and now I have a little question, do you think we are gonna live in a Cyberpunk society in our lifespan?

To be honest I love the Cyberpunk aesthetic but I don't know if in 25-30 years or so we are gonna live in a place with such aesthetic.

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Me: 21. Give it another 20 years.
But the aesthetic is dead in HK and Japan.
Only the looks of generic multicultural city #69

No, you don't get to live in the future user. You get diversity, LGBT, pregnant men, Islam and social media and instead of acquiring any wealth, you get the "sharing economy".

This is the future you chose.

After much of the globe is irradiated in WW3, it will be a daily struggle for those who make it to survive. On the bright side, the world can begin to recover once everyone is dead.

Yes, I am pretty sure of it. Except for the aesthetic, because aesthetics are too inspirational for plebs like you to be exposed to. And also without the technology, since universities and science has been subverted. Instead of cyborgs and quantum physics think trannies and gender studies.

But in all other aspects yes. The totalitarian oligarchic system with stormtroopers to push you around and you living in a tiny megacity box shared with 10 other neo-peasants, eating soylents and ramen etc.

Prepare your anus.

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You're just in time for the fall, user. You get to watch all the non-Jews be bred into niggers or killed so no one will be capable of challenging them.

It's not the future he chose. The generation that killed Hitler chose this for him.

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OP here.

Besides the fact that I love the Cyberpunk aesthetic, I have always thought that the future is gonna be just like (for example) instead of having phones with 256 Gb we are gonna have phones with 256 Tb and "hover cars" like pic related, and things like that, but memes aside i don't think the things are gonna change too much tbh.

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Please, you won't have a phone. You'll gave a chip implant into your brain that allows you to communicate with some people you know, but forget ever having a computing device of your own, or anything capable of holding data, that will be handled for you in the cloud.

That sounds like the things that the people from the 80's used to say about how will be the future.

Dude, in a generation western people are going to be a minority in every western country. People who have never ran a functional society are going to be the overwhelming democratic majority. Half of the western people left who will be said minority are seriously confused about their sex and sexuality and are rigorously trained in a collectivist quasi-religious way of thinking. The universities have gone from beacons of enlightenment age thinking to weird kindergartens where people accumulate debt for no reason and where obviously wrong science is being touted as something it's heretical to question.

You don't have to be Zig Forums to realize how much things are going to change in a very short time. If we're lucky WW3 kicks off. That's how insane the ride is about to get.

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We've been living in cyberpunk since the 90s

And I'm not even scratching the surface here. Add in a complete botnet with total surveillance nearing completion and terror events, what is it now, every week?

If you think comfy and mellow boomer society is going to persist beyond all this and more you're crazy.

Flying / Hover cars have been "right around the corner" since the 80's, just like VR. When we actually get real VR, nobody wants it. If you can buy a used gas guzzler for less than $10k, who the fuck is going to buy a flying car for $100k? Change wont be aesthetic. It will be necessary and affordable otherwise it wont happen.

Only in the urban dystopian part of the cyberpunk, without the technology or aesthetics.

The same people that buy sports cars for 200k, it's not weird, in fact, i think they are going to sell well after some time in the market.

but we have flying cars, they cost a few million. He'll we've had boat cars since the 50s.

There are never going to be self-driven flying cars. Even coordinating airplanes is hard as shit, and they have lots and lots of leeway, monitoring and trained pilots. AI driven vehicles is a meme, at the level of bumper cars or something, and it's doubtful we'll ever get it unless the general public is banned from the roads so people don't die all over everyday.

This is the reason why you don't get flying cars, it's not a technological problem per se.

No, they'll prioritize it and make it happen even if it kills everyone. Think of the power Google would have. "Trump rallies are racist/sexist/xenophobic. Asking our car to drive you there violates our ToS and your service has been cancelled."

As I said, it might happen but the hard criterion is that no one else is allowed to drive. Just too many problems with mixing autonomous human drivers with AI vehicles on the same roads. Noe, this might happen, but I doubt it. Personally I think they exaggerate their AI capabilities to a great extent, at least I've never seen any real AI (even rudimentary) despite all their claims.

But it is within the realm of possibility.

It only has to work in a half-assed way. Even if it only handles freeways and only in special lanes and kills people often, the powerful will push for it to be a thing as it takes a huge amount of power away from you.

That would be the same that putting good human drivers and bad human drivers on the same road.

Sorry to break it to you this way OP but we are living in a cyberpunk society. And it sucks. Less glorious than you would have expected, innit?

They already exist and they are a terrible idea that will probably not ever take off.

You mean like the driverless drone taxi service in Las Vegas and Dubai?

That's just a new kind of helicopter.

You wanted Bladerunner but you are going to get Robocop or Judge Dredd. But with more trannies and Islam mixed in.

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So what you want is an anti-gravity vehicle.

We already are. In 1985 our current society would have been considered cyberpunk.

That's where you are wrong kiddo. (Traditionalism by any chance?)
Doesn't that apply to most people by default. I'm ethnically german and irish and I have never ran a society before. How the hell can you "run" a society. I fucking wish I had complete control over my life so you can screw off with that authoritarian rehtoric. Besides, there are forms of governence other than Social Democracy that are more direct (such as Democratic Confederalism and Anarchism) for the individual to have full power over what they choose to be without using force on other individuals.
Need to clarify that, what do you mean by "Western" and how do you classify "Western People". It seems to me that you are spooked in Idenity Politics m8.
What is your solution to all of these problems that you listed? Reformism? Revolution? Centeralizing the State and Companies? Destroying the companies and the state altogether? Sit in your armchair and complain about it while reluctantly going to your job every day to complain about this?

Phones won't need barely any storage. They'll let you do all your computing on government monitored resources remotely.

We're already living in a Cyberpunk dystopia - that's why all fiction has stopped.

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He's talking about people collectively. Niggers and muslims are going to be in prominent positions all throughout the Western world, running nations far larger and far more complex than nature ever intended for them. Niggers fail to run small resource rich African countries, I fail to see how they will manage a steer European country with a complex economy (that's hard even for our people).


High-traffic propelled vehicles would be inviable if not impossible.

Please, you and the other guy, go to Zig Forums or Zig Forums.
But answering just this:
You're being dense? Population genetics and achievements are a thing.

Get off my lawn

tfw no one of the survivors will recreate Rust or Javascript.

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Not if ayy lmaos come after the downfall of our current order and help us rebuild our society on better foundations.

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I'm sure the Chinese will step in at that point, and just execute those subhumans to take the West for themselves.

Oh boy just wait till you hear about all the underages on here

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No u.

No. Non-retardation. I don't care about your commie revolutions and traditionalist fantasies. I care about rationality and reality.

Don't play dumb you cretin. Nothing I said was authoritarian in the least. That's your collectivist upbringing kicking in with a protection response. I'm not an authoritarian. I'm just stating the reality that by flooding your society with primitive tribal people things are going to change. That's not even a statement with anything against black people. It's a statement about how dumb your millennial ass is.

That wasn't even the main point of what I said, but you latched onto it like the "muh rayciss" collectivist you are.

Not at all. I've accepted that the world will change. No problem, I have a nice life in my bunker.

I don't have any solutions. I'm not sure it needs any solutions. Things change, most often for the worse. What can anyone do but live with it? I'm telling the guy who delusionally thinks he's going to live in a mellow boomer post-hippie society when everything is changing rapidly and irreversably is wrong.

i've seen that movie a dozen times and this is the first time i noticed the watermark. weird.

kek, nice that you just blend ideologies together.
You just implied that they are not capable of running thier lives democratically.
projecting much, White Aryan demigod who do no wrong.
If it is science it is not wrong, so implying that is makes it seem like you like no science.
If you said pesudo-science like what it should be called then we wouldn't be having this conversation. > b-but, no u


So this is what online discourse has devolved into.

Not him, but holy crap you have zero arguments.

We already live in a cyberpunk world, look at everything that's happening with technology.
We just didn't get anything that'd make it cool.

Niggers, Chinks, Abbos, Flyps and Chicanos.
Who else could they be, faggot?

You will see corporations taking more space as states fail due to the invasion. Private police, even smaller coffins for us to sleep in when not working for them, and even more spying to "protect us" from notallmuslims. You'll get all that too, the only thing missing is the 3d hacking and samurai girls. If you want lights and low-lives there are plenty of cities full of them right now.

"When they got so entangled that they could not find a way out they played the trick of acting as innocent simpletons." - Mein Kampf.

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please leave you stupid faggot
>>>Zig Forums

>>>Zig Forums

No, giving you the benefit of the doubt, you misunderstand what I was trying to say. I'm telling you I'm not an extremist in either direction. To me Zig Forums and Zig Forums are the same. I know this is hard for many to grasp, but to me the minutia they disagree on is overshadowed by their collectivist basis.

Well, I've never seen a democracy so I have no idea about that. I'm told they had it in Greece once, but that's a long time ago. What we have is a puppet show and a way of justifying bullshit by oligarchs as if it's some sort of majority decisions. That's not new, though. It's how it's always been. The only thing that's changed is that people now are too dumb to realize it.

I understand me having change in racial demographics as a part of the change that is coming triggers you no end. But that was a somewhat inconsequential part of the change I'm describing, not even my main point. But I do stand by it. I've never seen anyone but western and eastern people run any sort of halfway functional social structure, so why should I assume that other people will magically gain skills in social coordination and cooperation as soon as they arrive here? That's just socialist ideology, i.e. a sort of religion. Go look at some videos of parliament sessions in South Africa. That's what's coming. Now, as I said, democracy is a sham so that's not an end all, but it's still going to be quite the change from what you're used to, because most people are going to take that shit seriously.

Don't play dumb.

You have science and then you have science. You have enlightenment age science, that described predictable models and could be used to make shit like functional machines and progress. Then you have modern science that's consensus based fantasy sessions by communist low-iq university drones. This is bullshit like gender studies and psychology (and it's creeping into the natural sciences too, have been for some time.)

You can tell the difference by that the latter doesn't work, creates nothing new and has no real meaning beyond having retards employed doing "science."

This change should have been predicted (and probably was) when the academic systems changed from bringing in the small highest-iq segment of autist savants from the general populace and containing them in an environment where they were allowed to say and think whatever they wanted to what is a modern academy. That's quite a different place, where any borderline retarded mouth-breather is cheered on to graduate as long as he's able to fill in his loan applications.

That's why there haven't been any scientific progress for almost a hundred years now. What's the latest real, new practical development? The transistor? It's function and application was mapped out when people still rode around in horse carts. Sure, we've specialized and effectivized, but actual scientific discovery isn't happening anymore.

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Is this just you trying to deny that you are wrong but being stubborn about it?
Hi sargon of akkad.
So, the americas are defined as western and the people consisting of it originally were a multitude of people consisting of these ethnicities en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Indigenous_peoples_of_South_America
and Canadian natives.
Well, sorry to say but your people are pretty much tibalistic as those on the easteren part of the globe.
so is this another "science" term where it actually means Liberal consumed in idenity politics and postmodernism but you just have to rely on contex clues?
What's here? I assume america. Can't they cordinate bettween each other as the basis of surviving and are able to be autonomous? What kind of question is this. It's not like they are deaf, dumb, and blind.
I guess I could let this slide, those are proably humanists that you are refering to and not materialists.
What do yo mean by this? seems like dribble, can you rephrase it?

Severely underated post.
My anus is already feeling it

I think it's fair to say I've tried to interact with you in a patient manner, but you are obviously either very dishonest or a complete moron and I don't think anything fruitful will come from continuing our exchange.

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How am I dishonest or a moron?
Are you just going to be hostile to me this whole thread?

Because if you're not intentionally misinterpreting and twisting everything I'm saying in some strange attempt to annoy me then you're actually misinterpreting and twisting everything I'm saying because of a lack of mental faculty.

No one but you are amazed and bewildered when I use a term like "western people," or imply a concept like "science" can have a changing connotational definition.

If you're actually discussing honestly and straightforward here then you seem to have trouble with grasping basic common concepts and colloquial speech. If so you should seek to educate and train yourself before interacting with neurotypical people. Good luck.

It's my attempt to get you to define terms clearly so we don't misinterpret each other in the first place.
Where did you get the impression that I was flabbergasted at your poor choice of words.

Yeah, but as I try to explain to you, that's not normal behavior. Everyone understands perfectly well what I mean when I say "western people," except you. It's not an obscure concept. There is really no "misinterpreting" it barring extreme autism. Go read the wikipedo article on "western world," if you're genuinely confused.

When you try to make it seem like "western people" is some vague term you come off as trying to do a weird strawman meta-argument about how I'm being mentally lax in my way of formulating my arguments. Which I'm not, because as I say, anyone that's not retarded have no problem understanding what "western people" means.

Western civilization is based on the European peoples, a set of peoples who have their homeland in Europe since the Bronze age, as their final form was achieved when they received their Yamnaya/Corded Ware ancestry along with their Early European Farmer and European Hunter Gatherer ones.
These are Europeans
By this definition, what these people created is in the realms of Western Civilization. Everything, as they were and are different flavours of the same peoples.
By this notion, the Aryan India, Persia, Hittite Kingdom, Mitanni Kingdom, Armenian Kingdom, Celtic Kingdoms, Germanic Kingdoms, the Roman Empire, Hellenic Confederation, British Empire, French Empire, Russian Empire, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Islands everywhere and the whole of Latin America were created on the bases of a singular people, whose traditions and genetic output were crucial and unique.
Not all of these are alive today, or were yesterday - especially the peripheral spaces, considering Europe at the center.
This is Western Civilization

Science has many aspects, do you know about history of Science? From Pseudo-Sciences such as Magianism and Theology to Philosophy to Mathematics to Philosophical Mathematics to Physics branching into Chemistry and Biology, having the Scientific Method, the Kantian interpretation, the Popper resolutions.

Science today is not Science per se in many areas because it breaks its own rules of research and fool proofing.
It doesn't uses the Golden Rule of never starting with a Theory, but creating it later based on the Evidences to prevent False Causation and False Correlation.
It doesn't make Double Blind where it should, it doesn't analyse long term consequences for temporal discontinuity, it doesn't recognize the imperativeness of Physical reality and allows Metaphysics, it considers Social studies as scientific instead of them being what they are, conjectures and opinions only to an applied micro-selection, biased for demographics, sex, race, age, lifestyle, you name it.

Now, really, stop embarrassing yourself.

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Never play their game. The idea is to waste your time and tire you out or get you to make a single mistake in your definition so they can pretend they won the "debate".

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There's no mistake in the definition, the guy is full of shit and betted on you being some low-level.
He doesn't have the capacity of going against it.

Max he can do is to "muh, look at those atrocities htye did, muh look at what those idiots did and were", when in fact, he should have been making arguments in favour of external people integrating.

Probably he will say: "Oh but X people sacrificed animals!" or "Oh, but they had buttsex, those Romans!"

When in fact, he'll be using argumentative fallacies by isolating things from their context, their epochs, their motives, if it was considered good or bad, etc
That's if he's a bit smart, and if he's not, he'll just flop.

These types have no arguments and are just pretentious idiots.

This wan't even my goal? What are you talking about?
The post I responded to was what I expected from him and now I understood.

I'm not the person you were arguing with, I'm a third party.
And it seems you gave up.

Against what?

Gave up on what? I misunderstood him until then.

You seem to have forgotten, so let me remind you: not ALL niggers are like that.

Would you say your racial prejudice has diminished "a lot", "somewhat", or "not at all" from having learned this?

do you know what a nigger is?

We're already in one, we just don't have the A E S T H E T I C S.

Enough of them are for us to be concerned. And even if it was a tiny minority of them who were like that it still would be a problem as it is not White people's duty to care for blacks.

You roachpols are such retards. You blame these ostensibly universally incompetent foreigners for destroying "your" oh so great society, not even acknowledging the cognitive dissonance of how people so incapable are somehow able to tear down their clear superiors.
In reality all harm they do is the responsibility of those few who let them in to their own benefit - namely the owning class because the surplus of labour reduces its price in wage, worker protections, benefits etc. and thus increases their profit margins. But the American Propaganda Machine has brilliantly succeeded in brainwashing everyone on the "left" and "right" to viciously defend neoliberalism so you just call every critic of it a communist and continue to bask in your collective ignorance.


Also I don't believe in the left vs right, fuck you and fuck the 3rd world.

Which majority-black led nation would you call a triumph?

Earth is not hard and sturdy, rocks are hard and sturdy.

and the earth isn't made of rock

sage for offtopic shit

It's very easy to understand. They haven't torn down the superiors yet, but they are a ticking time bomb. When the older generation of say German leaders die out, the talent pool to fill their positions will be increasingly tainted with lower quality people.

Key points:

Hint: if the "owning class" isn't conspiring to silence you and is willing to promote your icons on their websites and donate money to your causes then your ideology was given to you by the "owning class". Stormfront being taken offline by a coordinated strike of multinationals proves Zig Forums correct. It is actually the Jews. Now go back to Zig Forums so we can talk about tech.

This. Once you've identified the real problem, you can work towards a solution. It's by no small coincidence that the "owning class" he alludes to is by and large composed of jews or shabbos goyim working for jew interests. They're the ones who have done everything possible to allow the rich to keep getting richer, and poor to get poorer. If the gap keeps widening, you won't have the "nice" cyberpunk like in sci-fi books, where people actually live in something resembling cities. The vast majority will live in squallid conditions in favellas and shanty towns. And communism won't fix anything either, because the jews will take control over that, exactly as they did in Russia. The underlying problem has to be addressed once and for all.

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Niggers destroy everything they touch, no matter where.

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Yes. I don't blame a mad dog for being mad, I blame the leftists who think we should bring millions of them to our cities and the jews who tricked them into thinking that way. Nevertheless, the dogs must be put down.
Not everyone. The center-* defends liberalism, but the extreme right is against it, except for lolbergs, and the extreme left always sides with neolibs in social matters but not economically.

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There are an infinite number of niggers. The focus needs to be on the root of the problem: Jews.



Incredible, all men were killed and white people doesn't exist anymore in news agencies.

If only you knew how bad things really are in Britain.


Hope for what? Living in mud shacks with stone-age technology and worshiping rocks?

Stop posting Merkel, you're drunk.

I asked the same thing when I turned 18, 12 years ago to this day.

Growing up playing Deus Ex I believed that's how my adult life would look, I was wrong. So I wouldn't bet on it.

Off on a tangent now; but when I was a child I thought VR would be better, and more common place than it is now. I always knew we'd have videophones and that they'd be mobile but the fact that they come as part of an app never once occurred to me. To be honest I never once thought anything about optional applications of any kind on phones.

Happy Birthday faggot.

Post hidden due to excessive downright tomfoolery, please learn the history of democracy and why your FUD is unecessary. Nothing was better before, take the nostalgia goggles off.

We already do. Don't call it a grave - it's the future you chose.

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Are you good at Zig Forums, I ask because I wonder if a nigger lover like you has any redeeming qualities.

Well, democracy is indeed shit, but the past was better.
The 19th and 18th centuries in Europe were perhaps the highest culture of mankind (culture, not technology).
It's even attested by genetic studies that, while humans progressively became smarter and smarter throughout history, its peak occured in Victorian England, and it's now in a downtrend everywhere.
Also, people tend to forget how Europe basically conquered the whole world before WWII.

Pessimistic views of these things are often parroted and propagandised by high school/university teachers, they also love to say Monarchies and the Middle Ages were bad. Actually, to them, everything European was bad, Colonialism was bad, Imperialism was bad - even though living Africans today say that things were better when they were colonies, which is supported by every statistic you can find.

But well, the Leftist "house of cards" (no pun intended) is falling and people are waking up.
Thing is, the future will either be very good or totally bad, there's no middle ground anymore - these we can all agree in unison - things can't stay the way they are.

A good post, but I imagine it will do little to convince our doltish friend.

I didn't say it was. I was replying to a person who thought things aren't going to change with a reply about why I think think things will. That's two completely different things.

But yes, things weren't much better before. They're just not better now. Actually it's about the same. I find it amazing that grown people can retain their irrational belief in democracy when it's so obvious if you take a look around you that parliaments are not where real decisions are made in our "democratic" societies. I attribute this to the fact that most people never break propaganda holds and just go on believing whatever they were told as children their entire lives. In medieval times it was how magic spirits made the world go round. Today it's democracy and bogus science. See, same shit, new wrapping.

But at least the previous irrational and crazy system that relied on external conflict produced enlightenment age results, like rationalization of religion, antibiotics, electricity, the computer and so on. The present crazy and irrational system seems to be more about producing broken families, pseudoscience, religious revival, trannies galore and internal conflict. So in some regards it's easy to slip on the old nostalgia goggles, I'll admit it. I'll take computers over trannies any day even if it means the hard work of colonizing shitholes instead of being colonized by them.

Why are the people who use this term always morons? I usually hear it from "skeptics," where skeptic in this instance means "someone who completely uncritically and religiously believes whatever media and authority tells them."

Oh no! Not my post! Well, I hope you managed to hide it before you reached the end at least. Be very careful about letting bad words reach your brain.

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What a fag.

I don't believe that 18th/19th century europeans were any smarter than ancient greeks, egyptians, or mesopotamians, much less the earlier atlanteans. The renaissance happened precisely because the ancient knowledge was brought into medieval europe, and their work was based on the older knowledge (that was largely lost to them after the fall of rome), rather than something they created out of nothing. But more imporantly, the europeans fell for the same old jewish tricks that many civilizations before had fallen for. However, the old ones actually btfo the jews who had no choice but to move and find another host to infect. Unfortunately the europeans just let the jews remain in their society and fester to the point where we are today. Well Hitler at least did try to btfo them, but the (already pozzed) anglos and americans got in the way. Unfortunately, Hitler also didn't listen to his generals as much as he should have, and the war may have ended differently if he had heeded their advice.

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Seriously, what system do you propose?
Just a shitting on representive democratic systems and grouping them with other democratic systems as being inferior to some merit based on identity system isn't really helping.

You don't have to "believe" shit, it was proven by genetics.
Kill yourself.