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Spain: Students Kicked Out of €750/Month Dorms to Make Way for Boat Migrants
Spanish students have been “left out on the street” after being given just 24 hours to vacate their dormitories in order to make way for ‘Aquarius’ migrants.

Jeffrey Barry: Brutal murder of Kamil Ahmad was 'avoidable'
The murder of a man by a violent schizophrenia patient "could have been avoided" had a medical tribunal been given complete information on his past, a report has concluded.

They were the voices of his ancestors.

Theresa May 'questions Britain's role as a leading military power' weeks before crucial Nato summit

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Reminder to eat a proper diet

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Won't be happy until Britain kicks out the globalists and neoliberals, installs a nationalist government, re-unites the Anglosphere under one large Imperial state, recolonises Africa and then reconquers India and the rest of SEA tbh.

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Wonder where they'll try and dock next?
If it's Alicante, the people will soon start to get pissed off

tbh I want all of africa as an anglo ethnostate anglostate? just recolonising isn't enough

Dunno why Ireland is coloured in tbh.

you cannot do that without God
or rather, that would be the natural result of centuries of Christian Nationalist governments

I want America to balkanise then rejoin the UK tbh.

I agree to a large extent.

only the good bits really but I think they are missing part of their identity. Burgerland is half baked and they know it

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I can see parts of Northern/Eastern America fitting well into the UK.

burny wurny botty hurties!

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like a mustard seed which grows, we need only to ignite a Christian flame in the spirit of the British nation and you will see how it grows and conquers all before it.

The united will of Britain reborn is indomitable and irresistible tbh

Because the migrants are clearly already qualified doctors and engineers while the students are just dead weight.


the people are too degenerated
nothing's more important than feeling good from our senses and the dopamine rush from social media

Rightful clay.

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Message from "Julie" - pirate, slave trader, people trafficker and profiteer. Everybody clap

Christian Nationalism - as it was for hundreds of years

see how the conquering hero comes

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We've had decades of dysgenics but we once evolved from single celled organisms given the spark of life from an almighty creator. We have the genetic potential to become masters of our reality.

This. We need an Protestant Anglo Ethnostate, kick out the Jews and Catholics and enshrine the Law of Moses.

Psalms 71:20 - [Thou], which hast shewed me great and sore troubles, shalt quicken me again, and shalt bring me up again from the depths of the earth.

That is the cause to which I am devoting my life

I don't know much about that fancy booklearnin' stuff but I want my country back and to be a good man.

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we need to raise an elite minority totally separated from the multi pronged poisons of the world, for a new ruling class

Proverbs 3:13-15
Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding. For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold. She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her.
If you read only one book in your life, let it be the Bible.

why haven't you got involved in LOCAL politics yet?

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We definitely need people with an aristocratic mindset.

Who should I join? I considered joining the DvP but they don't seem to be going anywhere. Should I join UKIP? I used to be a member but I believe my membership expired.

Inspiritational livestream for you neets and wage slaves to be inspired by.

Finishing my degree first

I am though

Imagine being this size, riling up ICE agents by doxxing them and their families, inciting violence against them and then going to an American prison to get raped by niggers and spics for your trouble
Hope it was worth it "Sam Lavigne"

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Jesus that's a hateable face.

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why are the traitors in government more concerned with us than the rise of a new caliphate?
are they that fucking deluded they believe themselves untouchable? that it wont affect them?

I'm not even so sure myself lad, foreigners love Primark and the free-market open-borders satanic consumerism.

Happy Midsummer lads

seen an inpoint with the new EU law tbh

I like listening to his speeches tbh.


Muslims pose 0% threat to the establishment, they are 5% of the population and most are reliant on the state, the far-right however does pose a threat, since they mostly target the establishment, they shoot politicians and blow up government buildings rather than school kids at a concert, even Brevik who basically shot up a school only did it because it was a left wing training camp for future politicians.

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how many times have you fapped today

none. why lad?

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How many bets that amid the bomb plots and mass stabbing plans these 4 "attacks" involved even worse crimes such as leaving bacon outside a mosque or making a public speech about stopping immigration.

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is this rejected designs for tarot cards lad?

No it's this lad

The way it's going, undoubtedly. Governments breed extremists, extremists don't breed extremists

Bet they all involved White Lightning fuelled exploding burnt bacon butty plots

Denmark 1
Straya 0

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Bomb the 'spoons, radicalize the Deanos

nice lad

even worse lad
it was online groups meeting up in irl



we are being bullied

1-1 now lad

We are always being bullied lad, channel your bullyfeels into hatred for the people in charge.

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Hes clearly rustled over something. He sounds like a boomer from 2003 USA.

We deserve it at this point tbh

get out of here you fucking spy

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he sounds very rustled
maybe he's just anxious over America's impending balkanization

He's just trying to bully us into not being wimps. Got to be cruel to be kind he's also suffering from an inferiority/superiority complex

yank education is the worst

What day is it again?


top kek here's hoping we get the follow-up story on the state of the digs after the "refugees" have moved on

flibbity wibbly bottoms

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7 point lead
How will the left ever recover?

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He has to know hes preaching to the converted. He also knows that voting does fuck all because hes said as much before.

wont need to since Swedish Democrats shill harder for zion than Sweden

Well he is dating a Vietnamese camwhore.

Name a better pub company tbh

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Good lad

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Der Ewige Mischling

"When Adam Delved, and Eve Span, Who was then the Gentil-man?"

By forming a coalition government committed to nothing but keeping vile populism from returning to Europe.


case closed lads

Never gonna get a party who doesn't atm.

Wouldn't put it past them at all. Swedish police recently uncovered a stash of weapons, disguises and uniforms belonging to antifa

Could happen. Don't know how it works over there though

Sciatica causes you to stumble around while slurring your speech and either bitch slapping foreign leaders or trying to snog them

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We could be digital billionaires lads.

Don't know what it means tbh

hope he didn't address them in English, that's supposed to no longer be a significant language in the EU smh

he's saying that we were all equal in Eden I guess

Man, that must be the longest case in recorded history since it usually only lasts 2-4 weeks

Cromwell was right to crush the Diggers. Nowhere does the Gospel forbid private property. The communal sharing in Acts was not commanded for all Christians.

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top kek


off to lidl

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Yanks have a strange view of the world, tbh.

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