My girlfriend's parents think that she and I should separate because we're "on different spiritual planes"...

My girlfriend's parents think that she and I should separate because we're "on different spiritual planes". We are both Christians. Non-denominational. We grew up attending different churches. She likes to pray aloud, I like to pray internally. She adores pop worship music and I can't stand the stuff.

Am I destined to always have spiritual discord with this girl?

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You know what the obvious solution is right?
Yall need to both come to the same spiritual plane and BEGOME GADOLIG. Only then will you both know peace and have a real relationship with the LORD.

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BEGOME GADOLIC have 20 kids and stop worrying about it. Put your trust in Jesus and stop letting others pull you around.

I don't think there's a problem with that as long as you both love God. Maybe you'll meet somewhere in the middle over time, who knows? Pray and ask God what He thinks, listen to Him before your girlfriend's parents. I hope you can figure it out!

On the one hand, lex orandi lex credendi, but on the other, let's do an experiment. Why don't you both visit a monastery for a day and do at least lauds and vespers. That'll be out of both of your comfort zones, and hopefully get you back to the root of your faith - the worship you will see is as old as the faith itself. Let me know how it goes.

Hi OP, don’t give up. Finding a good Christian woman is hard and you both serve the one true Christ.

I’m in a similar situation- I’m Lutheran, she’s Mennonite. Opposite ends of the spectrum. I’m heavy on tradition, liturgy, litanies, Saints - she’s all about the piety, prayer groups, charismatics.

It gets rocky at times but we learned to be supportive and understanding of doctrinal differences. We go to each other’s churches and fellowship with each other’s communities. It ended up giving us a larger and more whole view on Christ and Christianity as a whole. We made a lot more friends within the church than we would have otherwise.

Hang in ther OP, it’ll get better


Disregard that, BEGOME GADOLIG

I've never been married or had a girlfriend, so take this with a grain of salt: marrying will work if you dedicate yourself to being with them, and compromising on some things. if that's all that is really discordant between you, then you don't have much to worry about, just practice patience, and be graceful like our father is graceful, and compromising. Sorry if I am rambling, but you probably shouldn't take relationship advice from Zig Forums, even if it is this place. This kind of thing is more of a yahoo answers question :^)

In other words, they don't want to see their daughter "be tied down" by a man such as yourself and, should you marry, will do everything in their power to manipulate their daughter and drive a wedge between the two of you. When you also take into consideration the differences between you and her, this relationship doesn't sound like it would be a loving, long-lasting one, sorry to say.
Non-denominational Christianity attracts such a broad audience, so that doesn't mean much. I used to be non-denom, and while many of the men I knew at my church were conservative-leaning, the women (regardless of political leanings) dominated their husbands, and said men were visibly miserable because of it. I only knew of a couple non-denom women that, at best, treated their husbands as equals and had things in common with them (pro-life, pro-gun, pro-homeschooling, etc.). You'll just have to cross your fingers and hope you meet a like-minded woman who's also non-denom. That, or you can come home to Rome, become a devout Catholic, court a woman who adheres to the Church's teachings, win over her parents by simply being a decent man, and have a joyous, fruitful marriage.

Become Uniate :3

Praying in a quiet place alone is biblical. Only time it is aloud is in a group.

This is why I can take “non-denominational” churches seriously. They’re all over the place and they pretend they don’t adhere to any specific dogmas, but they all do, so it makes it confusing when you go from one to the next and find out that they do different things despite supposedly being the same.

That said, break up with her. If you cannot meet in the middle or bend to her ways (and vice versa), it will fail.

Sorry for the blogpost, but we split up just moments ago. The reasons are complicated and really only tangentially related to our spiritual differences. It turns out that her mother is an overbearing tyrant and keeps this girl on a leash. I wasn't able to win over the mother, I wasn't able to cut the leash, and I wasn't able to get this girl to bolt on her, so that's that.

Thank you, everyone, for your words. It's all happening the way it should.

I actually find that I'd prefer not to attend a church at all. It seems to me that churches as institutions are dangerous. I don't want to follow a church, I want to follow God. It's hard, because while I think that church is important, I also think that going to a church institution is asking for trouble, and I don't know yet how to articulate the distinction between those two things, or how exactly the institution makes it dangerous, or how to do church without attending a church institution.


and sorry about the other thing. maybe for the best.

You can't follow God without following the Church he instituted, which has always had people with authority. "Institution" is just a meme word for "whatever isn't hippie liberal retardation without actual substance".

A "church" that is just a bunch of hippies screaming their opinions is no Church at all, that is why all the early christians spit on your sad understanding of the Church.

I don't get the problem. You're both Protestant but you pray slightly differently and she likes music you don't. That's hardly any difference lol.

yeah I can tell your relationship is doomed

I'm reminded of the Moral Orel episode where the two families are absolutely perfect for each other to be lifelong friends, but then they find out that they pray the Lord's Prayer differently (debtors vs trespassers) and forever refuse to speak to each other.

That's the thing, bros. I agree with you completely. These differences are so minor, they're barely worth mentioning, but I guess it's some kind of HUGE DEAL to their family.

No, thank you, I'll pass. They're just as lost and as weak as I am. I'll follow God's word, not theirs.

They just don't like you, and they're using the minor differences as a pretext.

Have you tried being the man and telling her that she's not going to be doing that gay shit anymore? Not that praying aloud is bad, but that pop garbage has got to go it makes a joke out of religion.

Imagine my shock. You need to get your balls back or you're going to flush civilization down the toilet because you were apprehensive about taking control.

Lmao are you even aware of who gives them that authority, citizen of neo-Sodom?