UIDs dropped to 175

The gates of hell are prevailing.

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The gates of hell prevalied a long time ago against the administration and moderation team.

Bring flags back and some non-Catholics on the mod team and this board will come back to life. It’s supposed to be a Nicene Trinidadian board, not a Catholics-only board.

*Trinitarian kek

Probably why translation threads are being pushed as a desperate attempt to get activity going.
Where summer normally means an increase in t*shposting, on Zig Forums it appears users take a vacation, which probably you should be doing regardless to get outside and enjoy the weather instead of being cooped up inside all day.

Helping my girlfriend move her stuff out of her apartment and to her family’s house tomorrow, so I probably won’t be on here. I’m also proposing. No joke, she just texted me last night about how impatient she is to be engaged, and the same day her mother and I had been planning together over the phone about how we’re going to set it up.
Pray for the Lord’s blessing on me, bros.

It could mean our siblings in Christ dropped the internet and this place altogether and decided to spend their time praying or doing some other productive and meaningful things. You could say they graduated from a trial.

Nah. I know for sure that the angels are watching this place. People who are tired to earthly evil became outcast and came to Zig Forums and find no solace in calling other user fags or licking each others wound in self-depreciation would soon find themselves in this place out of curiosity or despair and then be saved.

Quality over quantity, user. Also, this

Follow the rules in the meta thread and you won't be banned.

Everybody is going to /christianity/ due to the Catholic bias of the mods.

Color me shocked

They are cursed by the demon of their Father Martin Luther.

Except that's not what's happening. Eastern Orthodox, Protestants, and even other Catholics are all getting banned without violating any rule, just on the whim of the mods. I would show you some examples, or point you to a collection of them, but that gets you banned too.

If I'm wrong, why are the logs closed?
Why does the mods' version of e-catholicism need to be enforced, rather than allowed to defend itself?

Hello Tutor, how does it feel knowing you are by far the worst mod this board has ever had? You're responsible for its downfall. You are destroying what Alex made.

The funny thing is, even after killing the board by constantly changing/making rules that pushed protestant and orthodox posters out, the mods still sit on their discord and talk about how much this board sucks. It honestly reminds me of how leftists infiltrate and destroy online communities.

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The mod team has a policy among themselves to influence anons toward catholicism. They are actively suppressing anything pro protestant even if it doesn't violate the rules. They see it as a holy mission to do this.

I know these things because a mod told me this himself.

Tutor you are leading a cult. Repent


Have any proof to back this up?

Here's an idea of thier attitude for the board

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Requesting a screenshot too

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if God is with us, who can be against us?

Romans 8:31

this post And also these.

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What does that have to do with anything, you're cherry-picking their chat and taking it out of context.

supporting evidence to the claim "the mods still sit on their discord and talk about how much this board sucks"
you can search these posts yourself though

The board could be better and thanks to their hard work they've prevented this board from turning into a mess.

The board was fine before the introduction of catholic censorship, and there are other boards on this site that are fine without it.

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