Combatting Homosexuality

I don't know what to do anymore bros.

I've been dealing with attractions to the same sex for years of my life, all my pre-teen and teenage years I thought I had enough of a resolve to resist them but I've given in on more than one occasion now that I'm an adult. I know that I'm a disgusting degenerate. I know that in many people's eyes I deserve the death penalty for my actions, and I understand that entirely. There will be no point in my life where what I've done and it's effects can be erased. I have permanently damaged my mind and memories and if I were to be put to death, I would at least get the opportunity to be free of said effects. I know that's not going to happen in our current culture though.

I don't want to be like this. I have attractions to women, yet I keep falling into my perversion. How do I deal with this? How do I conquer my temptations and strengthen my resolve? I feel like I don't love God and fear Hell enough to do this. How do I solve these issues?

I apologize in advance if I am breaking any rules. This is my last place to go.

Just fyi, I am a Roman Catholic

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I guess i can say that it's good to pray to rosary every day at different times of the day, and establish a good prayer discipline, and discipline in general. Another thing, don't give up and don't give in into the devil. Fight and struggle until you die. Non serviam satana
i'll be praying for you brother, and i ask your prayers for me as well. God bless

Sure thing, friend.

Two words user, Spiritual Warfare.

Before I get to the bulk of this comment I'll put the following links here.
> - Spiritual Protection
> - Levels of Spiritual warfare
> - Spiritual warfare Pt. 1

Now before you go click on any of those links let me say as a preface. They're long. I recommend you listen to them when you're doing something where you can focus on them without completely just sitting their idle doing nothing else, as if you do the latter you probably won't listen to them.

You don't need to watch them all in one sitting, but I highly recommend them as they have helped me a lot.

As for my advice aside from listening to the videos. I used to be a lot like you, though not to the same extent. I suffered same-sex attraction too when I was a teenager but I believe that was due to pornography and its deterioration of my morals. Rather than an innate desire, regardless it was there. Could also be when some older kid abused me when I was like 9-10 and put his dick in my mouth, but I didn't like it then and the thought of it from then even through teenager years was extremely disgusting

We're all disgusting degenerates user, if we could even begin to fathom a glimpse of the true greatness of God. Committing a mere venial sin would deserve much much much more than the death penalty.

This is touched on in the youtube videos above. Pray to the Lord and to your Guardian Angel to help remove these past sins and memories from your mind. Demons will use this against you, you realize this, I realize this. Before I became Catholic I had gone from the age of 14-20 masturbating 3-5 times a day, to all sorts of shit. My mind is permanently scarred because of this and it makes the struggles much harder due to everything I've seen. It becomes more and more manageable user once you start to get into a stronger prayer and spiritual life.

Spiritual warfare. Step it up user. This is a war for your soul, the devil is trying to take you away from God. Do whatever you can, any underhanded tactics you can think of. Instead of giving you instructions I'll give you an example with my own life as I got sick and sick of falling, each time I did I upped the ante. Till I hit a point and decided to take it truly seriously. This is my soul and my eternity with my Lord we're talking about.
Those are just things that I'm doing, I'm sure you can take it even further. Throw some fasting in there, abstain from meat etc. It may sound rough, but most of it is very easy. My favourite time is in the evening with my prayer to the Lord, and when I'm drifting to sleep praying to my God. I love my Guardian Angel, and blessing myself with holy water I feel has helped me out greatly as well.

Some may say this sounds overboard, especially some luke-warm people. But ignore them. REMEMBER this is a battle for your soul, for eternity. Don't cut corners, go all out against the adversary.

Pt. 1

You personally do not conquer your temptations. It may sound meme'ish the amount of times this has been said. But only through God's grace can you overcome these temptations and have your resolve strengthed.
I've faced the issue where I've wanted to overcome these things in the past, but when push comes to shove I don't. After failing a few times I realized that I need to completely abandon myself to God. Someone who abandons themselves completely to God will never be abandoned by God. Pray, each time you pray at some point include in your prayer you want to do the Lord's will. You want to be able to give yourself to Him, to put His will before you own. Pray for the grace to be able to surrender yourself completely. It won't happen overnight, but if you keep praying you will find you give more and more of yourself to Him. And I believe this is the best way to go about doing this.

A lot of it is coming to the realisation that you need God to change you. You can't overcome temptation alone, and you can't change yourself on your own. Through the Holy Spirit and your prayers to change you can be changed.

Romans 7:15-17

You know the law is good user. But you are still slave to sin. Pray that you can give yourself completely to God. Every last bit, even if you're 99.5% given to Him, hanging on to that 0.5% is whats keeping you attached to your sin. That's keeping you from loving Him and fearing hell as you should.

You can't just will yourself to love God as you should. Or fear hell as you should. It will take time and patience, just keep praying to the Lord for the grace to love Him more. To make every sin even more absolutely abhorrent. Etc.

Also know this user, don't feel bad about these thoughts. (The ones about not loving God enough.) Many Catholics feel this. I feel this, especially after I sin. Last time I caved into masturbation the thought came into my mind 'If you really love the Lord do not go through with this'. I was devastated, as I love the Lord yet I couldn't even stop myself with that in mind. Even now it brings me to the verge of tears to think of that. We will never love God as much as we truly should, and never appreciate Him as much as we should. So let us keep striving as far as we can to reach these points with God beside us. The saints never reached that point and neither will we. But God never asked for perfection (I mean He did tell us to be perfect) but not in the sense that we should be exactly as Him. But we are to strive to this perfection.

So keep on going user, remember that God loves you and pray that through the Holy Spirit, that He may shape you to His will. As that is your will.

I will pray for you user, God bless.


Oh and two more tips that I need to bring into my spiritual warfare as well.

When I was in university I would go to mass daily. And go to confession monthly.

During this time I had no problem with sin whatsoever. I easily went by a year and some time without masturbation which was my biggest sin.

When I stopped doing these things is when I slid back into struggling with just 2 weeks or a month.

So try go to regular confession even if you're just confessing venial sins. And try to go to mass more regularly or half walf through the week to recieve the Eucharist to get you through to Sunday mass.

Go keep you on your journey user. Amen.

Have you been praying the rosary everyday OP?

OP, go talk to your Catholic priest about it and he'll sort out everything for you

I used to be prison gay. Really horrible, just awful time in my life. I prayed one night for it to go away and started trying to find girls attractive (and also just started compulsively masturbating to women which you shouldnt do but im just being honest) one year later now and i dont have homosexual tendencies anymore. Maybe i wasnt really gay though. I was just pathetic.

No one and I mean NO ONE is born that way. People turn into sodomites by choosing sin over God. You were never a sodomite, only under demonic oppression in this spiritual warfare we must all endure.

God love you for choising life and sanity instead of death and faggotry.

Thank you user

what if I have never felt attraction towards women? what can I do to change this apparent "natural state"? should I just become celibate and go monk mode? I don't know what to do

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It's probably God calling you to the priesthood or becoming a monk. Go on a spiritual retreat for a week with a monestary and see how it helps you decern what God is calling you to.

I'll definitely consider doing that

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What do you think of God, OP?

Love him?
Hate him?


I think you're confused, fren. That Anand isn't shocked he's actually very happy. See pic related.

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If you feel sexual attraction towards men, please DO NOT go into priesthood.

If you just happen to feel no attraction towards women, you can have low libido or have problems with sexual guilt.

It's okay and healthy for a man to feel attraction towards women, that's not a sin. The sin is in lusting after them, porn, masturbation and sex before and outside marriage.

How old are you?

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I see the self-hatered and anger as just as sinful as caving to your urges. I was raised Catholic, I've got the same issues with homosexuality (and I'd be lying to you if I said I handled it in a way you'd be cool with), but you need to understand that God loves all his creations. The only people who think it would be a good idea to execute you are Muslims and false, wrathful Christians.

God doesn't hate you, and hating yourself is hating God's own image. I'm not saying that homosexuality is right, I've struggled with the issue for a long time myself, but I'm saying that God isn't some evil force of hatred that's going to strike you down.

We all sin, user. I'm not telling you to sleep around, but I'm also not saying that it's an automatic ticket to hell. Also just from a psychology perspective, bottling it all up until it overflows could be worse than just accepting it and living with it.

I really do wish you well, user. I hope you aren't beating yourself up over this

How did you end up on situations where you were able to act on your homosexual temptations? One of the things you may need to be mindful of is avoiding compromising situations. One of my big struggles is with lusting for women (I’m a man, btw), but I managed to avoid sex until I met my wife by staying out of situations where taking things further than holding hands would be easy. It also helps to keep yourself too busy with other things to think about how to hook-up with someone. Now that I’m married, the struggle is to avoid adultery. The same thing applies here too, I keep myself out of situations where I may become susceptible to giving in to temptation and I don’t have friends who are women (I have acquaintances, but strictly for work connections).

If you aren't praying the rosary every day, start. If you have time to browse Zig Forums you have time to pray.

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