Is Reddit a good place for a conservative Christian

Is Reddit a good place for a conservative Christian

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It depends what you want to do there. If you want to have free discussion without censorship, then no, reddit isn't a good place.

What a stupid question.
Is an LGBT pride parade a good place for a Christian? Is a pro-choice rally a good place for a Christian?

Which part?
It has 1,5 million communities, for crying out loud.

How about using one of the few Christian or conservative subreddits constituting less than 1% of Reddit, against the backdrop of the gigantic liberal atheist stinkhole

Sure, knock yourself out.
The backdrop of pan-reddit site culture would be closer described as various strands of hispter bullshit, than some pink haired SJW transgender communism people think it is.

Twitter i find more obnoxious in that regard, where you find totalitarian sexual deviants getting into pissing matches against nazis trying to blanket as much as they can.

Twitter might be more obnoxious, but the sitewide Reddit culture is at least equally sinful. For one, as far as I know, if you discount legit porn sites, it's the largest porn aggregator and the largest platform for amateur porn production on the internet.

No it's not. Most "right wing" communities (The_Donald or r/conservative) are extremely jewed and r/christianity is lukewarm central.

Again, communities.
Frankly, the biggest problem site-wide with it, is that the largest subreddits are pretty much "general social media time wasting spots", with pretty pictures and dumb memes.

It's biggest strength is in smaller, more specialized subs.
If you have a useful passion or interest and limit yourself to that, it can be useful.
Otherwise, it's bad for your soul.

Why would a supposed conservative even want the be on Reddit? The obvious answer is no. Reddit is digital Sodom, endorsing and congregating all manners of mortal sins. Redditors are gay and you'll go to hell with them if you spend time there. Even if it's something seemingly benign like the guns subreddit or DIY or whatever, a Redditor is an archetype and they will poison everything they touch.

this. Reddit has it's good communities and can be very good for sharing specific stuff like art or asking for advice to practical things like fixing X. But even in some "trad" communities there are lots of bugmen. Overall it's digital sodom and i would avoid it. Redditors are not necessarily all "SJW" tier types but most of them i would say are anti-christian in general.
t. ex-reddit user

Coming from a redditor, just look for certain communities that you like and that agree with you. You’ll probably find them. Reddit as a whole however, no.

/r/AltRightChristian is good, /r/TrueChristianity is fine as well. Just about everything else is pro gay, pro jew, etc.

I am not a huge fan of reddit and I only have an account for the purpose of telling sinful people to repent but r/Catholicism is alright

I feel like you know the answer to this question already.
Stay here at Zig Forums, it's comfy here

What about Zig Forums, then? There are dozens of porn boards, some of them homosexual in content.

reddit isnt good for anything, stay here if you want actual discussion

C'mon, user, you're better than this.

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/r/Christianity is literally the devil


And this

Reddit is a leftist hellhole. At best, you will your time laughing at some reddit-tier memes, at worst you will slowly turn into a fedora tipper.

Best be cautious and just stay away snd instead join a church group like the Knights of Columbus or a Bible study.

Explain theDonald

It’s a quarantined subreddit because of the bias of the reddit admins. Besides, things like r/politics, r/politicalhumor, and even r/atheism are just liberal breeding grounds with millions of members. Reddit is a dark and biased place depending on which sub you’re on

Literal controlled opposition

10/10 b8 m8

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Yeah, right.

You know places like r/atheism are the laughing stock of the site, stereotyped as fat, edgy teenagers butthurt that their parents made them go to church when they were little, right?

70% of reddit is atheist and there are plenty of subs dedicated to ideas like that. r/atheism gets made fun of, sure, but for the most part it’s backed up by most of Reddit

There are plenty of subs dedicated to anything.

How can something be considered the laughing stock of the site, but be backed up by everyone?

Pragmatic bamp

r/atheism gets mocked because its belligerent attitude is cringy even for irreligious people, but most of the userbase is very hostile to Christianity when it challenges popular liberal viewpoints.

Most of the userbase is too busy looking at funny pictures and factoids.

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Look, if you want to prove us wrong, go on a non Christian sub and prophesy, then link us the responses

I challenge you to go to any Christianity-related or even religion-related threads in any of those communities and see how the userbase reacts to it.

Not trying to put words in the other anons mouth but I am going to assume they mean pretty much all social media sites have this annoying sense of user notoriety or social posturing. You get it on Zig Forums as well but since your posts are only tied to an ID and not some account like say Reddit or Facebook, you don't necessarily need to pay some sort of E-Respect to people because they are online famous. You could make a really good point or argument but then "FurBabyFan4427" shows up and says something completely moronic but they end up getting tons of likes or upvotes due to them being a regular on such discussions and your opinion immediately gets discarded because you aren't a pseudo E-Celeb and didn't give proper respect to them. Any website is going to give birth to bad discussions but on Zig Forums I say you get graded more on how well you articulate yourself and not by your profile picture.

Like r/Christianity? Nah.

For really niche communities? Sure. There’s nothing wrong with r/Charcuterie, for example. For religion? No. Reddit is filled to the brim with a bunch of heretics.