Brit/pol/ #2307: Are Henry Edition

Brexit News for Friday 22 June
Theresa May faces a Commons fight with Brexiteers if she gives in to Brussels on trade, Jacob Rees-Mogg warns

Brexit will be a huge success - I have no idea why Brits are so defeatist about it, says Trump's man in London

Nationalist 'leprosy' spreading in Europe: Macron

'Bomb threat' panic at London's Charing Cross as armed police evacuate station and arrest man on the tracks 'claiming to have an explosive device' during rush hour

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The Early Tudors: Henry VIII and the Church of England

Bad lad

Beatty was right, tbh.

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literally who

sporting race war in 30 minutes

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Time btfo

Father says little Honduran girl on Time cover was not taken from mother
TEGUCIGALPA (Reuters) - The Honduran toddler pictured sobbing in a pink jacket before U.S. President Donald Trump on an upcoming cover of Time magazine was not separated from her mother at the U.S. border, according to a man who says he is the girl’s father.

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Were the agents on a fag break?

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Have no idea what any of this means. What's it from?


Only because the Henry VII told his Italian historian to write it that way. Henry VII was an accountant who made himself king by way of Swiss mercenaries and French money.

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Fahrenheit 451 (comic adaptation for children like myself)

what happened too all the edgy boomers talking about greasing reporters?

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Thought that was jabzy for a minute


liquidating, shooting, etc.

That he's spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) here to catch dafties.

Definitely a Somali

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shooting reporters with a grease gun

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I don't remember boomers threatening reporters lad. Was Maude Fealy there with you when this happened?

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He controlled the nobles by managing their accounts and putting high taxes on them as well as enhancing Chamber Finance.

Sounds like top tier kike skills.

Nah I don't want to wash away my natural oils and ruin my hair and skin, lad

who here on /nobreathe/?

Haven't taken a breath in 36 hours tbh.



George RR Martin is a fucking hack

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*punches her hooked nose*

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what did your mummy feed you for breakfast lad

Nothing. I wake up before her. smh


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Is posting broke from iOS lads? I can't seem to sit on my sofa and shitpost, I can only do it at the PC.

All rather a bit formal.

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I love him lads

I saw him first, lad….

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Did I hear someone say they wanted to hear my dad's Google history?

Don't like the way he's looking at me
Fuck yeah!

>"umm but history is boring :))))"

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Fucking weebs

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I want to build a three hundred foot henry viii with laser eyes now. We'll use him to retake the Anglo sphere.

*lo-fi electro beat starts playing*

I've no love lost for Iceland, but I hope they beat Nigeria right now tbh
The Argies deserve the added humiliation.

best otosan

why are your filenames like this lad?
are you a psyop?

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I save over junk images I'm too lazy to delete.

Rice Krispies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

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Bulgaria to propose immediate closure of EU borders to migrants

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end me


I'm excited lads, but RIP i7-2600k, you've been great.

assert your dominance lad

Fite him with your leg cheese

Good thing too, lad. You don't want to be caught with illegal memmies on your computer.

I'm not sure what to think of the books because I haven't read them, but apparently our Hitch liked them. There's nothing wrong with taking inspiration from real history for a fantasy story tbh.

really want some weetos now


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this happened because you don't wash


I was going to shower first thing when coming home but dinner was ready

I did tbh I hung up fast


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I've nought wrong with taking inspiration either, but for people to say his hackjob writing is more interesting than history is just insulting.

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We just need him to shout patriotic sound bites about empire and Anglo superiority now.

Two males aged 18 and 16 have been charged with attempted murder after a 15-year-old boy was stabbed in Chessington, Kingston Upon Thames on Wednesday, 20 June.

How can they do this to their kids?

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stabbing somewhere I've been

to please the missus

Because she cares more about what her peers think of her than the welfare of her children, and he's pathetic.

Imagine being a nigger forever would have sufficed

sounds like they’re friends tbh

Pretty sad how they always fall back on that.

it's the one and only thing they have above wypipo

The Vietnamese look like top lads.


Oh yeah something actually happened in my town today keek.

A lad drove his car into a jewelry shop and stole shit then later he was in a hostage situation with the police but instead of keeping the hostages he stabbed them and got shot in the leg keek

It was probably the eternal thot who did the shooting smh

weak man smh, or maybe he believes the lies and feels morally superior for doing it

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And spicing the fuck out of your food to disguise the taste of rotten meat is hardly a thing to brag about really.

Not even true. English mustard is hotter than most of their memi sauces.

Might as well make a wog bingo at this point



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It's so childish but it made me chuckle.

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It's like when a movie tries to portray 80's gangs.

Was it a vibrant diversity incident or a pale, stale norwigger who's inner Viking surfaced?

Literally Farquad tier.

wew Cyberpunk 2077 looks shit

gayniggers from outer space?

Stuff like this is usually a slav thing, but we don't know yet. Slavs usually plan it and get away with it. Leaving your car seems a bit weird.

That's what I thought too.

top keek

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