Brit/pol/ #2310: Anti-Ahrimanic Edition

Boris Johnson warns Theresa May not to deliver 'bog roll Brexit' on second anniversary of referendum

Harrow stabbing hours after Greenford murder, Sadiq Khan under pressure

Majority back tough restrictions on immigration

Rees-Mogg leads calls for May to threaten ‘no deal’

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Deranged thot

3rd for is everybody having a good time

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Good lass
What are you moving onto?
Not rentboy is it?

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It isn't that sort of nightshift just yet.

He would probably also have bullied you, lad.

Drinking, listening to music and playing vidya tbh

Bullying is an integral part of brotherhood tbh


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Are you a lass? smh lass

No. That's a drawing, lad.

Never said I "disagreed", all I said was that I doubt that they're going to make six figures, and that a college graduate will eventually eclipse them financially. However, as I mentioned, that will take many years, and during those years a tradesman could have already bought a house and started a family. If anything, my post would be best interpreted as being pro-trades.

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Why are you moaning about trousers then lass? smh

Perhaps bullying is the greatest act of unintentional care a man can offer his fellow man.

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I just thought it was a funny pic. What's even happening? lol.


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Herb Alpert tbh


lol is post ironic now, lad.

No it isn't lad, lol on imageboards is gay

Just finished Legend of the Galactic Heroes, lads… What a fucking ending.

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poor little whiteboi


Series goes to shit after Kircheis dies tbh.

hi lads

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I still say "cool" irl sometimes

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Bloody thots.

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I do that all the time tbh. I also use 'lol' on here more often than 'kek'. I actually find it less embarrassing.


j e j supremacy

A history of Communism.

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This guy had 32 seconds to regret jumping. Imagine that.

wew lad, read about him in McNab's bewk Seven Troop

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>tfw know Ginnie's mum has over a quarter million in the bank
She got her mum to take some out over muh shemitah, kek

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ded bored, tea bee age

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lol, why?

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Don't like seeing pictures like this. More beer and cigarettes I guess.

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The boomer Judge VS the daftie robot.

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what, do you need everything covered in soft foam with rounded corners and fun colors?

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Rubbish decor, tbh

No lad i was calling mods about the cartoonfag

oh okay, pardon my chimpout

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no buli


gay boys out

bit rude

Prefer Steiner tbh

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What state?

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5 pounds have been deposited into your account

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lel, do you have a cool NY accent? Are there lots of spooky woods with abandoned buildings around you?


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fuck no. our accent is traditionally non-rhotic, so we might say, "I pahk my cah, and play my guitah" but I never did that rly

I speak similarly to this girl, but I don't pronounce every word the same as her. She said, "sall-mon" like wtf it's "sammon". Her accent sounds 'normal' to me, anyway, it should suffice for you to get the idea
abandoned buildings nah but there are woods, they're moreso comfy than spooky though


hullo lass

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90 minutes of yank blackpill. This mad cunts going to watch it lads.

smh lad

I knew a dude that did low-tier professional wrestling once, it's pretty cool, they do this thing called "blading" where they get a hidden razor blade and cut their face to make it bleed for the show

do any of you lads watch esoteric boomer?

lol. This man.

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Used to love mowing mummys lawn. She even paid me to do it. Smelled so nice and looked so neat and tidy afterwards. Looking back i think she was trying to be a Dad by letting me do it and feel responsible.

yeah I liked mowing lawns, I actually got to learn how to drive tractors mowing lawns

excited for tomorrow, gonna eat a roasted chicken from the local farm. haven't had proper chicken in so many years, this will be the finest chicken experience I've ever been exposed to

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Me too, we had a mini tractor. Probably nothing like you had but it was great fun cutting the long grass.

tbh cutting the grass is a bit immoral because it destroys habitat for all the wildlife

yeah minitractors are based, in my grandpas home town most people drove mini tractors instead of cars because they were poorfags and the town was so small. I only ever got skilled enough to drive a ford 4500 tractor, never a combine or anything

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I've never mowed a lawn tbh

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aesthetic. In England all the tractors are either Massey Ferguson, ford or john deere. I liked the John Deeres the best because they were green lel.


Had a look and the art is so sketchy and unpolished smh.

yeah ferguson and ford were lads, ford loved his design for attaching rakes and plows to the tractor so they reciprocated with the landscape

international harvester is another good tractor company, they made lots of m1 carbines too

how have you never mown a lawn

Your job is to make menes for free lad. Don't be tempted by degeneracy.

holy fuck I just noticed that this documentary has a Burzum track (Illa tiðandi) at 1:13:11


by sitting inside

lad spoiler smh I agree to some extent tbh. Shit is a bit extreme

Would also settle for an AMC eagle. Shame Chrysler bought out AMC.

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I miss doing this all summer long

bing bing wahoo yippie

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morning, south african

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I think it's cool that Snake's back, tbf.

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Sorry, lad. I need to feed my family. I'm a based capitalist now.

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I will not be shamed.

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Is this evolution at play? A new subspecies?

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