Brit/pol/ #2303: Based Golden Calf Edition

Brexit News for Wednesday 20 June
Theresa May in final effort to thwart a 'meaningful vote' rebellion

Gosport hospital deaths: Prescribed painkillers 'shortened 456 lives'

Shipman, Bristol, Stafford, Morecambe Bay - and now Gosport

Charlie Gard's parents want 'Charlie's Law'

England’s first walk-in clinic opens for female genital mutilation survivors in Newham, Tower Hamlets, Redbridge and Waltham Forest

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not saying "okay thankyou"

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I'm not sure if she drinks tbh also she's older than me tbh
No idea if she is single too
Also you're drunk lad, how can I trust you?

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not from this pisswater I'm not

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odds are she does lad
how much older? bet I've done a bigger gap not that it's a competition of course

The Russian arm of the fast-food chain Burger King has apologised after offering women a reward of 3m roubles (£36,000; $47,000) and free Whopper burgers for life if they got pregnant with a World Cup player's baby.


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blood types aren't the only thing to take into account

you can't just not fap!

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good post

trying to raise the býdlo birthrate, guvno

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Google images returns some fucked up shit from that tbh



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Nowhere in the Bible does it say wanking is a sin.

The book of Leviticus says:

So basically when you wank you are unclean, like when a woman is menstruating. But it's not a sin, just a biological function. Just take a shower after and use a tissue so you don't splash everywhere.


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Surprise…run by yids, promoting miscegenation
What they want is for a Russian thot to marry a wog
Sounds like Vlad made them get on their knees

I don't know how old she is tbh, probably a 6 year difference, possibly more, maybe even 10 for all I know

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Only one of these fine ladies can be your gf, lads. Which do you choose?

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wait I recognise that pizza boy

that's nowt lad

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Russian politicians BTFO

I see.

lmao the kikes have no subtlety

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yer ma

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tl;dr it definitely is more than skin-deep, and these fucks are eternally buggered by it

#1 tbqh

Third one looks cool tbh


Best thing I've ever read tbh

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Though I already have a gf so I shouldn't be thinking like that.

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Minister condemns Trump… at last: US president's immigration policy lambasted as 'indefensible' by Universities minister Sam Gyimah

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you'd be surprised how quickly you can manouver them once you're used to them

Next month
You have to hit the kikes shekels HARD

grrr, the self proclaimed digitial nomad lady on the dating site didn't reply to my message about virtual hermitage

That's a dude


Yawn, having any immigration controls at all in CY+3 is indefensible as far as these cunts are concerned.

call her a smelly cybergypsy


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that's why I said pizzaboy

I'm still not going to church lad

The real question is why are you posting traps?

you should be able to tell from sight

well yeah you'd get knocked down crossing the road by a car that you don't see

lad, it was in response to the lad prior in the thread who posted the >shadman picture
I'm not a spontaneous trap poster

just did, can't get banned I'm sure.

isn't family guy supposed to be "edgy"

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while visiting a POW camp she turned over evidence the troops had given her to their guards who then murdered them

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It's nasty. I'm lactose intolerant smdh so I've tried all the non-dairy alternatives and almond milk is the only one that tastes ok.

Can't she be tried for treason?

Doing God's will, mods.

how, what did they do now?

Should we all take the Insular Christianity pill so we can go back to having monks?

I take great care when I cross the road.

Was she the lass who was pictured sitting on a NVA AA gun?

Fair enough.

nought wrong with the monkpill
take the breadpill

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Wow so anti-establishment

I don't eat bread, it's fattening and I'm on a diet.

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Tbh she looks late 20s but she's in good shape so she could look younger than she is
Why are late 20s proto-mummy lasses so kino?

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lad aren't you 6'8?

No, the Saxons took the Rome pill. There's no recovering from that.

I read that bit of Crown and Country recently

He is, here's a photo I took of him during the last Zig Forums meetup.

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Why do you have to get to airports 2 hours before your flight now lads? Surely computers and such should make things faster than in Boomer days when you could just show up and get on the next available flight


I do it cause trains are spotty where I am

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It's utterly ridicolous or just pure trolling when people describe themselves as sporty and outgoing on online dating sites tbh

My sides.

I feel I'm more like the one from Krull tbh

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Jewgle Hanoi Jane

why was i banned for saying soy milk tastes alright?


holy shit, it was amazing i want to go fight a bear now

I do not believe that only the ascetic-monkish life is spiritual. It is good not to be too attached to worldly things, however; We do need to be, to a certain extent, detached and indifferent but we should also practice sober-minded private judgement and responsibility towards God instead of blind obedience to the traditions of other men.


total mystery kek

it's actually good though lad

wouldn't know so shouldn't judge tbh

it was only a short one

you know it's just a memi don't you? it has been studied extensively. i bet you drink cow's milk which is highly estrogenic


You're not the sharpest knife in the drawer are you lad?

Consumption of soy created the horrors of unit 731. Is that what you want for mankind?



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fair enough it's good for motivation tbh

top fucking kek, just like women telling us how a real man should act


you're the ones who said it

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you're the one who drank a bottle of rum

you are just dumb. keep living your lives based on memmies and drinking literal estrogen milk of bovines