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So anything happen overnight or just another boring night?

allegedly a nigger got run over, you'd have to ask Steiner about that

also a yank should not have to half-bake breads, step up your game lads


And yeah seems to be a slow morning

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this is the race that defeated Iceland in the soccer tournament

well yeah you need a calorie deficit, so eat smaller portions of strictly healthy and nutrient-rich food, fairly low carbs, should be mostly lean meat and densely nutritious vegetables like kale. that plus plenty of exercise, lifting being a great example because it builds muscle which in turn burns more calories. granted, I've never been fat so idk rly, but that's my understanding. you need a calorie deficit, basically, so if it doesn't work then try counting them. and if you need to lose a lot of weight, then consider keto, it's very efficient, but you will probably lose muscle too so only if you need to lose like double digits IMO

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She's ours.

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If we were run by a proper government, it would order immediate seizure of Airbus' assets and execution of their UK chief executive Tom Williams. Problem solved.

Who wants to be next?
Problem solved.

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*reposts from last thread*

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imagine taking her from behind

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Airbus are making empty threats, they'd be retarded to pull business from here

What is this memmy?

It's used to shame youngfags that think they've got everything figured out. Probably the best mene since 56%

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Need one where a millennial boomer has figured out how to avoid the time old dispute of arguing with your wife by just being super alpha.

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You're lost in the ocean of wishful thinking
You cling to your oar while the boat is sinking
But if you can be PROUD and LOYAL and TRUE.
The land of your fathers is waiting for you.

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Most men will get it where they can tbh. When they find themselves in a prison of any shape or form, they will resort to the most base deviancies.

Is that one of the thorne lasses? I remember her from the cunny threads on /tv/

Went for a walk tbh

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Why did out ancestors have to burn down all the trees lads?

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top fucking kek

You live in a nice country. What elevation do you live at? Do you get harsh winters? Ever get windy where you are?

farmland and your marine I guess. Britain has some of the best most fertile land, no? That's why everyone wanted it

It gets windy yeah, but don't have to get deep in the forest for there to be no wind. I live at 137 meters above sea level, you can see the sea from my house. I live in Levanger. The place I visited is 240 meters above sea level and right next to the sea.

Looks like a nice place for a comfy shitposting cabin. Heard Norway has good gibs too.

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Steiner at 80

smh lad. Been thinking about getting something like that though, but idno. Considered living in a van as well, but you end up having to do so many additional things I guess I'll just have to rent some place smh. Or live at home until I find a lass

Build a tiny house lad. Building one myself at the end of this year.

The uplands aren't very fertile, which is why they're used almost exclusively for livestock.
The flat planes of the East, (where the Danes settled), are famously fertile though so that might actually be a reason as to why they chose there tbh.
Places like East Anglia also had an abundance of waterways for ships to navigate, which would have been handy for vikangz.

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don't post the town you live in dumb fuck


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I'm not sure if I'm allowed smh

And it sounds really hard ahhh

But it's been known for so long

Was on /int/ a few weeks ago and someone asked why there were no vidya gayems based in Ireland, and some lad replied by suggesting farming simulator on impossible difficulty. lel.

yeah but then i can do this :^)

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Where is that, lad? That doesn't look British.

Looks ugly to me tbh but it's probably way cheaper yeah

I have never gotten that from his work. One can express emotion without advocating being a complete wet blanket smh. Also:
Jesus wept, these people are gay. Leftism is one gigantic expression of homosexuality.

ur town bud im trying to find a house with a sea view with shit outside it because people who raise an overweight son will have shit outside their house

nice… going out tomorrow when all the footie chavs are indoors

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Kek, no. It's really tidy. I won't give more details smh.

Don't even recognise that house tbh. It looks more like Verdal than Levanger. Have the address?

Nice plan, lad. Since I wake up early in the week I can go for early comfy walks in the weekend

weew lad

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Ah, Nesset. That shop no longer exists. There are flats there now.

if you actually use chrome i dunno what to say tbh lad

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what a mess

Is this ironic?

Let my UKIP membership run out well over a year ago. Never joining again tbh.
What a shithouse party.


…but chicken tikka masala is British

them theres footie folk tbh

one of the lassies is squinting a bit much tbh


who ever composed this pic has no comprehension of reality

top keek aww

I like going to watch football in the pub because in my paki-infested shithole of a town it is the only place I can guarantee will be 95% white. Watching shitty local football is also completely homogenous.

Happy independence day lads

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That webm feels rather premature now.

beautiful tbh

Watching football with women

Rather shit in my hands and clap

well all white until a paki bombs it

probably from london

I can do that I just don't wanna.

Hotel? Smh poor seamanship there lad

No reality is the same here.


no reality is subjective to the individual you racist bigot

fucking women

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Kurten vs Khan

For short blasts is morse for Hotel, but it doesn't mean anything unless you're signalling using flags.

At sea, the only signals you should be making if you're not in restricted visibility are:
HONK = I'm altering my course to starboard
HONK HONK = I'm altering my coarse to port
HONK HONK HONK = I'm going astern
HOOOOOONK HOOOOOOONK = I'm going to overtake you on your ….. side
HONK HONK HONK HONK HONK = I don't understand your intentions

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Migrant rescue vessel Lifeline stranded with no port
Nothing wrong with Zarzis in Tunisia or, bang a right and drop off in Cairo or Haifa


Here's that marine traffic site where you can track the refugee taxis if you know the names of the ships

yeah funny whoever they are say's kurwa as well

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Is this how highly educated doctors and engineers communicate?

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I believe that was Magyar as well.

yanks getting permabanned for making shit threads

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Oh yeah they deffo say kurwa, all i remember of Hungarian now is swearing

Lad we were desperate

no excuses

OP updated