Why haven't you moved the Catholic hub of the US yet?

Why haven't you moved the Catholic hub of the US yet?

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Because I am Italian.

Because I'm Polish.

Also: where is this?

No thanks

SSPX in Kansas.

Just go to Rome (and prepare for reinstalling the Papal States).

Why go Romanesque when you can go Gothic?

Like this.

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I'm definitely enticed to go there. It seems like a very excellent opportunity. Can't go anywhere in this damn country without seeing degeneracy and minorities, at least in small town KS I'll be with devout traditional Catholics and whites.

You can't be a Catholic hub if you aren't fully Catholic.

I plan on moving there eventually.
With that said I'm still in catecihism at an SSPX chapel.
With that said, everyone there likes me because I hate prot tiggers and vatican II. I'm also friends with a couple of sedevacantists there who know that Francis is a heretic.

Why must you hate us? I hate the degeneration of the church just as much as you do. You must remember that SBC and MSL still remain pious in their refusal to ordain fags and women.

Bruh. Minorities are still humans made in the image of God.

Yeah but that doesn't mean they get to live around me, stupid.

Still heretics who drag souls to hell, are you kidding me?


If God approved of multiculturalism, why did he make the nations in the first place? All throughout the Bible foreigners invading and marrying your women is a sign of the wrath of God poured out on a nation.

Every time.

*Has clown mass*

By definition, they are.

That's basic pan-christian doctrine.

If I didn't hate the cold as much as I do I might be so inclined.


Americans (like e.g. Brazilians or Mexicans, which also are nations composed of people with very different genetic origins) are an example of a nation that is composed of people with very different origin and heritage. Granted, most nations have some sort of genetic unity and common genetic heritage, but exceptions exist, and the American nation is one of them. It's still one nation, but a one which originated in an unusual way, hence the genetic diversity within it.

Besides, how do you know Catholics from these minorities won't migrate to that town too? There is a lot of non-white Catholics, some will likely also think of moving to this town.

America, if it exists as a nation, is genetically Anglo.

lol no

Trolling is not very charitable, user.

The truth is not trolling. SSPX are not in full communion with Rome. OP is lying by saying that an SSPX church is a "hub of Catholicism".

where's that? The reconquista zone in california to texas?


Because if I moved away from my secular crap hole, who is going to save these people from their anti-christian heresies? Who will spread the joy of praying the rosary? If not me than WHO?

are you high?

Webster's dictionary 1828:
AMER'ICAN, noun A native of America; originally applied to the aboriginals, or copper-colored races, found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America.

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But you didn't write that. You wrote they're not Catholic. So the pope de-excommunicated Protestants? And they're letting them exercise sacraments validly?
Well, either the Pope winnie the poohed up or they're Catholic just not in regular communion.

We're all equal in the eyes of God but that's pretty much where equality ends. Also, God created nations of people when he tore down the tower of Babel so I doubt he'd want his unique creations being destroyed through race-mixing.

I actually don't hate prots as people. Some of my best friends are prots. I hate the heresy of protestantism that could very well send my friends to hell and I don't want that to happen.

The SSPX are invalid, so it's not incorrect to say they aren't fully Catholics.

According to who? Post Vatican II popes?
When I see comments like this it makes me tempted to go full sedevacantist.

The Vatican does not say the SSPX is invalid, it doesn't even consider the Sedevacantists to be invalid clergy. They say they're illicit, though they've also said that an SSPX Mass can fulfill your Sunday obligation. The SSPX argue that the crisis within the Church give them supplied jurisdiction.

Forgive me, yes I meant illicit. However, my point still stands.

Do that and risk damnation.