Brit/pol/ #2309: Big Boats Edition

Brexit News for Saturday 23 June
Boris Johnson warns Theresa May not to deliver 'bog roll Brexit' on second anniversary of referendum

Harrow stabbing hours after Greenford murder, Sadiq Khan under pressure

Majority back tough restrictions on immigration

Rees-Mogg leads calls for May to threaten ‘no deal’

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They are really trying to hide Pro-Brexit march that also happened today

really gets the noggin joggin

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ummm no sweetie we're just removing access to extremist material

really ticks the tocker

I think I'll just start stabbing journalists tbh

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raises the question: if marches don't change anything, then why are the censoring the pro-brexit march, but not the anti-brexit one?

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because uuhhhhhh racist and sexist much?

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Homeless In Manchester | Britain's Forgotten Men

Remember when you were younger and older people always used to say how "you can't trust politicians, not one of them, bunch of bastards" etc?
Those evil politicians have nothing on journalists.

Oh fuck off Beeb Three, they aren't forgotten, you're just conveniently ignoring them.

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Might become a historian of cementaries tbh.

Are they actually being censored though? I don't actually read the news any more, how many reports are there on pro-brexit demos? It's plausible that the media would collaborate in selective reporting of course, or maybe google has a whitelist for journalism so only goodthink gets through.

the people deserve a final say guys

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Looking forward to a soyak trace of this


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We do indeed, let's put it to a vote.

but what is their motivation, though? "muh economy"? "muh Ibiza"? is that it?

They don't know, they're just going with it because their peers are.

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yeah, they're only covering the anti-brexit march, not the pro-brexit one



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andy was holding him back tbh

Yeah. I know. Smh. There was just something innocent with it. It was like they were virgins who had sex and now they're dirty. smh

You know a lot about that metaphor lad?

analogy i mean

No, I've never had sex. I guess it's how you feel dirty for masturbating I guess.

if you keep wanking for too many years, your brain will rewire itself so you can only cum that way. It will be awkward when you start shagging but can't cum.

Me too, I guess one of the other lads can verify this for us.

sounds like pseudoscience, lad. Are you into nasty stuff?


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I've never had sex with anyone because I swore myself to perpetual virginity. But what you say is true, the penis is designed to slot inside a vagina, not to be gripped by your hand. Masturbation deforms the penis, most human penises are actually misshapen because of this. It is actually possible to tell the difference between a penis that has been automatically stimulated from one that hasn't.

keek this virgin

Are you some sort of penis expert?

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yeah but let's be honest here, how many of those are there?

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we should all post our penises so this lad can inspect them…

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why lad?


porn-induced ED is extremely common tbh. had it myself but quitting porn made it go away. if you've watched it for a long time or watch extreme stuff it can take a long time for your brain to heal

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I was set apart from others for that reason, I do believe, some men are born to be celibates.

Gotta love human's retardation tbh

How many people were there at the pro brexit marches, lads?

What you say is true. Wankers are like drug addicts, after a while they build up a tolerance and need something stronger for their hit. Before they know it, they are masturbating to gay porn, bestiality, etc. It's a process called masturbatory conditioning; that which formerly repulses now excites.

uh no actually, the purpose of every organism is to reproduce, it is in every man's best interest to impregnate as many attractive women as possible and thus have as many offspring as possible

of course, we are civilized, and the ideal situation in a civilization is for people to be in monogamous partnerships forming strong families. so with this in consideration, every man should find the best woman he can and have a large family with her, raising the offspring well

wanking is cancer, kills test and makes you go bald, but being voluntarily celibate is a whole new level of retardation

I know this feeling tbh


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I have health problems so it's for the best I don't tbh.

keep telling yourself that as you destroy yourself

It's in our best interest to make sure they actually live, lad.

I don't think monogamy is just a civilisation thing tbh. I bet it even started in the first tribes as a tribe made up of more men could beat one man hoarding a lot of lasses. It's how weaker chimpanzees gangs up on the big strong mean chimpanzee and kill him.

More evidence Steiner is Charls.

No, lad. Obviously it is your choice, but don't decide not to have children because of something like that. Those children can't be born without you. being born at all is a blessing.

I wasn't excusing the behaviour.

Charls is as real as it gets tbh

Volcel is literally the only way to drag humanity back into track.

dumb mgtow tier stuff

Mental case post

He's a nutter that's read to much german and jewish philosophy.

As always there is a tension between the individual's best interest and the group's. The group needs offspring with a varied genetic profile amongst whom the most unhealthy will be deselected.


the most healthy aren't necessarily the ones who breed. Actively deselecting yourself because of perceived faults is dumb.

I'm drunk not insane. Also saving the world doesn't require humans to be alive.

Le bowden face

Have you considered that what you might want to be selected for is no longer what is selected for?

Fuck off.

I don't understand what you are saying


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But yes.

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5:04 Even without the overly spooky music he sounds like a villain from a spy film unveiling his new super weapon.
Kek, he's talking about Woes

it's morning in Shanghai

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Only dysgenics from here on out lad the elite have willed it.

fuck off bagan, polygamy is for fags.

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kek I saw that too. Woes is so inoffensive too. He's like a cute animal in a zoo you want to feed some sweets to even though the signs tell you not to.

Sure, lad, but I don't subscribe to demoralisation at all. Don't see why other people making poor choices should affect my choice to mate.

I know you weren't, but the more someone wanks the further down the rabbit hole of depravity they go, the more they have to find more and more depraved things just to feel something. That's clear as crystal.

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first of all, I explained in the latter half of my post that I do not endorse going full nigger. I am in favor of monogamy and large, traditional families. second, it is in the biological interest of every organism to produce as many offspring as possible that will produce as many offspring as possible. do you not understand the point I'm making?

Because your kids will be clubbed to death for doing better than the other kids due to egalitarian ideology taken to it's conclusion.

Maybe. I guess that's part of desensitisation


even if there was a 99% they would get clubbed I'd still do it keek

and made a very good point that there is a conflict of interest between the individual male who benefits from mass-impregnation and the society at large that benefits from monogamy

The world is a human concept, without us it's just a rock with animals feeding on to survive.

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Top whitepill lad

Nihilists need to fuck off tbh

their entire identity is based off a modern work of fiction

I made a similar point, papa. (You) me too

Aren't they just a bunch of libertarians reluctantly larping as reactionaries?

Fair point but I fear we move closer to that being the case with us on it every day.

I've no fucking idea what they are, I'm 110 pages deep into Fanged Noumena right now

Is that a new D&D ruleset?

sadly not, then it would make sense

That's what I picked up from looking at some of the articles on Dark enlightenment or whatever the fuck it is. Even the accelerationism seems like an attempt to force people to accept a new libertarian reality of the state where it's nakedly a for profit business with shareholders instead of voters.

tbh the fact Land writes for China Post nowadays ties in with what you've just said

Germany getting it in the arse from Sweden