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QT soon

Spain: Students Kicked Out of €750/Month Dorms to Make Way for Boat Migrants
Spanish students have been “left out on the street” after being given just 24 hours to vacate their dormitories in order to make way for ‘Aquarius’ migrants.

Jeffrey Barry: Brutal murder of Kamil Ahmad was 'avoidable'
The murder of a man by a violent schizophrenia patient "could have been avoided" had a medical tribunal been given complete information on his past, a report has concluded.
They were the voices of his ancestors.

Theresa May 'questions Britain's role as a leading military power' weeks before crucial Nato summit

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its an abstract feel

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Isn't qt usually on at 10.45?

slightly later, 10.55 today

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Denmark's a mene nation that only serves as a gateway for real countries and Sweden to pass through on their way to wars.


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Pleeeeeease let someone throw a dreidel made of banana at afua hirsh.

Sorry to break this to you, but English history started in 1066, all these people must've been savage Celts or something.

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it begins!

Here we go lads

Thanks lad

Ella a qt




A woman against feminism, say what?

We've got a live one lads.

Needs a screengrab tbh.



All I see is rainbow hair, blacks, Muslims, Numales and a couple of boomers. Did they say where they are this week?

Such a shallow voice. Leftism and effeminacy definitely do correlate.

Getting screencaps on the go again tbh it's been ages

Good lad bloodhounds are based

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Boomers take thhis tax shit seriously. Anyone under 40 knows that tax and money are just menes.

I missed that.


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Get the man/woman wog that was onscreen the moment they went to the audience.

She'd give good sons tbh

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hot or not?

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Don't think you can rewind tvcatchup tbh but maybe they'll turn up again

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she's yummy tbh

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I'd like to see this greasy little weasel fight a man-sized jack russell

Tbh I think I might have once met Ella, vaguely remember a lass similar to her at a party where I also met another Spiked journo (Tom Slater)

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Never mind what women want.
I can tell you what I want from that pic.

Did Milo spike your drink with GHB and plunder your boyhole?


These people are all so fucking transparent

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Honestly surprised tbh, looking at the way he's dressed I figured he was just there to make a statement and go on about "muh Islamaphobia"

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No lad, I've met him a twice on other occasions though smh. Hate him now though, I thankfully grew out of that gamergate phase smdh

That dogs face reminds me of Dorset
Kekking tbh

He reminds me of a mouse tbh

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Boomers should just be euthanised tbh

He's a Sikh lad


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Sikh, lad. Are you a troll or something?


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This creature is the definition of a white nigger

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I honestly know nothing about Sikhs so I just assumed he was Muslim.

She's pro-Brexit, isn't she?

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Really want to poke the chunky lass in the bum with my willy

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t. Labour mouth breather.

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She's just fat, lad. How thirsty are you buggers?

Ellamay? She definitely would tbh. Ding dong.

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quite thirsty tbh

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Ella has that perfect combination/balance of cute and sexy tbh

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Child bearing hips tbh

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Ellafags are so disillusioned with women, they'd take a 5/10 because she's properly politically aligned.

Quite endearing tbh.

She's a man faced steg lad.

This cunt is like a double glazing salesman. What retards voted for him?

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thats what makes women attractive lad

Hasn't Tim only spoken once?

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And she isn't anyway. She's literally just a feminist degenerate who has the self awareness to realise that a backlash is coming and women have greater privileges than men anyway.

its a nhs episode


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Gas women tbh

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Ahahaha. Wew lads. How quickly you're betrayed by the eternal thot.

I'd like to put my willy into her yummy body

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I think she may be tbh.

Tbh I think a lot of the Spiked writers are

She's also a fat normie tbh.



Tbf lad she is a nice thicc ginger lass that has some more favourable opinions

When will they talk about something actually interesting instead of this crap.